Susan sheldon

Pro photographer living in Michigan USA with my wonderful partner who Ofton shares his art and is one of my favorite models. .
Susan sheldon
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Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Scenic view of lake in park
Scenic view of lake against sky
Full length of woman standing in forest
Young woman smoking cigarette
Trees by lake in forest
Cars on street in city
High angle view of red flowering plants
Rear view of people with arms outstretched
Side view of abandoned motor scooter on field
Scenic view of beach
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of stuffed toy on tree trunk in field
Full length of a girl sitting in front of woman
Trees and plants in forest
Potted plants in garden
Low section of man holding autumn leaf in forest
Empty bench on table by trees in yard
Trees growing on field
View of flowering plants and trees by building
Full frame shot of dried leaves in market
Pumpkins for sale at market stall
View of fish swimming in sea
Close-up of books on table
Exterior of house on field against sky
Full length of woman sitting in traditional clothing
Close-up of butterfly on leaf
Trees growing on field against sky
Low section of woman standing on field
Close-up of potted plants
Pine trees in forest
High angle view of abandoned motorcycle on field
Bonfire on field
Cat looking away while sitting on hardwood floor
Close-up of a cat looking away
High angle view of kitten in basket
Full length of a cat
Portrait of shirtless boy sitting on beach
Midsection of person holding cat against white background
People enjoying on beach
Portrait of cute girl with arms raised
Close-up of plant on field
Full length of girl standing on sunflower
Scenic view of forest
Portrait of a smiling girl holding mask
Full length of a happy friends
Cute girl lying on a young woman with eyes closed
View of autumnal trees in forest
Portrait of a smiling girl
Full length of happy woman sitting outdoors
Trees on field against sky during autumn
Portrait of a smiling girl swimming in pool
Low section of man on sand at beach
Scenic view of waterfall on landscape
View of cherry blossom trees on field
Side view of a horse on rock against cloudy sky
Rear view of shirtless boy standing in sea
Panoramic view of landscape and mountains against sky
Portrait of happy boy in swimming pool
High angle view of breakfast served on table
High angle view of a cat with colorful leaves
Trees and plants growing on field against sky
Full length of shirtless boy in swimming pool
Boy lying down on sand at beach
Red flowering plants on land against sky during autumn
Close-up portrait of a dog
Red flowering trees in forest during autumn
Deck chairs on beach against sky
View of an animal on rock
Empty chair on field against trees
Close-up of lizard on rock
Portrait of cute baby girl lying on bed
Group of people in shopping cart in city
Various fruits for sale at market stall
Man working on fire
Trees on field against sky
Cat sitting on wooden floor
Portrait of smiling young woman with tree
Full length portrait of boy standing against white background
Midsection of man holding cat
Full length of young woman sitting outdoors
Full length of man standing in corridor
Close-up of woman with ice cream in plate
Full length of woman standing on beach
Full length of a man standing in forest
Full length of man riding horse cart
House on field against sky
Portrait of man using mobile phone
Close-up of apples in basket for sale at market stall
High angle view of people with toy toys
Horse cart on table against wall
Close-up of shoes on wood
High angle view of pumpkins in market
Close-up of crab eating food
Snow covered land and trees in forest
Rear view of woman standing on beach
Boy standing on snow covered land