Philippe Intraligi


Design Director working in the fields of Branding, Fashion and Graphic Design. Passion for photography and NYC.

Egg Edamame Cream Food Lunch
Colors Steps Gradient Neonlight Going Up
Train Station Empty Plattform Morning Light Sunny Day
Telefon Telephone Lock Trainstation Emergency
NYC New York New York City Panorama Skyline Skyscraper Evening City Lights
Bamboo Wall Window Blinds Background Wood Natural Surface Vertical Symmetry
Ring Smaragd Diamonds Kids Toy Jewelry Jewellery
Colors Plexiglass Kanji Reflection Dimensions Transparency
Trees Pond Reflection Water Clouds
Train Station Morning Light
Metal Surface Aircondition
Sushi Food Restaurant Dinner
Manequin Street NYC New York New York City Trash The Street Photographer - 2016 EyeEm Awards
Office Romance Flowers Trash Trash Cans Black Wall
Steps Colors Gradient Neonlights Light Going Down
Pink Flowers Hecke Flowers Pattern Organic Pattern Nature Flora Hedge Flower Hedge
Summer Window Shopping Fashion Galactic Manequin Swimsuit Bikini Robot Metallic NYC New York City
Onion Vegetables
AEIOU ABC Letters Paper Papercraft Alphabet Table
One Number NumberOne Number One 1 Neonlights
Glockenblume Flowers Garden Nature Microcosmos Purple Flowers Grass