LB Driver


Photographer & Artist currently residing in beautiful Washington State.
Old Wooden
Dissected Boat
Perfect Spot
Opening Day
Seeds Open Edit
...just because
Sunset over the
Marina Evening
Marina Walkway
Evening Marina
Incoming Storm
Beach Pano Sky
Canoe on the
Fishing Nets
Orange Rose
Incoming Storm
Seaside Sunset
The Gathering
Light & Shadow
Pink Rhody Pink
Yellow Rhody
Dreams of a
Watching the
Blue Skies &
Up Blue Sky
Anatomy of an
Sunset Seaside
Good Night Sun
Sailing Away
Snowy Forest
Snow Coveted
Boats along the
Walking the
Taking Flight
Clouds over the
Frosty Goodness
Raindrops lit
At the Pier
Under the Pier
Pier Peering
Waterfront Sky
Just a lil
Incoming Storm
Old Port Town
My garden buddy
Simplicity Hazy
Marina Pano
Keep Out
Sleeping Bee
Raindrops on
Fun at the Lake
Tall trees
Garden Buddy
Spring Sunset
Orange Tulips
Great Horned
Swainson's Hawk
Turkey Vulture
Baby Cows Farm
Power Line by
Pink Tulips in
Red Tulips
Pink Tulip Mini
Red Tulips in
Colorful Tulips
Tulip Farm
White Tulips
Barred Owl IV
Barred Owl III
Barred Owl II
Barred Owl I
At the Marina
Strawberries in
Yellow Sky And
Red Low Angle
"Edge of the
Tulip Field
Fiery Sunset
Sunset from the
Willow Tree
Sunset Behind a
Snow Covered
Fiery Sunset
Snowy Mountain
Lake Scene late
Pampas Grass &
Tiny Flowering
A Perfect Pansy
Wet Cherry