Mike Mee


Ex-StreamZoo user. Mostly using a Samsung Galaxy Camera and/or a Wileyfox Storm.
You can make your own lines up for this one! Pooh Dumped Stockport
Only Mee, myself and I on the Bus from Stockport Dentist
Working the Mellow Yellow Camera360 Igersmcr
Uri was ere? Oldham Cafe Igerslancashire
Winter sky over Alexandra Park, Oldham Igerslancashire
The A6 Levenshulme Luton Carlisle Igersmcr
Nice drop of London IPA at a bar I've never been to. Realale Northernquarter Igersmcr
Welcone to Funland at Mosi Igersmcr Tilt Mcr_mosi_meet
The Agecroft No. 1 about to leave Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Green on black Loom Mosi Igersmcr tMcr_mosi_meet
A part of the Instameet at Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Only if you want a wet bum at Mosi Igersmcr HELTERSKELTER Mcr_mosi_meet
New Star Wars baddie or a close up of a boil weevil? Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Post Instameet grub Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Go on, pull my finger! Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
A red @danepollard at Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
Relaxing with the missus and a pint of Beer . She's already finished one whilst waiting for me to get from Mosi and the Mcr_mosi_meet
What can I do? Mcr_mosi_meet Igersmcr Mosi
Igers vs train Igersmcr Mosi Mcr_mosi_meet
Agecroft No. 1 vs @instachris76 in a Smoke-Off Vape Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
R.Sutcliffe, Manchester at Mosi Igersmcr Mcr_mosi_meet
I'll have a pint of the upside-down stuff please :-)
A life size Eddie made out of sellotape Stockport Artism Ironmaiden Ironmaidenbeer
Misdirected light at TCUK15
Wandering the gardens at lunchtime TCUK15
Enjoying a Beer at Sunset in Dalmuir TCK15
Last night's entertainment at TCK15 . Excellent alternative bagpipe tunes
I'm a fish out of water here :-) Bingo House Igerslancashire Oldham
Oh I say .. Jolly Hockey Sticks! Pip pip! Stockport
Construction time again Stockport Igerscheshire
Afternoon droplets Rain Stockport Autumn Fall
End of the line at Chester station. Igersmcrontour (1st pic using Wileyfox Storm too)
Crunchy Leaves under foot Autumn Fall Stockport
You can't see bee! Nature Igersuk
The wide web of technical communication at TCUK15
HDR Leaf test on my Wileyfox Storm in Stockport Autumn Fall
Eee .. when I were a lad Stockport Igerscheshire
Put one's needle on ye record and ye drum beateth like thus ... Stockport Igerscheshire
Waiting their turn Oldham Bonfire Funfair Rain Reflection
Definitely Feeling old. I was 3 months away from turning 12 when this issue came out with a fresh-faced Depechemode on the cover.
Ship head at Stockport Viking Festival
Different shades Autumn Fall Stockport
This is the model for the 'So you think you're a gifted gardener, eh?' Oldham Homebargains Igerslancashire
Folks' Cat Ted playing with a Quality Street wrapper Content
The Sunrise over Stockport Train Station this morning
The sun's over Stockport again. With obligatory aircraft as we're under the flight path.
A rather empty Traffraud Centre.
A not so sunny Saturday afternoon over Stockport
A clouded lunchbreak whilst sat in the outdooor terrace at work.
You might be able to accuse me of not taking the company photo session seriously enough :-)