I go to where my feet lead me and shoot with passion.
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Cropped hand of person holding food
Close-up of meat on barbecue grill
Close-up of guitar
Close-up of strawberry
Close-up of pearl jewelry
High angle view of food on table
High angle view of koi carps swimming in pond
food and drink
Close-up of fish swimming in aquarium
Rear view of woman standing in store
animal themes
food and drink
food and drink
Midsection of man working at workshop
Close-up of computer keyboard
People in city
rear view
Midsection of man using mobile phone in car
Close-up of apples in container
sweet food
Close-up of deer
Close-up of pineapple
Close-up of hand holding bottle
Close-up of hand holding multi colored candies
Close-up of white rose on table
Midsection of woman holding umbrella
Close-up of wedding rings on table
High angle view of hand holding lit candles
Close-up of orange daisy flowers
Close-up of hands candles on wall
Midsection of man using mobile phone
Close-up of text written on white box
Midsection of man preparing food
Midsection of couple holding hands
Full frame shot of breads for sale at market
High angle view of bottles on table
Full frame shot of swimming pool
Portrait of a horse
Close-up of potted plant on table
Cropped image of hand holding berries
Low angle view of clothes hanging on ceiling
Close-up of man holding camera
Close-up of pink water lily
Close-up of christmas decorations on table
Close-up of clothes hanging on wall
Portrait of cat sitting outdoors
Midsection of person holding ice cream
Close-up of cake
Close-up of water pipe
High angle view of white birds on land
High angle view of a dog
Close-up of meat on barbecue grill
Close-up of swing in playground
High angle view of dog looking away
Close-up of berries growing on tree
High angle view of food on table
Man preparing food on barbecue grill
High angle view of multi colored pencils on table
Close-up of hands working
Low angle view of illuminated lanterns hanging at night
Close-up of red berries on plant
Dead bird on a land
Close-up of a dog sleeping
Full length of dog standing on field
Rear view of woman standing against plants
Close-up of clothespins hanging on clothesline
Portrait of kitten on wood
Close-up of orange marigold flowers
Midsection of a hand on a field
Close-up of red flowering plant
Close-up of red berries on glass
High angle view of food in plate on table
Close-up of served food in plate
Close-up of orange flower on field
Close-up of a dog resting on footpath
Horse in a forest
High angle view of meat on barbecue grill
View of a horse
High angle view of dog standing on road
Midsection of person preparing food in bowl on table
Close-up portrait of kitten relaxing
Midsection of man sitting in bus
Close-up of fruit growing on tree
Close-up of car on road against sky