James Schneider jr.


keeping one eye on the road since 1974. www.jhsindesign.com
curbed downtown. dodged a bus or two to get this one. Seattle
morning walk to the bus. West Seattle
nerd life. all day long. Seattle
dinner at the brewery the other night. we're in there somewhere.
good 7 under 7 loop this morning before the rain swept in. sunday run. Seattle
old walls. walking through pioneer square to catch a boat ride home. Seattle
saturday run view. catching some much needed vitamin D. 7 mile loop. Westseattle Seattle
taking hold. somewhere in belltown. Seattle Building Exterior Vines
trying to keep things centered. West Seattle Hiawatha Park
a bit of a rainbow happening over there on the right side. Seattle
the weather lately. early spring antics. Seattle
sarurday dog walk sighting. somewhere in west seattle. Seattle
today's snowpocalypse scene. i like a good weather event. Seattle
our little city cabin. west Seattle.
seen along the way this morning. Curbside Seattle Truck
rain for days. Seattle
coffee break. counting dogs yesterday.
this scooter has a nice west seattle village vibe. the stickers crack me up. Seattle West Seattle
deep concerns when the fire hydrant is under maintenance. Seattle Gottapee
saturday, out walking the dog.
a ______ sign. it has a strange effect. Seattle