"My mindless chattering, Your lessons on life, The words we shared, Will always be cherished. While walking hand in hand, Amidst a setting so beautiful, In some way, Daddy, We both grew up." Thisspecialplace Frommydiary Words Daddysgirl Parksofdelhi Delhi India Indianphotography Silhouette Sky Sun
We all have multitude voices playing in our heads. One says and the other contradicts. And we get lost in between the tussle,losing a part of ourselves in the process. We spend all our lives trying to bring our inner voices to work in harmony. And sometimes we just need to follow the sounds of nature to suppress the chaos of our souls ! Walkinthewoods WondersOfNature Palampur Himachalpradesh India Frommypen
We really underestimate the power of walking and travelling. With busy schedules and long to-dos,hardly we find time to spend with ourselves. There are multiple tabs open in our minds constantly which prevents us to appreciate the beauty of nature or people near us. Walk around the streets of your city and you will unravel secrets of the past. Walk around and you will be able to focus on the myriad thoughts dancing in your head. Walk around and you will see the life and perspective of others. Travelling not necessarily means taking a bus/train/plane to a place with mountains and beaches and clicking tons of pictures. Travelling is a state of mind, you need to be in that zone to absorb the new experiences. Walking and exploring gives you that space to breathe in newness and connect it with the old fragments of your soul to make an entity more enriched. Perhaps that's why we all need a vacation every now and then because we too want to shed our oldness and embrace the new like the trees do every autumn ! Walk Words Thoughts Explore Travel India Incredibleindia Everydayindia Everydayasia Everydayeverywhere Himachalpradesh Streetsofhimachal Traveldiaries Nature Naturelover Trees Flowers Leaves Trails Mountaintrails Trek Travelgram Poweroftravelling Wanderlust Mountains femaletravel backpacking experience writersofig writerscommunity
Khotachiwadi post3 Who wouldn't want to live in a community so inclusive and houses so vintage? My dream houses look exactly like these! ❤🏠🏠❤ Mumbai India Everydayeverywhere Everydayindia Incredibleindia Streetsofmumbai Wearemumbai
Unn galliyon mein thi kuch ranjishein, Jo shabd na kabhi bayaan kar paaye, Keh gayi fir bhi kai kahaniyan, Wahan ki haawayein !.. Frommypen Aslisundarta Kolkata India Heritage Vintage Streetsofcalcutta Oldbuildings Walkingtrip Architecture Culture Culturvation Poets Poetry Writersofinstagram Indiaclicks Tradition Legacy Words _soi Desidiaries Explore Ohtheplacesiwent Incredibleindia
The language might be difficult to understand for some but the loud and clear message is easily comprehensible ! Femalechild Genderequity
You know what you need when you're on a solo walking trip in a city like Mumbai with the sun constantly following you? Yes,that perfect dose of cold falooda ! And Haji Ali juice centre just ups the game here ! *The awesome dawsome Butterscotch Falooda* P.S- They've a very exhaustive menu so go treat yourself when in Mumbai! Dessert Sweettooth Mumbai Walkingtrip SoloTraveller Mumbaiigers MumbaiDiaries Mumbaimerijaan VSCO Vscoindia Vscofood Indiantreats Sweet Foodielove
Who wouldn't want to live/work in a building this beautiful ? Spotted Exploredbyfoot Mumbai
Can you believe this is a hospital? *Saifee hospital at Charni road* Spotted Exploredbyfoot Fancybuildings Mumbai Mumbaistagram Mumbaistreets MumbaiDiaries Mumbaiigers
"With each passing second, My heart searched for stories, Stories hidden in the nooks and crannies, The mind led me and the feet followed, While the eyes observed and the camera smiled." Walkingtrip Mumbai Mumbai_igers _soi Mymumbai Somumbai Wearemumbai Mumbaimerijaan Mumbai_uncensored Desidiaries Dailylife Indiapictures Indiaportraits India_gram Everydayasia @everydayindia Everydayindia Gameoftones Incredibleindia VSCO Vscogood Vscoindia Vscocam Words Frommypen Writerscommunity writersofig
I sit by the window, With a blank mind, And an empty inkpot, While you paint pictures, On the biggest canvas! Frommydiary Rightnow Delhi
Destruction or Salvation? Clouds Postrain Rightnow Delhi India Everydayeverywhere Everydayindia Hues Nature Naturlover
"Standing tall and determined shows the greatest evidence of strong character development" Kashmir Paradiseonearth Trees Nature Himalayas India Igramming_india Wordporn Writersofinstagram Travelgram Traveldiaries Incredibleindia Myphotodiary Lifeinpictures Zostel Snaptheday Indianphotography Indianphotographyclub _soi
Light drizzle + cool breeze + weekend + healthy dose of feminism = new definition for perfection ? DelhiRains Weekend Book6 Brunchbookchallenge Stories Igbooks InstaRead Bookstagramindia Read Loveforbooks Purple
Prithvi par jannat na hoti, Agar tumhaari aankhon mein kashish na hoti! Paradiseonearth Shikara Dallake Poetry Wordporn Words Beautyofwords Quotesstagram Writersofinstagram Frommypen
If only I made more money,I would buy the Hardcover copy of every book I love ! Currently reading :The Heart goes last by Margaret Atwood ! Thank you @amazondotin for the superfast delivery..ordered yesterday,got it today! I will soon share my two pennies on the book 😊 Books MargaretAtwood Theheartgoeslast Bookstagram Bookstagrammer Hardback @bloomsburypublishing Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary Bookstagramfeature
Terriblytinytales Frommydiary Love Heshe
Terriblytinytales Frommydiary Love
As Oscar Wilde says - Be yourself, everyone else is taken ! Quote Frommydiary Beyourself
Em and the Big Hoom is the debut novel by the Indian Poet and Journalist,Jerry Pinto ! Two days back,he was honoured with the prestigious Windham Campbell prize by YALE for this book. Detailed review- (on Facebook page- link in bio) Link to the post-https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=961639023883982&substory_index=0&id=932416043472947 Emandthebighoom Jerrypinto Book4 Brunchbookchallenge @htbrunch @mahimkajerry Stories Bookstagramfeature Igbooks Worldbookday Alephbooks Thank you @amazondotin for this!
"It's never too late or too soon. It is when it is supposed to be " "Ends are for yesterdays,not tomorrow s" "There's a reason why God limits our days,To make each one precious" If only we Human Beings understood the depth of wisdom in these lines,would we have been able to LIVE our lives. Mitch Albom is one of my favourite authors. The ability to combine fiction with wisdom without being preachy is an art he's mastered. I love the simplicity with which his words teach something so valuable and cherishable. This is the first book I picked up in 2016 and boy,I am so glad I did. I wouldn't want to reveal much but would really urge you to give this a read. With just 224 pages,you won't really regret even if this book doesn't resonate with you. Brunchbookchallenge Book1 MitchAlbom Thetimekeeper Books Bookstagram Bookstagrammer Readingmakesmehappy Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary
मुसलमान औ’ हिन्दू है दो, एक, मगर, उनका प्याला, (Muslim and Hindu are different, but there goblet is one) एक, मगर, उनका मदिरालय, एक, मगर, उनकी हाला, (One is their tavern, one is their wine) दोनों रहते एक न जब तक मस्जिद मन्दिर में जाते, (Both are one till they go to Mosque or Temple) बैर बढ़ाते मस्जिद मन्दिर मेल कराती मधुशाला। (Mosques and temples divide while tavern unites) Poetry Beautyofwords Madhushala Hindumuslim
"Yeh raaste sunaate kai kahaaniyan, Koi sunne waala toh ho" "These roads narrate plethora of stories, If only there was someone to hear them" Wordsfrommypen Poetry Loveforwords Stories Roadstories Zostel Snaptheday Storiesofindia Desidiaries Indiaclicks Indiaphotography Streetphotographyindia Wonderful_pictures
"Beneath the myriad masks we wear to face the reality of life, lies beauty pure and untouched" Surajkund International Crafts Mela is an annual fair organised by the Government of Haryana with Handicraft and Textile stalls from all over India. From Ikat to Kalamkaari to Baatik to Chikankaari to Phulkaari ,you will find anything and everything here. Apart from the goodies you can treat yourself to delectable food too. The state in focus this year is Telangana.Not only do you get to acquaint yourself with the history of the state but also witness performances from the natives. While you will go crazy with the funky hair accessories at the Thailand stall,the wall hangings and little trinkets from Turkmenistan are perfect if you want to doll up your room. Don't forget to check out the Yak wool ponchos at the Nepal stall selling out at just 1300/- (it's a steal !!!) Be it the madubhani painted paper machine artefacts from Bihar or ebony wood-carved necklaces from Haryana or cocunut shell pendants from Sri Lanka,this festival has something for everyone ! The Surajkund Crafts Mela 2016 is on till 15th February 2016. Directions- Reach Tughlakabad metro station on the purple line.Take an auto or the free shuttle to the venue provided by Shuttl .. P.S - Prices can be easily bargained so wear your persuasive hats ! Surajkund Exploringculture Culturvation Everydayindia Delhi_igers
ThingsyouwillfindatSurajkund part1 Antique dolls from Russia ! These beautiful dolls with embroidered dresses are attracting hordes of shoppers at the Surajkund Crafts Mela 2016 !. Though on the pricier side,the impeccable craftsmanship and the uniqueness is surely a delight for the eyes ! Dolls Surajkund Crafts Culturvation Delhi_igers
Following up on my new year resolution to write and travel more in 2016,I visited my happy place in Delhi. 75 years of this glorious testimony of Faith and solace,the peaceful environment here can effortlessly calm your nerves. His holiness,John Paul II has graced this church with his presence twice! The huge altar leading to a fresco depicting The Last Supper,the mighty pillars,the ambience is worth every minute you spend here. For more information, visit - http://sacredheartcathedraldelhi.org/ Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary Church Delhi Churchesindelhi Cathedral Beautifulchurches Monument Exploration
Marble Onyx handicrafts all the way from to Karachi,Pakistan ! Visit Surajkund Crafts Mela for such goodies that will liven up your home ! Handicrafts Onyx Surajkund Culturvation Delhi_igers
My tryst with mountains began when I was barely 6 months old. This soon translated to annual trip to Katra,Jammu. Trekking up to the Vaishno Devi shrine all by myself gave me joy like nothing else. The various landmarks in the journey with the interesting mythical tales behind fed my inquisitive mind. I would often watch movies and read books on the same when I came back. I don't term myself religious as I am not a regular temple-goer, fast-observer etc. however I strongly believe in the divine power. I feel there's someone who's constantly looking out for me. But then,I also believe that I don't need four walls of a temple or life-size statue of a god to pray. All you need is a pure heart and soul and just look out for others around you. That's what praying to God means to me. With this belief system in place,I've never considered my annual journey to Vaishno Devi as a pilgrimage. I've observed tons of things here,all these years. When Kashmiri Pandits were attacked,I was there in Katra thriving under the state-wide curfew. When Raghunath Temple in Jammu was attacked,I was there. I've seen an old lady from Odisha get off from a moving train at the Jammu platform and fall on the tracks and still survive miraculously with barely any scratches. It's sad how this beautiful state has been marred by terror in the name of religion but what uplifts me is the spirit of people here. They've never been bogged down by any of these attacks and still welcome people with open arms. Jammu TravelStories Trip1of2016 Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary Nature Mountains Storiesofindia
The beauty that is NSD ! 🎭🎭 Bharatrangmahotsav Theatre Delhi
"I have a dream that one day every valley shall be exalted, every hill and mountain shall be made low, the rough places will be made straight and the glory of the Lord shall be revealed and all flesh shall see it together." -Martin Luther King,Jr. Hills Pushkar Tripping Trip3 India_gram Rangeelorajasthan IgersRajasthan
Few years ago,Street Art in India was restricted to graffiti by individual artists as a form of self-expression demanding public attention. Then came St+Art foundation! A non-profit organisation that works on making art accessible by bringing it on the roads from the art galleries ! They are targeting a wider audience to promote art. Every year they organise a Street Art Festival in the city of Delhi (beginning from 2014) bringing together Street Artists from all across the world to promote art and beautify the otherwise neglected spaces. Delhi Police headquarters, Random walls in CP, a cold storage container at Adarsh Nagar are some of these spaces that no longer look ordinary. Some of the artworks are not easy to decipher and have multiple interpretations much like those abstract paintings you see at art galleries and spend a good amount of time standing there in understanding them. This year,St+art Delhi has put up a showcase at the largest dry port in Asia- Inland Container Depot,Tughlakabad,Okhla,Delhi ! 100 shipping containers have been painted in myriad hues by 25 national and international artists ! The showcase is on till 28th February 2016. Open from every Thursday to Sunday,(12pm to 7pm) ! P.S - Seen in the picture is Govind Puri Metro station refurbished as a part of St+art Delhi 2016 ! @startindia Streetart Artforall Beauty Delhi
Pushkardiaries post 1 When your work and regular life takes too much out of you,a weekend getaway to soothe your nerves is all you need. February is the perfect time to take a stroll on the streets of Pushkar lined with the colourful bazaar, graciously endowed with beautiful temples and the Pushkar lake. More famous for Asia's largest animal fair held in the month of November,Pushkar is a small town,barely 30-40 minutes away from Ajmer,Rajasthan ! It boasts of the one of the very few temples devoted to Lord Brahma (the creator). The whole town has a very rustic appeal with Tonga rides and camel rides accessible for all. The beauty of the holy Pushkar lake is a sight to behold. Buses and trains from Delhi are easily available till Ajmer from where a local bus will take you to Pushkar ! P.S- Rajasthan Government buses and hotels offer special Mahila Concession for female travellers ! 😊 Pushkar Rajasthan Jaanekyadikhjaaye Trip3of2016 Snaptheday Zostel Indiapictures Wanderlust Tourism Trip Tourist India_gram Traveldiaries Beautifulindia Rangeigersrajasth IgersRajasthan
Pushkardiaries post 4 13 strangers,different nationalities, one shared interest - Travelling ! Yes,my sweet short weekend getaway to Pushkar was all about it ! This is Nirvana Cafe, a rooftop eatery which boasts (and they are right in doing so) of a 360 degree panoramic view of the beautiful Pushkar city with an amazing menu to tickle many palates ! With walls painted with fluorescent hues and psychedelic patterns,this place was the perfect combination of visual and gustatory sensations !. Being one of the two Indians in the group,it was a delight to converse about our culture,history,beliefs and traditions ! Here's to the meaningful conversations ! ❤ Pushkar Rajasthan Jaanekyadikhjaaye Instagram Igtravel Instagrammers IgersRajasthan
Behind these majestic exteriors lies a plethora of history in myriad forms for the generations to come ! Trip2 Traveldiaries Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary Rangeelorajasthan Beautifuljaipur Hues IgersRajasthan Incredible India_gram Indiapictures Beautifulindia Snaptheday Zostel Soi_india Experienceindia Padhaaromeredes Instagram Tourist Mytraveldiaryblog
I tried to run, From your memories etched in my heart, From your shadow staring at my soul, From your eyes transfixed on my being, And I found myself running back to you. Quote Frommydiary
"With every step I took,I found my resolve breaking into beads of sweat. And then amidst the cacophony, echoed a mellifluous voice giving me the strength to go on" Pushkardiaries post 5 Trek Sunset
Earlymorningramblings "Some people have a thing for the basics. They're ready to forego the fancy because the charm of the basics is enough for their soul to feast on. After all,we all strive to satisfy our soul at the end" Viewfromthetrain Lifeinpictures Myphotodiary Nature Pristine Travel Trip Naturelover
"Books provide me with the much needed refuge from reality. I want some time everyday when I am not thinking about things from my regular life and getting lost in a world different from mine. Books provide me exactly that " Loveforthewrittenword Readerforlife
When the cramped bylanes of Ajmer lined with shops selling from Biryani to clothes to Crockery and what not,lead to something this beautiful ! Adhai-din-ka-jhonpra stands tall as a testimony of strength despite seized by the invaders in the history ! . It was originally built as a Sanskrit college, but in 1198 Mohammed of Ghori seized Ajmer and converted the building into a mosque by adding a seven-arched wall covered with Islamic calligraphy in front of the pillared hall. Monumentlover Ajmer Rajasthan Mytraveldiaryblog
"Jannatein naseeb hoti unko Khushiyaan bharte doosro ki jholi mein Jo, Apne liye duayein maangti hai duniya, Kabhi kisi aur ko dua mein yaad karke dekho" *Jannati Darwaaja,Dargah Sharif,Ajmer* Ajmer
"We all seek stillness beyond the confines of our soul, While it rests deep inside us." Serenity Hauzkhas Delhi