Manthan Shah


Landscapes With WhiteWall beautiful sunset
Beautiful sunset
Everything In Its Place every stone in its place to make beautiful design of amazing color blue
Pattern Pieces histology of stomach fundus rugae a pic from my anatomy lab
My Student Life fabricating my dental cast as my 1st assignment in 1st year b.d.s
Learn & Shoot: Working To A Brief with my freinds which tells all about personal space and happiness
Photographic Memory reminds me of my childhood were i was more happy nd living a stress free life enjoying each nd every moment
in lab biochemistry performing test on proteins ; love the colours
My Student Life in Anatomy lab between busy schedule a break to enjoy with freinds
Christmas Around The World wish u all a Merry Christmas and a peace full year ahead
Freelance Life my work is to study (cos im a STUDENT)
THESE Are My Friends in my Dental college with freinds with our christmas tree..!
Christmas Around The World having fun with friends
My Winter Favorites the warmth of sun during winters
Best Christmas Lights there is no snow but y cant v celebrate with a beautiful christmas tree
Freelance Life cells of our body
Freelance Life the L.S of Nerve in my histology lab
Freelance Life in my biochemistry lab performing expirement on protein
boss its a PORSCHE
Cos I'm gonna be a Dentist soon [Happy dental smile :) ]
The joy of festival
The burden of medical student
The sunset the trees the cold wind and the mountain perfect nature
Mr. Skull the handsome
The refraction of sun light First Eyeem Photo