Minerva Chen


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White Tiger Animals Animal Themes SLC45A2
During the cold spell, the orangutan wraps up in blanket to keep warm at lunchtime. Orangutan Primates Monkey Face Pongo Mammal Animals Eat Cold Weather Animal Themes
Macaque Lonely Dejected Animals Primate Monkey Omnivore Mammal Face
It's a novel experience to try seafoods on a boat in Amphawa Floating Market. Amphawa  Babeque Floating Market Food Freshness NeriticSquid Seafood Show Us Your Takeaway! Squid Take Away Thai Girl Thailand Street Food Worldwide
Palace Royal Royal Guards Spotted In Thailand Thailand
Amphawa  Boat Floating Market Food Leisure Activity Market River Spotted In Thailand Water
Amphawa  Barbecue Floating Market Food For Sale Freshness Market Market Stall River Shrimp Seafood Spotted In Thailand Thai Food Street Food Worldwide Street Photography
Amphawa  Boat Floating Market Market Market Stall River Spotted In Thailand Thai Food Thailand
Buddah Buddhism Famous Place Religion Religious  Sculpture Spotted In Thailand Temple Temple - Building Thai Temple Tourism
Ancient Ancient Civilization Art Art And Craft Buddha Famous Place History Religion Sculpture Spotted In Thailand Statue Stone Material Tourism
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