The present moment is all we truly ever have. Helping me to capture and share some of these moments is my trusty point and shoot Fujifilm FinePix XP60
Top of Black Butte, Ca Dramatic Sky Sunset Outdoors Real People Lake View Rocky Landscape Black Butte Lake Black Butte Black Butte California Hiking Hikingadventures Cloudy Sky Hiking Adventures Hiking View Hiking Trip Reached The Top Top Of The Rock Overlook Scenic View Sunset And Lake Lifestyles Outdoor Life Outdoor Lifestyle Outdoor Activity View From The Top
Troubled waters... High Angle View Backgrounds Full Frame Nature Black Butte Black Butte California Pebbles Pebbles And Water Pebbles In Nature Green Water Murky Water Murky Waters Green Green Color Green Lake Opaque Murky Shore Shoreline Fade Faded Mysterious Mystery Unknown Mystical
Leaf Plant Growth Nature Close-up Green Color Leaves Freshness Pretty Plant Little Plants Fuzzy Plant Green Color Green Plant Cute Plant Plant And Stone Rock And Plant Arrangement Growing Growing Plants Fragility Black Butte Black Butte California Beauty In Nature Decorative
Hiking in Black Butte, CA Leisure Activity Landscape Outdoors Rural Scene Rear View Real People Field Togetherness Hiking Hiking Adventures Hiking Trip Exploring Black Butte Black Butte California Friends Adventure Outdoor Adventure Lifestyles Outdoor Activity Scenics Journey Journey Is The Destination Out In Nature Open Field Vastness
Stairway to heaven Oahu, Hawaii Stairway To Heaven StairwaytoHeaven Kokohead Koko Head  Koko Head Trail Koko Head Hike Koko Head Hike Stairs Koko Head Stairs Oahu Oahu Hawaii Long Way Up Challenge Difficult Struggle Determination Determined Tough Long Road Ahead Hiking Hiking Adventures Going Up Stairs Railroad Track Railroad Tracks
Chinese Parade Thailand Chinese New Year Chinese Culture Chinese Style Chinese Traditional Culture Chinese Parade Chinese Influence Chinese In Thailand Thai Chinese Chinese Thai Street Parade High Angle View Street Photography Street Fashion Thai Flag Chinese Banner Colorful Multi Colored Explore Thailand Explore Asia
Handwoven by Hilltribe women Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai | Thailand Chiangmai Explore Thailand Explore Asia Multi Colored Textured  Handmade Handwoven Hand Woven Handwoven Fabric Fabric Fabric Detail Textile Textile Design Textile Fabrics Handwoven Textile Colorful Indigenous People Indigenous Culture Indigenous Design Hilltribe Culture
Black butte lake, Ca Tranquil Scene Scenics Lake Beauty In Nature Reflection Sky No People Landscape Photography Hiking Hikingadventures Tranquility Cloudy Cloudy Sky Panorama Panoramic Pano Panoramic View Black Butte Black Butte California Black Butte Lake Wide Shot Outdoors Rocky Landscape Lake View Lake Panoramic
Red And Green Leaves Fall Decor Autumn Decor Decorative Fall Leaves Fall Colors Fall Beauty Autumn Leaves Autumn Colors Autumn Leaves Arrangement Rock And Plant Black Butte Black Butte California Decoration Leaves And Rocks Leaves And Stones Stones And Leaves Vignette High Angle View Outdoors Pretty Leaves Nature Leaf
Look what we found! Fish Skeleton Skeleton Bones Bone  Fish Bones Death Dead Decay Decayed Decayed Beauty Beauty In Decay Beauty In Death Vertebrae Complete INTACT Whole Surprise Discovery Black Butte Black Butte California Hiking Adventures Hiking
Sunset Silhouette Scenics Dramatic Sky Tranquil Scene Rural Scene Outdoors Landscape Contrast Black Butte California Black Butte Cross Christianity Christian Christian Cross Cross On The Hill Cross On Hill Cross Sillouette Dramatic Lighting Dramatic Skies Sunset Sky Sunset Sky And Clouds Faith Faithful Believe
Under The Microscope Technology Tech Technology Photography Motherboard Computer Chip Computer Computer Equipment Computer Hardware Computer Part Computer Parts Computer Motherboard Microscope Microscopic View Microscope Photo Complexity Intricacy Intricate Computers And Technology Apple Computers Computer Interior Internal View Internal
Night market Chiang Rai Chiang Rai, Thailand Chiangrai Thailand Multi Colored Market Variation Market Stall Bazaar Close-up Textile Design Handmade Handwoven Indigenous Culture Colorful Textile Abundance Little Shoes Cute Shoes Baby Shoes Colorful Shoes For Sale Night Market Items For Sale Choice
Queen's Pagoda Chiang Mai Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Chiangmai Travel Thailand Queens Pagoda Queen's Pagoda Pagoda Temple Travel Destinations Architecture Pagoda Chiang Mai | Thailand Doi InthanonLow Angle View Sky Doiinthanon Doi Inthanon National Park Royal Twin Pagoda Explore Asia Explore Thailand Temple Architecture Spire  Travel Place Of Worship Pointed
Scenics Landscape Water Black Butte Black Butte California Mystical Natural Pool Pool Of Water Tranquility Tranquil Scene Hiking Hikingadventures Outdoors Beauty In Nature Reflection Rocky Landscape Rocky Clear Water Nature No People Green Tint Landscape Photography Dreamscape Mysterious Open
Autumn colors Leaf Growth Plant Green Color Fragility Black Butte Black Butte California Rock And Plant Arrangement Plant And Stone Fuzzy Plant Little Plants Pretty Plant Leaves Autumn Autumn Colors Autumn Leaves Fall Beauty Fall Colors Fall Leaves Orange And Green Red And Green Leaves Decorative Autumn Decor Fall Decor
Black Butte, Ca Rural Scene Landscape Vastness Black Butte Black Butte California Rural Rural House Rural Landscape Rural Life Cliff Cliffside Plateau Open Field Vast Green Tint Grass Grassy Hillside Hill House On A Hill House On The Hill Agriculture Rocky Landscape Rocky Hill Hilltop Hillside
Ominous clouds over Upper Bidwell Park California IPhone Photography IPhone4s Bidwell Park Ominous Ominous Sky Ominous Clouds Golden Field Contrast Dark And Light Cloud - Sky Nature Dramatic Sky Landscape Beauty In Nature Storm Cloud Outdoors Rural Scene
Thai style dance Performance Performing Arts Event Performing Arts Thai Dancing Thai Dancers Thai Dance Thai Dance Costume Multi Colored Festival Performer  Thai Performance Thai Culture Cultural Dance Tradition Thai Tradition Explore Asia Explore Thailand Travel Thailand Thai Festival Night Night Performance Golden Royal Royal Dance Thailand
Hilltribe Culture Indigenous Culture Indigenous People Indigenous Design Handwoven Textile Handwoven Fabric Hand Woven Handwoven Handmade Multi Colored Chiangmai Chiang Mai | Thailand Chiang Mai Thailand Thailand Chiang Mai Working Hilltribe Girl Thailand Hilltribe Making Clothes Skill  Textile Design Textile Fabrics Fabric Explore Asia Explore Thailand