Nadia K. Putri

A freelance photographer who loves blogging. Blogging at
Nadia K. Putri
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Full frame shot of patterned wall
Portrait of woman holding umbrella
Full length of friends standing against building
People photographing
Low section of people walking on tiled floor
Full frame shot of shutter
Close-up of machine part
Low section of people walking outdoors
Close-up of flowers in market for sale
Close-up of parrot perching on metal fence
Close-up of lion looking away
Close-up of hand holding food
High angle view of vegetables for sale in market
Close-up of dead plant
High angle view of dry leaves on field
Full frame shot of plants growing in forest
Full frame shot of leaves
High angle view of cat on table
Close-up of a cat sleeping
Close-up of train at railroad station
Close-up of yellow flowering plant
Close-up of man hand on field
Man photographing
Young woman standing against black background
Close-up of bird against blurred background
Close-up of eagle outdoors
Close-up portrait of cat
Low angle view of trees against clear sky
Close-up of parrot perching on tree
Close-up of eagle outdoors
High angle view of butterfly on leaf
Close-up of green leaves on field
Close-up of illuminated lamp in darkroom
Close-up of pink flower blooming outdoors
Close-up of pelican perching on tree