Philippe Intraligi


Design Director working in the fields of Branding, Fashion and Graphic Design. Passion for photography and NYC.

Train Tracks Traveling Summer Bridge
Night Scooter Parking Lot Covered Vehicle
Train Track Darkness Plattform Night Waiting Traveling Artificial Light Empty Places
Steps Going Up Plattform Train Station Maplewood Waiting
Tomatoes Ripe Leaves Closeup Sunlight Summer Food Vegetable Garden
Tomatoes Salad Vegetable Garden Food
Poison Ivy Weeds Close Up Garden Leaves Summertime
Surface Concrete Darkness Night Flashlight Cricket Insect Depth Of Field
Train Station Night Plattform Train Tracks
Blue Sky Leaves Branches My Happy Place  Dreaming Summertime
Tunnel Floor Low Angle Passage
Garden Tomato Closeup Ripe
Vegetable Garden Tomatoes Salad Herbs Garden Planting
Poison Ivy Garden Work Bushes Weeds Working Garden Summer
Concrete Cricket Insect Night Flashlight
Light And Shadow Train Tracks Plattfrom Night Commuting Tired
Long Shadows Selfie Waiting Train Station Plattform Night
Train Station Tracks Night Empty Lonely
Vegetable Garden Cucumber Food Salads Garden Planting
Salad Food Vegetable Garden
Tomatoes Food Planting Summer