Shutterduck since 1980s. Lomographer, Nikonist, iPhonographer, & Polaroider. On Lomography.com & Flickr as koduckgirl Cheers!
Zenit122 Film Koduckgirl Out Of Focus
Koduckgirl Home Interior Zenit122 Animal Themes Film Lomo400 Kliban Cat
Film Holding One Person Photography Themes Photographing Camera - Photographic Equipment Koduckgirl Zenit122 Lomo400
Koduckgirl Film Object Zenit122 Close-up Indoors  Lomo400 Games
Koduckgirl Film Lomo400 Zenit122 Orange Color Indoors  Close-up Chair
Koduckgirl Indoors  Zenit122 Lomo400 Film Chair
Indoors  Shot Glass Indoors  Zenit122 Koduckgirl Lomo400 Film
Bulbasaur Close-up Koduckgirl Home Interior Film Zenit122 Animal Themes Light Leak
Lomo400 Koduckgirl Film Animal Themes Indoors  Pets One Animal Zenit122 Home Interior
Lomo400 Zenit122 Koduckgirl Home Interior Film Sofa
Koduckgirl Album Cover Lomo400 Zenit122 Object Film
Koduckgirl Domestic Cat Pets Indoors  Close-up Cat Zenit122 Lomo400 Film
Film Animal Themes No People Koduckgirl Lomo400 Zenit122 Indoors
Film No People Food And Drink Lomo400 Koduckgirl Zenit122
Zenit122 Close-up Film Home Interior Koduckgirl
Photography Themes Camera - Photographic Equipment Photographic Equipment SLR Camera Lomo400 Zenit122 Film Koduckgirl
Film Lomo400 No People Animal Themes Indoors  Koduckgirl Zenit122 Pattern
Film Close-up Orange Color Pattern No People Object Zenit122 Lomo400 Koduckgirl
Pets Domestic Cat One Animal Feline Cat No People Home Interior Film Lomo400 Zenit122 Koduckgirl
Film Drinking Glass No People Drink Lomo400 Koduckgirl
No People Film Zenit122 Koduckgirl Lomo400 Close-up Kliban Cat Indoors  Ice Bucket