Milano R Lagdan


IT Software Developer
Radio city
Coming this
No label Pride
Rainbow siren
Eat and drink
Raise the flag
Red trekker
Beyond Nature
Color my world
The cape
Feathers and
The mobile
In my arms
Two of us
Look at me
Color lead me
Red barn Colors
Color me Spring
Pink Colors
Running shot US
Icon Fog San
Illusion New
The other view
Humbled My Best
The next one
The Eye
View from the
Diamond beach
Confusion EyeEm
Amphi Boats
Top and bottom
A thing of
The hiker EyeEm
St George Light
Dolly Mammal
Stairways to
Awed EyeEm
Black snake
The traveler
The Wall EyeEm
On simple
The wait Rail
Modern coliseum
The way up
Color my garden
To the Infiniti
Dusk - gorgeous
The movement -
Life saver - on
We are all
Freedom Cloud -
Coffee and tea
Blend Rock Fish
Upon us Land
Summer feast
Wings Insect
Chow time
Sail Nautical
White King Book
Cheese you’re
In your arms
The one Fashion
Your on camera
Look up
The rock
Gurl Beach
Reflection Ways
Bridge to
The view Aerial
On the edge
It’s coming
Is it IN ?
Villa 9
Look up Colors
Catch of the
Can you hear me
UP Pattern,
Hey Girl
Curious Mozart
Gate 254 Ways
The dive
Dive and feast
Hail Mary
Ave Maria
Manila skyline
The traveler
Gate 267 Ways
Manila skyline
My world
Right lane
New life
Square out
Pink in bloom
Look at me