Kent DuFault


I am a Copywriter for I write about the Photography industry. I also write fiction. I have worked as a professional photographer.
Nap Time Feet
Cat and Oregon
Two Tails and a
Sorta Selfie
The Life of an
The Main Man
Grumpy Guard
Follow Us
Wasssup? Travel
The Tourist
Pike Place
Love in Seattle
Rent Control
Yellow Lines On
Yellow Lines On
Yellow Lines On
A Chinese
A Chinese
A Chinese
Friendly locals
Summer Palace
Smiling local
The Dog In The
Flowers and a
Get on the
The canals in
Pike Place
The Space
The Forbidden
Shanghai, China
Hangzhou, China
Landing at
Patriotic Flag
Lost in the
The Look Travel
The Space
Pike Place
The Great Wall
Looking Up -
Liuyuan Garden
Day Dreams
Autumn Red
Tree trunks
Autumn Colors
Can I come in?
Lazy Saturday
Autumn fashion
Afternoon Nap
Spring Blizzard
The Look EyeEm
Sunset Florida
Cliches Cat
Self Reflection
The Kiss
Drag Show Diva
Happy Face
Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon Cat
Waiting to
Bar Maid
Inside the Bar
Cuddle Cats
Liquor Light
A Heart
Saint Patrick’s
Cat in a window
JeJu Island and
JeJu Island
JeJu Island
The Throne
April Blizzard
Bodies Butts
Cat Face
Look Behind You
Bird Bath City
Battle Scar
Curiosity Pet
She loves me
Fur, feet, and
Bird watching
Don’t Go Left
Cat’s hugging
A Life in
Ramona by
Cat feathers
Rat face Scary
Cat snuggles
Looking pretty
Enjoying nature
Our alley cat

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