Kate Spiderman


Putting a painters spin on the lense.
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Thrift vanity. Ladyinred Phoneography Close-up Only Women Out Of The Box Woman Personal Perspective Indoors  Human Body Part Table Manequin Styrofoam Headless Headshot Cellphone Photography Thriftstore Posing Mirror Tucson Arizona  Saturday Afternoon Fun Funday Shopping ♡ MyBOO Awesome_shots
Airport cowboy. Human Body Part Indoors  Adult Close-up Phoneography Personal Perspective Denver Colorado  Cellphone Photography Moments To Remember  Cowboy Boots Urban Denim Jeans Fancy Participant Stranger Woman Portrait Culture Out Of The Box Only Women One Person Ladyinred Denver Colorado
B & E, post apocalypse. Mask - Disguise Carnival - Celebration Event Arts Culture And Entertainment Disguise People Anthropomorphic Face Adult Outdoors Moments To Remember  Real People Memories Crawl Mall Conference Moments Crazy Cellphone Photography Denver Colorado  Zombie BertAndErnie Sesame Street Funnyshit  Personal Perspective Phoneography photography #photo #photos #pic #pics #tagsforlikes #picture #pictures #snapshot #art #beautiful #instagood #picoftheday #photooftheday #color #all_shots #exposure #composition #focus capture moment Two People This Is Queer
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Gourmet ice. One Person Human Body Part One Woman Only Only Women One Young Woman Only Adult Day Indoors  Close-up People Adults Only Human Hand Tucson Arizona  Cellphone Photography Lunch Food And Drink Refreshing :) Funnyshit  Drink Personal Perspective Out Of The Box Tucson Arizona  Drinks Ice Gourmet
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits EyeEm Selects
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits EyeEm Selects
Pet Portraits EyeEm Selects
Pet Portraits
Pet Portraits EyeEm Selects
It had my name written all over it. Text Drink Indoors  Food And Drink Cellphone Photography Tucson Arizona  Real People Personal Perspective Photo Frame Husband And Wife Love Cold Refreshing :) Drinks Coke Names Marriedlife Lunch Serendipity Meanttobe Fate  Luck Align Funnyshit  Inner Power
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Bucket Cellphone Photography Crazy Dark Dogslife Expertise Human Body Part Indoors  Job Life Love ♥ Low Section Nurse Occupation Out Of The Box Pain Personal Perspective Protective Workwear Real People Safety Scrubs Sneakers Stainless Steel  Tucson Arizona  Working
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Below Cellphone Photography Corner Dark Dogslife Feet Indoors  Love ♥ Low Section Mylife No People Nurse Out Of The Box Pain Passion Personal Perspective Safe Sneakers Stainless Steel  Surgery Table Tired Tucson Arizona  Under Work
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Alone Before Below Bucket Cellphone Photography Close-up Dark Dogslife Dogslifestyle Indoors  Love ♥ Low Section Nopeople Out Of The Box Pain Personal Perspective Room Safe Shoe Sneakers Stainless Steel  Surgery Tones Underwater Work
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Before Below Blackandwhite Cellphone Photography Close-up Floor Hard Indoors  Love Low Angle View Monochrome No People Nurse Out Of The Box Pain Passion Personal Perspective Rocks Sneakers Stainless Steel  Superhero Table Tucson Arizona  Under
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Before Below Blackandwhite Bucket Close-up Directly Above Floor Hard High Angle View Human Body Part Indoors  Love ♥ Low Section Monochrome Nurse Out Of The Box Pain Passion Personal Perspective Protective Workwear Real People Stainless Steel  Superhero Under Working
My work sneakers, with shoe covers. Resemblance of what my life feels like before participating in surgery. #nurselife Alone Before Blackandwhite Boss Bucket Cellphone Photography Dark Dogslife Floor Hard Indoors  Life Myjob Nopeople Out Of The Box Pain Personal Perspective Shoes Stainless Steel  Surgery Table Under Upclose  Veterinarian Work
My work shoes before surgery. #nurselife Alone Before Blackandwhite Cellphone Photography Close-up Dark Dogslife Floor Hard Low Angle View Monochrome Nopeople Nurse Out Of The Box Pain Passion Personal Perspective Sneakers Stainless Steel  Standing SUPPORT Surgery Tucson Arizona  Under Work
Scoops, silently judging Naney's alcoholic blackout. Pets Pattern Domestic Animals Indoors  Debauchery  Blackout BlameItOnTheAlcohol Silently Watching Witnessing Everything Judging Two Cats Differentpersonalities Armchair Cellphonephotography Livingroom Blackandwhite Photography Tucson Arizona  Sillymoments No People Posing For The Camera Plastic Art Thingsunseen Night Illuminated Unhuman Slobs Pet Portraits
Then this happened. Indoors  Manequins Manparts Nakedmen Crotch Hesgotswagger Leggs Nudists Retail Display Shoppingmall Tucson Arizona  Foothills Levis501 ThoughtsBecomeThings Thingsunseen Afterhours Plastic Art Staff Rebuilding Secrets Unhuman Posing For The Camera No People Close-up Adult This Is Queer
On the prowl. Night Illuminated One Person Built Structure Building Exterior Lifestyles Leisure Activity Adult Outdoors One Man Only City Project Beauty In Ordinary Things ThoughtsBecomeThings Eye4photography  Nightphotography Tucson Downtown Somuchbeauty Artist Standing Myhusband Professionalphotography Hishappyplace Walking Around The City
I. No People Close-up High Angle View Blackandwhite Cellphonephotography MyPhotography Signs Statement Unclear Nightphotography Nighttime Outdoors Downtown Tucson Unfinished Work... ThoughtsBecomeThings Madness Simplicity Beauty In Ordinary Things Eye4photography  Cardboard Discardedbeauty Fleeing Project Grounded
Naney wears a toupee. Domestic Cat Pets Domestic Animals Animal Themes Close-up Feline Portrait No People Day MyPhotography Cellphonephotography Indoors  Blackandwhite BigHair Toupée Animal Eye TabbyCat Armchair Seventies Style Orange Living Room Crazy Cat Spikey Biscuits Hen Pet Portraits
Tribal bar code. Shadow Close-up Indoors  Madness MyPhotography Blackandwhite Cellphonephotography Tattoo Tribal Happyaccident Textured  Pen Backscratcher Myhusband Goofing Off Beforetherain Whatdoesitmean Backwards  Unaware  Beauty In Ordinary Things Simplicity Filters Tucson Arizona  Asylum Picture
When Birdie rocks her Einstein. Domestic Animals Animal Themes One Animal Pets Indoors  Mammal Close-up No People Day Blackandwhite Picture Tucson Arizona  Eye4photography  Monochrome MyPhotography Cellphonephotography Bedhead Einstein Fauxhawk BigHair Aussie Life Crazy Madness Asylum Mydog♡ Pet Portraits
When your husband is your BFF and lets you paint his toenails. Human Body Part Close-up Real People Low Section People Cellphonephotography Blackandwhite Picture Eye4photography  Monochrome Tucson Arizona  MyPhotography Myhusband Paintedtoenails Feets Footselfie Dreamcometrue Bestfriendforever Bedroomeyes Secrets Unspoken Alwaysandforever Thefaultinourstars MyBOO Nakedfeet This Is Queer
All is broken. Illuminated Sky Tucson Arizona  Cellphonephotography MyPhotography Church Brokenwindows Brokendreams Brokenpromises Blackandwhite Monochrome Inthemoment Outdoors Parking Garage Uptown Downtown Eye4photography  Makingmemories Jeep Outthewindow No People Hiddenselfie Picture Deceptively Simple Close-up
He refuses to look at the camera. Close-up Orangecat Oldman Sleepytime Jammies!!! : 3 InBed Eye4photography  Deceptively Simple Tucson Arizona  Human Leg Picture Eye4photography  Goofing Off Cellphonephotography MyPhotography Human Body Part Makingmemories Loveofmylife Bestcatever Tabby Cat Avoidance Shy Lookaway Meow🐱 Bedtime
These are my feet. One Person Real People Human Body Part Women Human Leg Close-up Low Section Waiting Eye4photography  City Art Downtown Goofing Off Cellphonephotography MyPhotography Outdoors Leisure Activity Tucson Arizona  Picnic Table Deceptively Simple Picture Feets Vans Offthewall Underneath Out Of The Box
Love will find a way. Outdoors No People Day Sky Bridge Love Personal Perspective Family Time Makingmemories City Goofing Off Leisure Activity Downtown Eye4photography  Tucson Arizona  MyPhotography Creativity Cellphonephotography Close-up Graffiti Art Walkway Reminder Road Waiting
Bubble gum and dreams. Outdoors Day No People Close-up Cellphonephotography Tucson Arizona  MyPhotography Eye4photography  Creativity Personal Perspective Downtown Picture Leisure Activity Bubble Gum Dreams Deceptively Simple Husband & Wife City Goofing Off Makingmemories Family Time Picnic Table Waiting Heritage Hipster
Nice tomato! Red Fruit Close-up Food And Drink No People Food Day Freshness Personal Perspective Waiting Eye4photography  Creativity MyPhotography Cellphonephotography Deceptively Simple Tucson Arizona  Tomato Guacamole Family Time Makingmemories Chopped Tastyfood Tamales Tradition Heritage
Picture in a picture. One Man Only One Person Lifestyles Leisure Activity Indoors  Human Hand Close-up City Day Personal Perspective Deceptively Simple Blackandwhite Cellphonephotography MyPhotography Tucson Arizona  Eye4photography  Creativity Picture Tattoo Waiting Pictureinapicture Husband & Wife Downtown Skateboard Hipster
A super hero's shopping list. Text No People Close-up Communication Handwriting  Indoors  Reminder Creativity Funnyshit  Table Deceptively Simple Blackandwhite Cellphonephotography Night SignSignEverywhereASign Personal Perspective Shopping ♡ Tucson Arizona  MyPhotography Goofing Off Eye4photography  Postits NoteToSelf Reminders Thatsathingnow
Cable, table. Drink Bar - Drink Establishment Drinking Glass Table Refreshment Indoors  Food And Drink Nightlife Men Happy Hour Women Close-up Adults Only Tones Sweet Iced Deceptively Simple MyPhotography Tucson Arizona  Picture Food And Drink Personal Perspective Creativity Eye4photography  Night
The beauty is in the blend. Abstract Close-up No People Personal Perspective MyPhotography Cellphonephotography Tucson Arizona  Picture Eye4photography  Creativity Bullshit Food And Drink Drink Coffee Lunch Time! Blendedcoffee Iced Sweet Colddrink Unexpected Beauty Goofing Off Brown Tones Deceptively Simple Bartender
BS. That's about right. aka "lost in translation. " Night Text No People Sky Outdoors Illuminated Tucson Arizona  Afterhours Close-up Personal Perspective Eye4photography  Picture MyPhotography Visions Cellphonephotography Low Section Vertical Creativity SignSignEverywhereASign Signs Of God Streetlight Latenight Traffic Bullshit Lostintranslation
"If you like Pina Coladas"... a.k.a. the smoking gun. Drink Refreshment Close-up Food And Drink Indoors  Adults Only Alcohol Blame It On The Alcohol OurTimeTogether Adult Picture Personal Perspective Tucson Arizona  Eye4photography  Goofing Off MyPhotography Relaxing Lifestyles Tacos Bartender MyHusbandRocks Saturdaynight Visions Tranquility Afterhours
Floating feet. Close-up Indoors  Pair Relaxing MyPhotography Feet SundayFunday Vibram FiveFingers Goofing Off Eye4photography  Low Section Tucson Arizona  Cellphonephotography Personal Perspective Adult Human Body Part Ourday♡ One Person Illuminated Bread OurTimeTogether Picture Men Day Restaurant Out Of The Box
Shooting out the roof of the jeep. Lifestyles One Person Men Adult Human Body Part Low Section Close-up Day Cellphonephotography Relaxing Picture Tucson Arizona  Personal Perspective Eye4photography  Ourday♡ MyPhotography Creativity Eye4photography  SundayFunday Vertical Forgotten Places  Outdoors Goofing Off Feet Vibram FiveFingers
Old lady obscured by lighting fixture. Vertical Hanging Indoors  Bakery Illuminated SundayFunday Restaurant Broken Dreams Creativity Ourday♡ Eye4photography  MyPhotography OurTimeTogether Personal Perspective Tucson Arizona  ArtWork Lightbulb Painting Picture Oldthings Close-up Bread Lunch Relaxing Cellphonephotography
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys... Sky Cloud - Sky No People Outdoors Architecture Tucson Arizona  Personal Perspective Bare OurTimeTogether MyPhotography Eye4photography  Ourday♡ Creativity Boot SignSignEverywhereASign Marquee Spur Entropy Broken Down Broken Dreams Forgotten Places  Oldfriends Oldthings Restaurant SundayFunday Go Higher