Shutterduck since 1980s. Lomographer, Nikonist, iPhonographer, & Polaroider. On Lomography.com & Flickr as koduckgirl Cheers!
Koduckgirl One Person 1980s Nature Blk N Wht Portugal Nikon FE Tree
Clear Sky Sea Tranquil Scene Outdoors Beauty In Nature Water 1980s Koduckgirl Nikon FE Portugal Blk N Wht
Tranquility Tranquil Scene Rock - Object Portugal Koduckgirl Nikon FE Rock Formation 1980s
Place Of Worship Architecture Spirituality Travel Destinations Blk N Wht Portugal 1980s
Pattern Feelca_b Koduckgirl Journal Pen Iphone7 Blk N Wht
Food And Drink Creuset Koduckgirl Blk N Wht Feelca_b Eggcustard Kitchen
Architecture Tvshow Emergency Building Exterior Koduckgirl Iphone7
Tree One Person Koduckgirl Nikon FE Portugal Blk N Wht Nature 1980s
Outdoors Blk N Wht Portugal Nikon FE Koduckgirl 1980s
1980s Sea Rock - Object Rock Formation Beauty In Nature Tranquil Scene Nikon FE Koduckgirl Portugal
Table Koduckgirl Indoors  Iphone7 Blk N Wht Feelca_b
No People Blk N Wht Pen Iphone7 Journal Koduckgirl Feelca_b
Food And Drink Kitchen Eggcustard Feelca_b Blk N Wht Koduckgirl
Feelca_b Koduckgirl Iphone7 Emergency Roydesota Tvshow
Tree Nature Blk N Wht Portugal Nikon FE Koduckgirl
No People Silhouette 1980s Nikon FE Koduckgirl Portugal Blk N Wht
Sea Beauty In Nature Sky 1980s Portugal Blk N Wht Koduckgirl Nikon FE
Pets Domestic Animals Domestic Cat Feline Cat Blk N Wht Iphone7 Koduckgirl
No People Feelca_b Koduckgirl Iphone7 Blk N Wht Pen
Indoors  Iphone7 Koduckgirl Feelca_b Blk N Wht Dishrack Kitchen
Tvshow Emergency Iphone7 Koduckgirl Feelca_b