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Finally some heat! Summeriscoming
Have a good day!
I wish you All The Best for 2015!
Friday morning at Hope Square Series
Have a good weekend! Macropolis Color Explosion
Summer is almost gone Belong Anywhere
Just in case you missed this. If you have an old iPhone 5 you might be eligible for a Free Battery Replacement by Apple :) Mine was eligible and I did the replacement :) Link to check eligibility is at
Just Black with Sugar Coffee And Sweets
Platform no 6/7
Look what I found Macropolis Color Explosion
Pink Belong Anywhere Macropolis NEM Painterly Color Explosion
Pretty warm at Hope Square Series
The city
Smokers HopeSquareSeries
Happy Easter for anybody who's celebrating, Happy Holiday for the others!
The World Beyond The Calmness Within Melancholic Landscapes The EyeEm Facebook Cover Challenge
Train is coming Belong Anywhere
Chrysalis Belong Anywhere NEM Painterly Macropolis Color Explosion
Morning at Hope Square Series
Autumn is apparently here! What that means? That means cool Landscape photo opportunity and the start of the best sun light of the year. Very excited! Urban Escape