Matias Castello


Now @Facebook • Ex head of mobile @EyeEm •
Current status Beach Sun Blue Sky
Sunny day in London – View from the office Open Edit
Black on black Open Edit Art Statue
Waiting for daddy Streetphotography Dog Open Edit
Streetphotography Light And Shadow Open Edit
Sleepy dog or singing dog Open Edit Dog
Streetphotography Open Edit Cats
After two and a half years, I've decided to leave EyeEm and embark on a new adventure. I'll miss you guys! Next stop: London.
?Ciudad porteña de mi único querer? Architecture Colors Streetphotography
Empty. Bus Blackandwhite Natural Light Light And Shadow
Winter light Blue Light And Shadow
Same bar, 5 years later. See Blackandwhite
Ma Portrait
Streetphotography Colors Open Edit
El mas grande del mundo Streetphotography Street Art Maradona Open Edit
Tough life. Streetphotography Dog Open Edit Light And Shadow
La Boca. Streetphotography Colors Architecture Building Symmetry
Meat. Meat. Meat. Streetphotography Food Market Open Edit Argentinian Steak
Perspective Lines Blue Sky Open Edit
Running sucks a little less when it comes with a view. Open Edit Sunset Beach
"La misère serait moins pénible au soleil" – Probably not. Streetphotography Open Edit
Waiting for daddy. Streetphotography Open Edit Dog
Not the worst place in the world.
Streetphotography Open Edit
Taking photos at night = good use of jet lag. You can spot the belt of Orion in the upper left side Long Exposure Open Edit
I made a friend. :) Dog Open Edit
Airport window selfie Open Edit Reflection The New Self-Portrait
On my way to Argentina! Starting A Trip Open Edit Geometric Shapes
Playing with a new toy (85mm this time). Manual focus at F1.4 is a brutal reminder that taking photos can be hard. Depth Of Field Open Edit Socks
Late night cooking Foodporn
Markus bought me a gift that, according to him, contains my two favorite things: women (old apparently) and cats. Books Blackandwhite
Playing with light Portrait Open Edit
Rows Of Things Colors Open Edit
I lie that I'm an artist. Open Edit Signs Neon Lights
Try turning your "bad" color photos into black and white images. "Noise" will look like grain and it'll oftentimes take care of poor color balance too. Open Edit Blackandwhite Selfportrait Reflection The New Self-Portrait
Try Urban 4 (U4) for a strong, contrasty look. Decrease the intensity to 4 or 5 if there is a lot of black in your photo. You can also change the contrast or lift the shadows manually. Open Edit Streetphotography Portrait Reflection
A few test photos taken with my new 35mm lens Streetphotography Open Edit
Try Fresh 2 (F2) for street photos. If you're a lover of cold/Kodak tones like me, decrease Warmth to bring back some of the blue Streetphotography Open Edit
Streetphotography Dogs Open Edit
Trying to frame this shot was just an excuse to take one last selfie. Happy new year folks! Selfportrait Notes From The Underground Open Edit The New Self-Portrait
Late night snow. Try out the Enhance tool on anything that's meant to be very white. Streetphotography Winter Snow Open Edit
Power Napping Notes From The Underground Open Edit
Playing with light (and wine) – Use F3 for bright portraits, then decrease Warmth for colder/blue tones. Portrait Open Edit Light And Shadow
Notes From The Underground Open Edit
Blackandwhite Swans Open Edit
Portrait Light And Shadow Open Edit
Playing with my new toy (namely a 35mm 2.8 Zeiss baby) Streetphotography Graffiti Bike
Use BW1 for a classical black and white look. You can lift the shadows a bit if the blacks get too dark for your taste Portrait Blackandwhite Stripes Open Edit
Sunset Clouds Reflection Open Edit