Michael Bates


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Michael Bates
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Scenic view of field against sky
Rear view of woman sitting on window
Road sign on field against sky
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Road passing through landscape
Scenic view of silhouette field against sky during sunset
View of highway against cloudy sky
Rock formations on landscape against sky
View of an animal on field
Portrait of white cat
Stream flowing through rocks in forest
Scenic view of waterfall
Scenic view of waterfall in forest
Close-up of father with baby on bed at home
Close-up of bird perching on lake
Plants in front of building
View of buildings in city
Low angle view of residential building against sky
Reflection of people on puddle
Close-up portrait of cat
Close up of mask
View of suspension bridge over sea
Close-up of water flowing over river in garden
Surface level of rocky shore
Close-up of cherry blossoms blooming on tree
Sunlight falling on floor
Bench in park
High angle view of concrete on sidewalk
View of park against cloudy sky
Close-up low section of man
Sunlight in room
Entrance of building
Illuminated text on street in city at night
Low angle view of skyscraper against sky at dusk
Illuminated city street at night
Illuminated city street at night
Information sign against clear blue sky
Close-up of coffee cup on table
Full frame shot of tree trunk
Panoramic view of sea and mountains
Extreme close up of blue surface
Full frame shot of textured surface
Exterior of building
Close-up of multi colored blurred background
Exterior of modern building
Full frame shot of orange wall
Full frame shot of wall
Exterior of residential buildings against sky
View of buildings against clear sky
Full frame shot of window
Bridge over river against sky
Bridge over canal against blue sky
View of corridor in row
Narrow stairs along trees in the forest
Close-up of rock
Low angle view of tree trunk
Low angle view of tree trunk
Low angle view of tree against sky
Low angle view of tree on sunny day
Close-up of lotus water lily in pond
Close-up of lotus water lily in lake
Lotus water lily in pond
Close-up of pink flowers growing on plant
Full frame shot of lotus leaves floating on water
Close-up of green leaves
Purple flowers blooming in garden
Sun shining through trees in park
Low angle view of illuminated city at night
Illuminated cars against sky at dusk
Close-up of bird flying
Close-up of cat
Low angle view of trees
Close-up of tree trunk
Scenic view of field against cloudy sky
Scenic view of grassy field against sky
Scenic view of field against clear sky
View of built structure with trees in foreground
American flag in sea
Close-up of closed door
Close-up of woman looking away
Road passing through city
Close-up portrait of cat
View of trees
Close-up of stone wall
Close-up portrait of cat sitting at home
Close-up of cat
Close-up of glass
Low angle view of trees
Full frame shot of white background
Close-up of people sitting on wall
Bicycle parked at roadside

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