Michael Niamut


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“Wisdom is like
"Don't chase
"The leaves
“Those tender
"Once you
"My heart is a
"Healing rain
"The best way
“I tend the
"Today, let us
"Houses are
"Plant yourself
"Many times the
"That perfect
"The more you
"The wings of
"Every empty
"We don't
"Empty your
"There is only
"My heart is a
"The world
"In a world
Reminder: There
"I admire
"Don't judge
"Your dream
"The soul
"Do not ask
"Sometimes all
"Remember that
"Every great
"I like to turn
“Do not let the
"Goodbyes are
"In the midst
"Sometimes you
"We blossom
"If you light a
"Autumn is a
"Time itself
"If you light a
"No one ever
"Adopt the pace
"It's better to
"Let your light
"You do not
"Die in love
“The biggest
“I got you..
“Be a lamp, or
“We are born of
“It's your
"Thousands of
"Your light
“Last night my
"Start where
“In joy or
"Find your
"Wherever you
"Grief can be
“Rise above the
"You have to
"Let the rain
"Life is like a
“One moment can
“The torch of
"Life is
"The most
“Only from the
“In order to
"Do not go
"Your eyes show
"Never Lose
"Close your
“The morning
“Love is a
Over 12K thank
“The sun rises
"Hope is being
"Realize deeply
"If You Don’t
"Your heart
“Your task is
“There is a
"Stop trying to
“With life as
“It is inner
"Nature does
A New Year, A
“Give the ones
“What you stay

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