James Schneider jr.


keeping one eye on the road since 1974. www.jhsindesign.com
walking through hiawatha park. going to be a record rain february Seattle Westseattle Rain Night
jury duty. courthouse floors. Jury Duty Seattle
Mr. Jay, doing his thing. Seattle
friday happy hour in bell town. Seattle
flakes a fallin. Seattle West Seattle
good to get some play time in today. boxes of guitars.
"please don't piss off the dogs" ...seen at the market tonight Seattle
sunday run. rain shadow run. 7 mile loop. West Seattle
division happens. Seattle The City Light
these old floors. love them. Seattle
cold rain cabin fever tonight.
we woke to about four inches of snow in West Seattle. West Seattle Seattle
making the curb look good. seen yesterday near the office. Seattle
p.m. commute. low light. longer days. Seattle
you don't see a Delica every day. downtown. skeedaddle. Vanlife
John, bending strings. Seattle
sunday run. 7 mile loop in West Seattle. Seattle
we were out walking around in the rain. just before it turned to snow. pioneer square. Seattle Pioneer Square Light
the weather showed up. Seattle Snow
haven't walked through the market in a while. long way home, after work. Seattle
on the way home from work tonight. old graphics. bitchin.