Jordan Gochie


Hahaha @kianakeene05 I miss you already!
Gorgeous out!
Just found this picture
Bright sun shiny day!
Beautiful noght
Storms a comin'
Green Fields Endless Notice The Color Beauty
Beauty Is In The Eye If  The Beholder Orange
Old Unique Beauty
Beauty Beautiful View Mountain Awesome Trips Cool
Fall Colors Red Orange Yellow Vermont Beauty
What Is This ?
Winter Is Coming
One of the best things about Winter Skiing
The river is coming back to Life
First Flight Plane Fun Exited  Florida
Walk Your Path Follow Your Heart
Sunset Beauty Picoftheday
Oh my Green !!
We have Fire !
Fishing Vividcolors Summer
Beautiful Day Love Colors
Reflection Amazing Picoftheday
Chillinlikeavillian bun bun 🐰
Fall is starting 😁 🍁🍂
Sunsets Vt
Water Earth Power
Sunrise Earlymorning  College LSC
When you accidentally take a cool picture...
Fall . STAND . Learn . Adapt .
Snow Christmastree Christmas
"May you only miss the light when its burning low"
Sunset in Vermont
"Spend a little more time trying to make something of yourself and little less time trying to impress people."
The calm before the Storm