Jimmy O'Connell


Love of music, video, photography.
FDR Residence
FDR Mansion
Valley Scene
Vertical Valley
Valley Pano
Little girl and
Girl in Valley
Hudson Valley
Valley Lanscape
Girl in valley
Ivy on Mansion
Side Entrance
Side view on
Hudson Valley
FDR's Hyde Park
FDR residence -
Bell at FDR's
Patio at FDR -
FDR House Patio
Ww2 WW2
WW2 Jeep Land
WW2 Jeep - Low
FDR head statue
FDR close up
FDR Statue
FDR Statue
FDR Statue
Franklin Delano
Flags for
Kids having fun
FDR Grave Plant
FDR Headstone
Kids painting
ring the bells
Old Music Music
Vinyl Records
Music Vinyl
Records on a
Stack o' vinyl
Old 4-track
Music Vinyl
Vinyl Stack
A little
Alligator claw
Cool Alligator
Cool Blue
Big 'ol Turtle
Blue Lobster
Blue Jelly
Colorful Jelly
Cool Jelly Fish
Hangin with the
Fish close up
Ugly fish is
Chillin' with a
Hangin' with a
Little lizard
Lizard Close Up
Lizard hanging
Jellies in a
sea life Animal
Hiking trail on
Girls plays in
Road in woods.
Trail in park.
Park near
Opening in
Huge tree
Opening in
Old Tree. Close
Trees in park.
Old house in
Old tree.
Fallen trees.
Trees fallen in
Trail in woods.
Hiking in
Boy entering
Fence in front
Young girl
Boy looking off
Child playing
Boy on
Boy climbing
Boy playing on
Smiling kid
Boy playing
Boy Playing on
Boy playing.
Old basketball
Happy Boy
Smiling Boy Fun
Young girl
Tree Sky
Animal Themes

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