Hello, I am Judita Juknelė from Lithuania judita.juknele@gmail.com
Imperfection Stigma Scar Wind Dress Low Angle View Beautiful Woman Beauty Women Human Leg Leg
Flower Head Flower Portrait Beauty Headshot Beautiful People Yellow Human Face Blooming Iris - Eye Plant Life In Bloom Dandelion Blossom Botany Springtime Decadence The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Hemp Hemp Leaf Medical Cannabis CBD Human Hand Leaf Plant Part Flower Herbal Medicine Herb Close-up Plant Green Color Leaves Plant Life Cannabis Plant Marijuana - Herbal Cannabis
Wind Hair Flying Hair Child Portrait Surreal Monochrome Tousled Hair The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Hair Flying Hair Profile Child Portrait Tangled Hair Hairy  Children Caucasian Head And Shoulders Preschooler Monochrome Elementary Age
I just asked, if he could pose... 😊 Child Spring Relaxation Golden Hour Head Down Tree Child Full Length Forest Standing Growing The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Springtime Relaxing Dreaming Child Head Down Golden Hour Beauty Happiness Side View Close-up The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Child Golden Hour Springtime Beauty Rural Scene Headshot Side View Thoughtful Tranquility Idyllic Calm Countryside Tranquil Scene
Human Head Springtime Selective Focus Groose Berry Rural Scene Close-up Plant Plant Life Botany
Silence Calmness Child Black And White Human Face Headshot Close-up Shoulder Massaging Human Neck Human Lips Human Nose Human Skin
Sleeping children smell of pie. When tired, they can fall asleep anywhere. I love to find, to carry to the bed, quietly undress and kiss their dreams. Childhood Kid Elementary Age Tired Sleeping Sweet Dreams Sleeping On The Table! Relaxation Headshot Sleeping Eyes Closed  Close-up Cozy Home Sweet Home Bedtime At Home Children Preschooler The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Leisure Activity Happiness Come With Me Boy Running Blond Hair Elementary Age Warm Clothing Child Childhood Cold Temperature Sky Children
Drowsy Tired Quiet Sluggish Sleepy Calmness Silence Childhood Hair Headshot Black Background Human Hand Close-up Children Kid Primary Age Child Laziness
Boy Glove Eyes Closed  Eyeglasses  Golden Hour Feeling Wind Portrait Photography Child Portrait Childhood Headshot Beauty Fun Enjoyment The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
When you are six, you want to make your fire. Then get scared - the ground would catch a fire. And say, that tomorrow you want to repeat the fire again. Leisure Activity Elementary Age Playing With Matches Playing With Fire Fire Blue Clothes Boy Child Warm Clothing Childhood Road
Leisure Activity Playing With Matches Playing With Fire Fire Boy Curiosity Elementary Age Blue Clothes Dangerous Action Childhood Memories Full Length Child Childhood Warm Clothing Children Preschooler Wearing
Playing With Fire Playing With Matches Fire Blowing Fire Boy Elementary Age Springtime Childhood Memories Blue Clothes Males  Sand Child Motion Activity Children
Leisure Activity Playing With Matches Playing With Fire Boy Blowing Fire Springtime Blue Clothes Elementary Age Child Full Length Childhood
Matches Fireplace Burns Gravel Abandoned Rubbish High Angle View Close-up
I always think about math Portrait Child Childhood Human Eye Human Face Looking At Camera Headshot Close-up Hazel Eyes  Freckle Children Caucasian Elementary Age
Spring Playing Flower Leisure Activity Rural Life Joy Happiness Emotions Child Full Length Childhood Curly Hair Playing Front View Tangled Hair Preschooler
Night Sweet Dreams Portrait Lying Down Headshot Relaxation Sleeping Eyes Closed  Tired Bedtime Bedroom Monochrome The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Stick Boy Playing Spring Eyeglasses  Elementary Age Casual Clothing Boys Will Be Boys!  Spear Javelin Child Childhood Front View Posing Outdoor Play Equipment Children Caucasian
Spring Leisure Activity Bicycles Boys Will Be Boys Cycling Childhood Males  Boys Togetherness Jeans Casual Clothing Hooded Shirt Brother Sibling Children Family
Portrait Silence Pensive Thoughtful Melancholy Musing Contemplative Leaning Reading Calmness Beauty Human Hand
One Person Headshot Portrait Close-up Leisure Activity Real People Indoors  Hairstyle Hair Casual Clothing Human Hand Arms Raised Human Hair Relaxing Calmness
I wish I were a pirate Waiting Alone Preschooler Barrel Wine Cask Spring Outdoors Keg Child Childhood Suitcase Full Length Pensive
Outside Spring Playing Childhood Barrel Fallen Laugh Boy Smiling Headshot Close-up Children Preschooler Primary Age Child Kid Winemaking Wine Cask Keg The Traveler - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Lean Back Sport Healthy Lifestyle Strength Kid Boy Preschooler Monochrome Portrait Human Face
Lean Back Sport Healthy Lifestyle Kid Boy Preschooler Strength Monochrome The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Lean Back Sport Healthy Lifestyle Kid Boy Childhood Eyeglasses  Monochrome Child Childhood Elementary Age
Lean Back Sport Child Kid Boy Preschooler Monochrome Human Hand Childhood
Sport Push Ups Childhood Healthy Lifestyle Boy Strength Monochrome Close-up Primary Age Child Kid Children Preschooler
Windflower Smelling The Flowers Kid Eyes Closed  Calmness Tranquility Spring Spring Flowers Human Hand Beauty Herb Portrait Human Face Holding Blooming Flower Head Petal Pollen Single Flower
Bedroom Bed Sheet Lying Down Relaxation Sleeping Blanket Close-up Napping At Home Tired Bedtime Cozy Home Sweet Home Waking Up
Music Listening To Music Earphones Kid From Behind Human Back Rear View Casual Clothing Brick Wall Brick
Kid Boy Standing In Doorway Concerned Elementary Age Eyeglasses  Headshot Portrait Close-up Children Preschooler Caucasian Head And Shoulders Glasses Pensive Thinking Thoughtful The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Boy Jeans Rope Training Leasure Activity Country Life Elementary Age Skinny Spring Child Full Length Childhood Standing Casual Clothing Climbing Equipment Rope Swing Tied Knot
Windy Lonely Wooden Fence Eyeglasses  Child Warm Clothing Childhood Portrait Males  Boys Headshot Cute Front View Close-up Only Boys Preschool Age Preschooler Elementary Age Children Caucasian
Keeping Silent Don't Say Eyes Closed  Feeling Black And White Conversation Game Family Brothers Facial Expression Grimace Emotions Situation Game Over Eyeglasses  Human Face Headshot Close-up
Childhood Concentrated Facial Expression Grimace Listening Portrait Black Background Eyeglasses  Human Face Headshot Children Kid Elementary Age Analogue Sound
Hidden Smile Playing Cards Cheating Hand On Face Kid Boy Elementary Age Ashamed Portrait Human Hand Black Background Eyeglasses  Headshot Human Face
Happiness Laughing Laughter Joy Playful Happy Elementary Age Childhood Boy Eyeglasses  Black Background Portrait Human Face Studio Shot Headshot Beautiful People
Looking At Camera Woman Blond Hair White Roses Warm Clothing Young Women Women Togetherness Headshot Flower Grief Sadness Disappointment International Women's Day 2019
6 Years Old Eyes Closed  Naivety Tenderness Human Hand Child Headshot Portrait Childhood Close-up Thoughtful Caucasian The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Elderly Woman Thoughtful Head Scarf Retired Portrait Human Face Headshot Close-up International Women's Day 2019 The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Funeral Funeral Flowers One Woman Only Church Flowers White Flower Flower Working Senior Adult International Women's Day 2019
Sometimes my skin is very dry and got chapped. This time I was so happy to find this shape of bloodshed. Heart Love Heart Shape Chapped Human Hand Healthcare And Medicine Physical Injury Human Finger Blood Close-up Wound Human Blood Pain First Aid Finger The Minimalist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Hygiene Toothbrush Toothpaste Brushing Teeth  Facial Expression Child Childhood Human Hand Portrait Holding Cute Healthy Lifestyle Brown Hair
Posing Surprised Mirror Looking At Mirror Theatrical Round Black And White Hands On Face Portrait Young Women Human Eye Women Headshot Human Face Close-up Eyeball The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Eye Eyelash Curler Make Up Time Woman Feminity Concentrated Beauty Human Hand Close-up Human Eye
Portrait Black And White Teenage Girls Thoughtful Beautiful Woman Portrait Beauty Young Women Women Headshot Long Hair Fashion Human Face Close-up Tangled Hair 14-15 Years One Teenage Girl Only Teenager Adolescence  Hairy  International Women's Day 2019 The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Attention Concentrated Tranquility Portrait Concentration Black And White Hand Hair Human Hand Human Face Disappointment Close-up Displeased The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Smiling Love Childhood Safety Human Hand Portrait Bed Domestic Life Females Relaxation Pampering Children Family Bonds Moms & Dads The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
It is always the same: when my angel loses his wing, another one grows much larger. Things Broken Wing Angel Wing Broken Angel Toy Table Brown Close-up
Holes Holes In Socks Child Portrait Childhood Looking At Camera Lying Down Warm Clothing Relaxation Close-up
Police Cars Meal Bread Kids Meal Healthy Eating Human Hand Close-up Prepared Food Served
Dream On Me Hair Wind Blackandwhite Young Women Beauty Long Hair Close-up Light Painting Textured  Detail Witch
Woman Portrait Honeycomb Shyness Modesty  Hiding Looking At Camera Portrait Looking At Camera Human Face Beauty Beautiful People Close-up Textured Effect Hazel Eyes  Eye Color Iris - Eye Eyeball
Childhood Summer Bored Looking Through Window Pencils Blackandwhite From Above  Shirtless Human Back Children Wavy Hair Preschooler Caucasian
Silhouette Brothers Boys Will Be Boys Window Summer Rain Summer Rain Blackandwhite Child Childhood Boys Males  Playing Standing Blond Hair Sitting Casual Clothing Window Sill Curtain
Light Hygiene Washing Feet Soap Foam In The Bath Low Section Child Human Leg Standing Leg Human Foot Toe Skin
Goodbye Christmas tree Light Christmas Decoration Christmas Lights Christmastime Christmas Spirit Dried Orange Orange Slice Close-up Christmas
Sunlight Hand Morning Childhood Comb Beauty Headshot Black Background Close-up
Free The Niple Woman Sepia Flower Breast. Close-up
Calmness Alone Boy Elementary Age Eye Hand Darkness Looking Hand On Face In The Wardrobe Black Background Dark
Emotions Winter Blackandwhite Teenager Laughing Happiness Eyeglasses  Snow Scarf Black And White Portrait Females Human Face Teenage Girls 14-15 Years Only Teenage Girls Teenagers Only
Snow Feather On The Snow White Background Pastel Colored Softness Beauty Close-up Peacock Feather Feather  Cold Winter
Andrius. He likes to pose. Emotions Happy Smiling Injured Posing Flypaper Portrait Men Looking At Camera Winter Human Face Males  Cold Temperature Warm Clothing Cap Eyelash
Emotions Hesitate Instability Uncertainty  Loneliness And Sadness Injured Portrait Looking At Camera Headshot Human Face Men Close-up
Andrius. At the moment he has no electricity, but he likes pictures. Picture Poor Man Lonely Man Door Domestic Room Close-up Abandoned Weathered Damaged Civilization Broken Open Door Bad Condition
Andrius Headshot Men Close-up Thoughtful Caucasian Pensive Day Dreaming Contemplation Thinking The Portraitist - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Kid Boy Looking At Camera Thoughtful Posing Elementary Age Calmness Portrait Human Eye Human Face Day Dreaming Caucasian Pensive Thinking Children
Dancing Mysterious Creative Fun Playing Expressive Textile Child Leisure Activity Boy Human Hand Black Background Studio Shot Disguise Fabric The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Boy Elementary Age Calmness Textile Creativity Black Background Human Hand Shirtless Fun Dancer The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Dancing Expressive Playing Taxtile Boy Posing Elementary Age Black Background Human Hand The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Dancing Elementary Age Movement Playing Happiness Child Portrait Textile Creativity Human Hand Black Background Arms Raised Fabric Dancer The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Happiness Boy Joy Dancing Childhood Textile Portait Creativity Black Background Beauty Studio Shot Dancer Fabric The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Happy Textile Black And White Portrait Having Fun Playing Creativity Black Background Child Childhood Human Hand Fabric
Kid Falling Textile Game Childish Fun Hands Creativity Black Background Human Hand Studio Shot The Creative - 2019 EyeEm Awards
Boy Creativity Posing Elementary Age Facial Expression Multiple Image Black Background Blond Hair Portrait Beauty Human Face Beautiful People Montage Collage Composite Image
Window Boy Summer Reflections Dreaming Calmness Thoughtful Posing Elementary Age Reflections In The Glass Windows Old Window Human Hand Human Face Shirtless Window Frame Capture Tomorrow
Boy Looking At The Mirror Eyeglasses  Mirror Black And White Close-up Eyeball Iris - Eye Human Eye Eye Low Section
Dishes Plates Cups Bowls Black And White Shelf Stack Domestic Kitchen Close-up Shelves Kitchen Utensil
Summertime Hot Day Refreshment Water Leisure Activity Water Child Smiling Happiness Cheerful Childhood Beauty Headshot Summer Wet Hair
Nature Photography Rural Scene Calmness Water Tree Reflection Sky Architecture Triangle Shape Lake Standing Water Countryside Lakeside
Nature Photography Leaves Frost Frosty Leaves Brown Leaves Backgrounds Full Frame Textured  Pattern Close-up Ice Crystal Leaf Vein Fall Fallen Change
Eyes Closed  Boy Elementary Age Thoughtful Old House Calmness Casual Clothing Child Childhood Standing Doorway Door House Wood - Material Architecture Low Section
Landscape Countryside Nature Photography Cold Monochrome Wintertime Sky Grass Close-up
Electricity Hair Static Hair Boy Elementary Age Hair Window Close-up Children Thoughtful HEAD Profile Capture Tomorrow
Nature Photography Calmness Frost Snowing Wintertime Plant Life Red Plant Flower Branch Close-up Snowflake Weather Condition
Window Reflections In The Glass Windows Pot autumn mood Old House Close-up Window Frame Glass RainDrop Transparent Exterior Building Capture Tomorrow
Boy Thoughtful Posing Elementary Age Monochrome Portrait Beauty Human Hand Beautiful People Human Face Eyeball Human Eye
Hens Bird Rural Scene Agriculture Chicken - Bird Animal Themes Livestock Hen Feather  Birdcage Animal Crest Female Animal
Nature Photography Foggy Morning autumn mood Fall Season Foggy Landscape Trees Rural Landscape Black And White Backgrounds Textured  Rainy Season Condensation
Aiming Boys Will Be Boys Minecraft Sword Playing Leasure Activity Portrait Child Headshot Children Preschooler
Frosty Leaves Frost Leaves Winter Backgrounds Full Frame Pattern Close-up Cold Frozen Cold Temperature Ice Crystal
How often do you eat snow just for joy? 😄 Winter Snow Snow Drink Joy Morning Brekfast  Two Cups You've Got Style Text Calmness Drink Cold Temperature Winter Food And Drink Holiday Moments
Love Teenage Girls Teenager Posts Calmness Leisure Activity Girl Dreaming Diary Blue Personal Perspective Human Leg Legs Crossed At Ankle A New Perspective On Life
Male Animal Bird Rural Scene Cockerel Rooster Agriculture Full Length Feather  Farmland Animal Crest Fanned Out Poultry Beak