Kent Trần


Hello, guy I am Kent I am in VietNam...
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See in my design.. Architecture Chair Table Indoors  Checking In Relaxing Freedom Lifestyle Enjoying Life Photoshoot Photography Hello World Vietnamese Vietnam My Design Hi! Art, Drawing, Creativity No People FreeTime
ay yo... Vietnam Vietnamese Boy Relaxing Freedom Boys Lifestyle Enjoying Life Hello World FreeTime Vietnameseboy BoysBoysBoys Cute Boy That's Me Photography Photoshoot Checking In Taking Photos One Man Only Young Adult One Person
Yummy Food Food And Drink Vietnam Ready-to-eat Vietnamfoodstreet Vietnamese Food Vietnamfood Vietnamese
Relax with lonely No People Relaxing Boy Freedom Sitting Taking Photos Boys Enjoying Life Lifestyle Vietnam FreeTime Coffee Time Hello World
Hi December... Sitting Freedom Taking Photos Hello World Saigon Enjoying Life Photography Boy That's Me Vietnameseboy Cute Boy BoysBoysBoys Coffee Time Boys Saigonstyle Vietnamese Vietnam Checking In Lifestyle Relaxing FreeTime
Feel good Checking In Nature Vietnam Vietnamese Hello World Saigon Freedom Outdoors Lavenderflower
Color Me Run 2016 Colormerun Colors Art, Drawing, Creativity Hello World Enjoying Life Taking Photos Vietnamese Freedom Vietnam Saigonstyle My Design Photoshoot Saigon Checking In
Long time no see... Taking Photos Relaxing Vietnameseboy Enjoying Life Hello World Lifestyle FreeTime BoysBoysBoys Cute Boy Vietnamese Boys Coffee Time Photoshoot Hi!
Always smile.... try again.... Freedom Hi! Vietnamese FreeTime Vietnam Hello World BoysBoysBoys Boys Photoshoot Enjoying Life Relaxing That's Me Boy Lifestyle Taking Photos Cute Boy Vietnameseboy Saigon
Bill...... Boy Freedom Hi! Vietnamese Hello World Enjoying Life Relaxing FreeTime Saigonstyle BoysBoysBoys Boys That's Me Vietnam Photoshoot
Sau tất cả mình vẫn ko đến với nhau.... :) Taking Photos Relaxing Hi! Enjoying Life Lifestyle Vietnamese Hello World Boys Boy BoysBoysBoys My Design Freedom Check This Out Photography Saigonstyle
2016 Try..... Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! Lifestyle Sunlight Vietnamese FreeTime
just the way you are Hello World That's Me Hi! Enjoying Life Boy Boys BoysBoysBoys Cute Boy
....... No stt Taking Photos Check This Out Hello World That's Me Enjoying Life Hi! Taking Photos Photography Vietnameseboy BoysBoysBoys Vietnamese Boy
Love..... Hello World Taking Photos Girls Girl Beautiful Girl Vietnamesegirl Babygirl Baby ❤ My Baby <3  Baby Love
Happy Lunar New Year Hello World Enjoying Life Hi! That's Me Boys Vietnamese BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Photography Taking Photos
X'mas 's coming soon... That's Me Enjoying Life Vietnameseboy Vietnamese Boys BoysBoysBoys FreeTime Lifestyle Saigonstyle Taking Photos
My best friend.... <3 Girl Beautiful Girl Girls Taking Photos Vietnamese Photoshoot Vietnamesegirl My Bestfriend My Bestfriend <3 be
Find u in the dark.... Taking Photos That's Me Enjoying Life Boy FreeTime Vietnamese Vietnameseboy Boys
what I can do? Taking Photos Hi! Lifestyle FreeTime Vietnamese Boys BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Cute Boy Boy
Just a job.... My Job My Design House house
Who?????? Enjoying Life Hi! Relaxing Vietnamese Lifestyle FreeTime Saigonstyle That's Me Taking Photos Questions?
Turtle Island Vietnamese Nature Travel Photography Enjoying Life Photoshoot Vietnam Photography
I love it.... Enjoying Life Vietnamese Taking Photos Nature Travel Photography
My angel... and my girl... Hello World Lifestyle My Baby <3  Baby Love  Baby ❤ Babygirl
Looking you and looking me.... Relaxing Enjoying Life Cute Boy Lifestyle That's Me Vietnamese BoysBoysBoys FreeTime Boy Boys
Magic Magic Sky Magic Moonlight Magic Forest Magicworld magic
Hello my sunshine.... Check This Out Hello World That's Me Lifestyle Enjoying Life Vietnameseboy Cute Boy FreeTime BoysBoysBoys Vietnamese
Something will be begin... my life will be change... the light will be help me in the dark.. Thks mom and dad because they are really believe me Lifestyle Enjoying Life Boy Vietnameseboy Photoshoot That's Me Saigon
my style.... Taking Photos Boys FreeTime Lifestyle Boy Cute Boy BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Freedom Enjoying Life
Find a street for my life Hi! That's Me Hello World Vietnam FreeTime Boy Boys BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Lifestyle
My girl... <3 Vietnam Vietnamesegirl Girls Girl Babygirl Baby ❤ My Baby <3  Baby Love  .
Hope... everything will be OK... Boys BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Cute Boy FreeTime Boy That's Me Lifestyle Coffee Time Photoshoot
change something... I am sure.. I will be OK... Taking Photos That's Me Hello World Boy FreeTime Cute Boy Vietnamese Vietnameseboy BoysBoysBoys Boys
Conference introduction about Midas software... Checking In Lifestyle Hi! FreeTime Vietnameseboy Cute Boy Vietnamese Saigon BoysBoysBoys Boy
I will find you.... Taking Photos Hello World Lifestyle BoysBoysBoys Boy Cute Boy Vietnameseboy FreeTime Freedom Hi!
Beautifull day.... Relaxing Hi! Taking Photos Enjoying Life Vietnamese Sunlight Nature Leg Legs Lifestyle
I have a ...... Hi! That's Me Hello World Vietnamese Boy Boys BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Cute Boys Waiting ...
Relax.... ^_^ Hi! That's Me Taking Photos Relaxing Vietnamese Boy BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Cute Boys Boys
My sister.... :((... I miss you.. wish u will happy and lucky in new company... Girl Mysister Girls Vietnamesegirl Vietnam Vietnamese
The story of us..... Hi! Hello World Boys Vietnam Cute Boys BoysBoysBoys Vietnameseboy Boy Vietnamese Photography
Drink with me.... Hi! That's Me Hello World Boys Enjoying Life Vietnameseboy BoysBoysBoys Saigon Vietnam Cute Boys
Just for laught...How old am I?????? Iam 9x... Taking Photos Hi! Vietnameseboy Hello World Boys BoysBoysBoys Boy That's Me Drinking Coffee Enjoying Life
Mint By Motorola Green... Vietnam Vietnamese Nature Photography Trees Saigonstyle
Green.... Sunlight Sunrise Trees Nature Saigon Vietnamese Vietnam Photography Relaxing
I want to sing a song for you.... Taking Photos Hello World Vietnamese Boy Vietnameseboy Coffee Time Vietnam Saigon Night BoysBoysBoys Boys
All thing is you.... Hi! Taking Photos Saigon Waiting ... FreeTime Vietnamese Coffee Time Vietnam Vietnameseboy Boy
Don't.... That's Me Enjoying Life Waiting ... Saigon FreeTime
Nothing make me smile... I 'm bore... here is bore...everything 're bore... FreeTime Saigon Vietnam Vietnamese Saigon Night Vietnameseboy Coffee Time Coffee Waiting ... Drinking Coffee
When Sai Gon lights up..... Vietnam Vietnamese Hello World Taking Photos Saigon Night Saigonstyle Saigon Photoshoot FreeTime Enjoying Life
I will wait u here..... Vietnamese Boys Cute Boys Boy BoysBoysBoys Cute Boy Vietnam Vietnameseboy Hi! Hello World
A gift for my brother... Draw Art HappyBirthday Vietnamese My Chibi
I am waitting.... Relaxing Hi! That's Me Boys BoysBoysBoys Cute Boys Cute Boy Photoshoot Boy Vietnamese
If I were your boyfriend.... Hi! Boys Boy BoysBoysBoys Cute Boy Cute Boys That's Me
Bad boy... Hi! Taking Photos That's Me Boys Hello World Boy Enjoying Life Vietnam Vietnamese Photoshoot
Smile..... a nice week Hi! Relaxing The Week On EyeEm That's Me Enjoying Life Hello World Vietnam Vietnamese Boy Boys
I am poor... Hi! Taking Photos Lifestyle Legs Leg Vietnam Vietnamese Photoshoot Freedom Travel
Friends and me.... Hi! Hello World Photoshoot Vietnam Vietnamese Hi! Photography Love♡ Lifestyle
Me, My Camera And I Take a pic.... <3 love u...
Eat for a bad day.... Ice Cream Food Vietnam Vietnamese Enjoying Life Photoshoot Coffee Time
Remember .... Hi! That's Me Vietnamese Vietnam Boys Drinking Coffee Taking Photos Relaxing Boy BoysBoysBoys
My baby... :3 Relaxing Enjoying Life Hello World Vietnam Vietnamese Photoshoot Freedom
Happy New Year 2015 ^_^ Tetholiday Relaxing Hi! That's Me Enjoying Life Hello World Vietnamese Vietnam
Wait.... BoysBoysBoys Taking Photos Hi! Hello World Vietnam Photoshoot Boy Vietnamese Enjoying Life Freedom
Tet 's comming.... Tetholiday Flowers Flower
My baby... <3 Baby ❤ My Baby Baby Vietnam
Go to crazy.... :) Relaxing Legs Leg Travel Photography Photoshoot
I want to.... Coffee Vietnamese Freedom Boys Boy Enjoying Life Photoshoot
Chibi by Chibi Owl Shop... just 40k (vnd) you will have a kute chibi picture like this... :3.. [chi voi 40k (vnd) ban se co mot tam hinh chi bi de thuong the nay- lien he fb: Chibi Owl shop nha) Hi! Vietnamese Vietnam Chibi My Chibi
My baby... :3 <3 Baby Babyboy My Baby Baby ❤
Smile... I am in love Hi! Vietnamese Boys Boy That's Me Enjoying Life FreeTime
Crazy man... LOL.. who 's make me crazy...??? :) Boy Crazy CrazyHair Boys Vietnamese
Nobody 're wait me... Just me in here Bored Boy Relaxing Waiting ...
I am VietNamese boy... but in picture, my friends said :" I like Japanese boy" Do you think so?... ^^ Hi! That's Me Boy Vietnamese Japanese
I am free, no matter what rules surround me. If I find them tolerable, I tolerate them; if I find them too obnoxious, I break them. I am free because I know that I alone am morally responsible for everything I do Hi! That's Me Freedom FreeTime Boy Boys Hello World Enjoying Life Lifestyle
OMG, when I get up, ... my hair like this.. :)) Look so crazy... :3.. and my face is very stupid... LOL That's Me Crazy Face Crazy Mad
Wait..... Boy Boys That's Me Hi! Taking Photos BoysBoysBoys
JUST ME KNOW... WHO AM I ? Love Relaxing Love♡ l Livelovedream
Depth Of Field Relaxing Coffee Time Drinking Coffeea cup coffee for morning.
Hello guy... To day, I 'm very crazy... LOL :3 Hi! That's Me Boy Boys Hello World
The boy next windown That's Me Hi! Taking Photos Relaxing Hello World...
Drawing Art Draw
I will wait for here.. But you aren't ..... Hi!
Hello guy.... First Eyeem Photo