Margit Ulstrup


Hallo ☺ I am living in Denmark. . We just have this life .. LIVE IT .. here right now. . With your camera like I .. smile ..
A wonderful
my home just
Thanks sweet
I'm singing in
Springtime in
cherry tree
a walk att
was a trip to
Att Sunset by
A Beautiful day
My Beautiful
loneliness in
Happienes and
Wish everyone a
Hello my
A Golden Moment
Hello my
Some Gold to
Loneliness I
Some Danish
Take you're
Darkness can
Hello ❤ Eyeem
Some of the
A big thanks
From one of my
Wish you're all
Sunset a big
A Sunset again
The Simplicity
The special
A Rose🌹 to
THANKS from my
Plugs yummy 😉
Good morning to
The last few
There has been
Sun Light and
I am so happy
The lonely
Some warm
Good morning my
What a sign. .
The sun goes
43 Golden
Some Flowers to
Dackness And
One of the most
One of my
Rain has been
Was lucky a day
Love this place
Good night from
A Tree just
So Danish it
Miss them
Good morning to
43 Golden
Look att me 😉
Close-up a walk
A wish for a
This pic is
43 Golden
Showcase June
43 Golden
Beautiful blue
Swan Close-up
Sweet dreams
It was a great
Wish your all a
Sunshine to
My Place A
Wish everyone a
Good Night my
Sunset And
The Essence Of
Good morning 💜
Thanks from my
I have many
One of my
Enjoy your
Good Morning
Wish your'er
Some shot from
Taken From My
A Flower to
A Sunset to
My new Home is
Back Home this
A Sunset to