King ♔James Gordon


It takes all types
Frankie Dachshund Dog Weeniedog
Doxie on my Doorstep
1600 East Avenue Building Exterior
Button Lofts Architecture Historical Buildings Rochester, NY
Overpass Transportation
Mushrooms in the woods Outdoors Mushroom Rochester, NY Fungus WoodLand Beauty In Nature
Shroom Tree Beauty In Nature WoodLand Fungus Rochester, NY Mushroom
Herta Galton woman sitting with dog
Shroom Mushroom Fungus Rochester, NY
Purple cloud princess
Queen Anne's Lace (before the lace) Rochester, NY
Old ivy at dusk Rochester, NY
We have Daniel Ward kissey lips Rochester, NY
Picture of a ler Rochester, NY Gas Station
Frankie and Doodle Dachs. Rochester, NY Dachshund
Walking through the neighborhood I found these beautiful things. Rochester, NY Flowers
Doodle Dach and the Hedgerows Rochester, NY Colby Dog
Toes and Stinkweef
Leaky Pipes
102 Colby Colby
Museum Hello World
City downtown Hello World
Rochester Rochester, NY
Nice day
White Rose of Phoenix
Frankie Dach Dachshund
Othello my cello Cello
Othello my cello