Jim Perdue πŸŽ† EyeEm Ambassador


EyeEm Ambassador, Monterey CA
Sea Water Cloud - Sky Tranquil Scene Architecture
UnderSea Shark Animal Themes Underwater Sea Life
Bird Reflection Crow Raven - Bird Silhouette
Sunset Silhouette Sea Nature Beauty In Nature Beach
Sea Bird Horizon Over Water Beach Flying Pelicans
Aztec Dance
SCUBA Scuba Diving Underwater
Underwater Aquarium Animal Themes Shark
Sunset Beauty In Nature Sea Sky Dramatic Sky Horizon Over Water
Seahorse Underwater Fishtank
Jellyfish Underwater UnderSea Floating In Water Nature Sea Life
Sky Sea Cloud - Sky Architecture Water
Bird Animal Themes Crow Perching
Jellyfish Animal Themes Underwater Aquarium Sea Life One Animal
Sunrise Monterey Bay Aquarium
Sunrise Ocean View Monterey
Symmetry Mextures IPhoneography Mobilephotography Mirror Image
Mobilephotography Mextures Sombre Water Reflections Fog IMography
Jellyfish Mextures Ocean EyeEm Nature Lover Mobilephotography Atmospheric Mood Fragility
Mextures Birds Sky And Clouds
Boat Tidepools
Clouds And Sky Ocean Boardwalk
IPhoneography Scuba Diving EyeEm Nature Lover
Check This Out Mobilephotography IPhoneography Ocean Jim Perdue Monterey Monterey Bay Scuba Diving
Check This Out Mobilephotography IPhoneography Hdr_Collection Atmospheric Mood Sombre
I'm honored have one of my photos receive an honorable mention in the 2015 Mobile Photography Awards. Mobilephotography Monterey Bay Aquarium Mobile Photography Awards Jellyfish Ocean Jim Perdue Tranquility EyeEm Nature Lover Taking Photos Atmospheric Mood
Sending out a heartfelt thank you to Mobiography Magazine for this wonderful write up & interview. http://www.mobiography.net/inspiration/jim-perdue/ IPhoneography Jim Perdue Jellyfish Ocean Monterey Bay Aquarium Mobilephotography
Water Reflections Reflectapp BrainFeverMedia IPhoneography Jim Perdue Atmospheric Mood Stars Tranquility Night Long Exposure
IPhoneography Mobile Photography Clouds And Sky Tranquility Clouds California Weather
Monterey Bay Aquarium AMPt_community IPhoneography Mobile Photography Hdr_Collection Jellyfish Mextures Fragility Ocean
Ocean View Clouds And Sky Mobile Photography IPhoneography AMPt_community Monterey Bay HDR Monterey Bay Aquarium
Mobile Photography IPhoneography EyeEm Nature Lover Rainbow Clouds And Sky Ocean View Tranquility Human Vs Nature
California IPhoneography Atmospheric Mood EyeEm Nature Lover Clouds Atmosphere Sunset Ocean Big Sur Mobile Photography
EyeEm Nature Lover Check This Out Monterey Bay AMPt_community IPhoneography California Theappwhisperer Enjoying Life
IPhoneography AMPt_community Jellyfish EyeEm Nature Lover Monterey Bay Mextures Hdr_Collection Atmospheric Mood
IPhoneography Mobilephotography AMPt_community Jellyfish EyeEm Nature Lover Monterey Bay Mextures Wearegrryo
IPhoneography Mobilephotography EyeEm Nature Lover Jellyfish Monterey Bay AMPt_community Mextures
Rainbow Mobilephotography IPhoneography Clouds And Sky Ocean View Monterey Bay EyeEm Nature Lover Wearegrryo Hdr_Collection
Water Reflections AMPt_community Clouds Sunrise Monterey EyeEm Nature Lover Kayaking Vacation California
Backgrounds Celebration Close-up Dandelion Detail Drop Exploding Firework Display Focus On Foreground Fragility Full Frame Lily Long Exposure Motion Night Wet
Abandoned Places Atmosphere Atmospheric Mood Majestic Tranquility Tree Water Reflections Weather
Avian Vortex. iPhone 6 & Circular app by BrainFeverMedia IPhoneography Mobilephotography Theappwhisperer AMPt_community Grryo Circular App Birds Clouds Vortex
Fall Beauty AMPt_community Fall Autumn Leaves Water Reflections Tree Mobilephotography IPhoneography Wearegrryo
Hdr_Collection AMPt_community IPhoneography Clouds California Monterey Bay Ocean View Theappwhisperer Wearegrryo Mobilephotography