Luana Ciavattella


Eggs Art Eggs And Pepper Peperoni E Uova Italian Cuisine Appetizers Italian Food Abruzzo - Italy Abruzzo Recipes Blood Orange Fruit Plate SLICE Healthy Lifestyle Table Breakfast Directly Above High Angle View
Aperitif Antipasto Appetizers Italian Cheese Prosciutto Crudo Salami Slices Ham Italian Food Italy Young Women Waitress Human Hand Women Cocktail Midsection SLICE Holding Comfort Food Quality
Ham Salami Slices Aperitif Antipasto Appetizers Italian Cheese Cheese Prosciutto Crudo Italian Food SLICE Plate Close-up Food And Drink Served
Bread Italian Bread Human Hand Fruit Table High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink Apple Pie Personal Perspective
Papilio Machaon Human Hand Perching Butterfly - Insect Spread Wings Insect Close-up Butterfly
Papilio Machaon Human Hand Butterfly - Insect Insect Close-up Butterfly Arthropod Animal Wing Invertebrate Animal Markings
Papilio Machaon Human Hand Nail Polish Perching Butterfly - Insect Spread Wings Fingernail Insect Human Finger Close-up Butterfly Animal Wing Symbiotic Relationship Pollination
Papilio Machaon Human Hand Spread Wings Butterfly - Insect Blue Insect Perching Close-up Sky Butterfly Natural Pattern Invertebrate Animal Markings Animal Wing Antenna
EyeEm Selects Plastic Bag Garbage Bag Garbage Bin Garbage Recycling Laundromat Polythene Clothesline Garbage Dump Garbage Can Recycling Bin
Chalks Colored Chalks Multi Colored Variation Choice Crayon Arrangement Backgrounds Close-up
Colored Chalks Chalks Background Black Background Multi Colored Carpet
Chalks Colored Chalks Backgrounds Multi Colored Pink Color Variation Close-up Fabric Repetition Full Frame Colorful Woolen Seamless Pattern
Red Healthy Lifestyle Fruit Directly Above Table Tomato Close-up Food And Drink
Tomato Tomatoes Red Easter Table Celebration Close-up Food And Drink Raw Food
Truffle Present Italy EyeEm Selects Human Hand Holding Close-up
Human Hand Drink Headshot Cafe Close-up Millionnaire Society Beauty High Society Martini Martini Glass Ladies' Night Cocktail Shaker Bartender Beverage Teabag Evening Wear Cocktail Upper Class Suave
EyeEm Selects Bookshelf Human Hand Sitting Front View Close-up Literature Page Textbook Book Cover Setting Author Quill Pen Shelves Library Bookstore Hardcover Book Archival Archives Book Shelf Knowledge
Coffee - Drink Coffee Shake Young Women Drink Drinking Glass Happy Hour Cocktail Alcohol Table Close-up Food And Drink Martini Glass Cocktail Shaker Cocktail Party
Calabria Fusilli Pasta Fusilli Pasta Plate Directly Above Table Breakfast Healthy Lifestyle Bowl High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink
Italian Food Healthy Eating Fish Timballo Di Pesce Plate High Angle View Baked Close-up Food And Drink Pasta Food Styling
Fish Fish Pie Sardines Plate High Angle View Close-up Food And Drink Served Curry Serving Size Savory Pie Food Styling
Mirror Human Hand Men Technology Close-up
Young Women Women Beautiful Woman Window Looking Through Window Beauty Close-up Depression - Sadness Thoughtful Child Abuse Hopelessness Crying Introspection Suicide Distraught  Pensive Thinking Despair Sadness Tensed Grief Pleading Depression Disappointment Teardrop Beggar Pretty
Human Hand Young Women Portrait Headshot Human Lips Women Human Face Front View Human Eye Holding
Young Women Beautiful Woman Human Face Portrait Headshot Women Domestic Room Home Interior Window Domestic Life Mirror Vanity Vanity Mirror Make-up Brush Thoughtful Dressing Room The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Young Women Human Eye Portrait Beautiful Woman Beauty Human Face Headshot Women Looking At Camera Beautiful People Introspection Blank Expression Pensive Thinking Caucasian Plain Background Thoughtful Mug Shot Eyebrow Eyelash Iris - Eye Eyelid Vision Eyeball Pretty The Portraitist - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Human Hand Illuminated Women Popular Music Concert Defocused Nightlife Close-up
Love Couple Relationship Human Hand Defocused Illuminated Nightlife Happy Hour Close-up Christmas Lights Nail Art Photographing Photo Messaging The Creative - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Human Hand Bride Celebration Ceremony Religion Close-up Groom Christmas Lights Wedding Ceremony Festival Christmas Decoration
Human Hand Low Section Flower Women Standing Young Women Holding Abdomen Midsection Close-up Gardening Glove Watering Can Gardening Equipment Flower Pot Horticulture Shovel Rake Wheelbarrow Planting Plant Nursery Community Garden Gardening Greenhouse Florist Vegetable Garden Watering
Reading A Book Studying Reading Time Glasses Friends Students Students Life Women Human Hand Customer  Men Close-up Store
Reading A Book Relaxing Young Women Beautiful People Eyeglasses  Women Sitting Beautiful Woman Portrait Business Beauty Close-up
Friendship Young Women Togetherness Learning Women Library Student Sitting Book Education Literature Bookstore Book Cover Author Community College Knowledge Hardcover Book Thoughtful Textbook Friend Bookshelf Reading Glasses Archives Page Publication Diary
Friendship Young Women Eyeglasses  Togetherness Drink Women Men Alcohol Happy Hour Happiness Drinking Straw Celebratory Toast Cocktail Party Rose Wine Cocktail Couple Champagne Ice Tea White Wine Wineglass Sommelier Tropical Drink Rum Martini Glass
Human Hand Alcohol Drink Frothy Drink Summer Men Drinking Glass Beer Glass Beer - Alcohol Drinking
Teenagers  Relaxing Young Women Waiting Sitting Down Jeans Bench
Pizza Calzone Italian Food Italy Human Hand Wineglass Wine Holding Close-up Food And Drink Leftovers Empty Plate Table Knife Place Setting Silverware  Eaten Knife Fork Napkin Eating Utensil Setting The Table Prepared Food
Human Hand Holi Ink Tattooing Midsection Body Adornment Individuality Paint Cool Attitude Body Paint
Relaxing At Home Young Women Rubik's Cube Hobbies Teenagers  Human Hand Women Tattoo Close-up Tattooing Body Adornment Jockey Carving - Craft Activity Tangled Hair Henna Tattoo Painting Fingernails Nail Art Human Joint Human Back
Rubik's Cube Tattoo Relaxing Hobbies Human Hand City Multi Colored Close-up Henna Tattoo Craft Product ArtWork
Drink Portrait Beautiful Woman Happy Hour Headshot Drinking Glass Drinking Close-up Thoughtful Introspection Thinking Pensive Tattoo Pretty Blank Expression Eyelid Boredom Day Dreaming Contemplation Lotus Position
Human Hand Young Women Women Females Tattoo Human Skin Close-up
Human Hand Young Women Drink Women Tea - Hot Drink Nail Polish Coffee - Drink Holding Drinking Front View Modern Hospitality
Weaving Machine One Person Adult Business Front View Indoors  Art And Craft Waist Up Skill  Real People Portrait Small Business Craft Business Finance And Industry Working Workshop Creativity Occupation Looking At Camera Expertise Preparation  Small Business Heroes
Laparoscopy Scars Scarred Surgery Recovering Black And White Photography Bnw Portrait Human Body Part Body Part Midsection People Hand Indoors  Human Hand Adult Limb Women Close-up Human Finger This Is My Skin The Still Life Photographer - 2018 EyeEm Awards
Funny Faces Young Adult Man Only Men Cottoncandy Food And Drink Chewing Men's Fashion Men Man Eating Candy Cotton Candy Man Junk Food
Spaghetti Dish Spagetty Images Close-up Indoors  Ready-to-eat Selective Focus Wellbeing No People Focus On Foreground Healthy Eating Serving Size Still Life Indulgence Italian Food Table Nature
Cotton Candy Colors Cotton Candy Cottoncandy Hand People Human Hand Men Indoors  Human Body Part Adult Focus On Foreground Night Food And Drink Lifestyles Close-up Holding Real People Nightlife Adventures In The City Visual Creativity
Human Body Part Body Part Nail Nail Polish Adult barefoot Women People Close-up Human Hand Red Nail Polish Toenail Fingernail Red Human Finger Lifestyles Human Limb Visual Creativity This Is My Skin
Human Hand Hand Human Body Part One Person Finger Body Part Human Finger Book Publication Indoors  Nail Education Close-up Nail Polish Text Arts Culture And Entertainment Adult Learning Women Studying Visual Creativity