greg sabo

Director of Photography film and digital. Sharing images that my eyes have seen and hands have captured. Visual art is so much fun.
greg sabo
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High angle view of papers in box
Close-up of clothes hanging on metal grate
Rear view of man standing on field against clear blue sky
High angle view of pumpkins for sale at market
Full frame shot of yellow fruits for sale in market
High angle view of pumpkins for sale at market stall
Close-up of shoes on table
Close-up of abandoned vehicle
High angle view of barbecue grill
Full frame shot of firewood
Close-up of man holding hands
Portrait of young man in forest
Portrait of happy friends smiling
Portrait of young man
Close-up of machine part
Full frame shot of garbage
Portrait of man eating food in restaurant
High angle view of dog sleeping on bed
Modern buildings by river against sky in city
Close-up portrait of a cat
Rear view of man standing on field against sky
Cat sleeping in a fence
Close-up of smart phone against white background
Midsection of man working
Midsection of woman holding food at market
Dog in car
High angle view of mushrooms growing on land
Stack of old metal container against brick wall
Close-up of white flowering plants
High angle view of fruits for sale in market
Low angle portrait of man against wall
High angle view of fruits and vegetables at market stall
Midsection of woman using smart phone on table
Friends on bed
Full length of man using mobile phone while sitting in building
Side view of young man holding camera
Close-up of machinery on field
Wooden footbridge against sky during sunset
Side view of woman looking at home
Portrait of a young woman standing against wall
Young man looking at camera
Full length of man sitting on sofa
Midsection of woman standing by wine glass
Young man standing in city
Portrait of happy boy standing on floor at home
Portrait of young man standing on field
High angle view of person preparing food on barbecue grill
Empty chairs and table at home
Stack of books
Bird perching on wooden post
Close-up of pink flowering plant in basket
Close-up of metal structure on field against sky
Close-up of arrow sign on lawn
Close-up of white crocus flower
Tree in field during sunset
Close-up of food on metal
Tractor on agricultural field against sky
Portrait of a smiling young woman standing outdoors
Reflection of man photographing car on side-view mirror
Low angle view of rock formation against sky
Silhouette plants on field against sky during sunset
Low angle view of seagulls flying
Windmills on field against sky
Portrait of young man standing against gray background
Man working on table
Low section of person with dog
Close-up of white flowering plant
Close-up of fresh green plant
Close-up of fish in sea
Full frame shot of pink flowering plants
Close-up of succulent plants
Close-up of parrot in cage
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on flower
Close-up of parrot perching in cage
High angle view of leaves
Close-up of cat
Portrait of young man standing against wall
Close-up of telephone booth on brick wall
Stack of hay bales in row
Young woman sitting in car
Side view of woman on grass against trees
Portrait of young woman
Close-up of kitchen
Close-up high angle view of piano
Close-up of car
Close-up of car
Close-up of ship in boat
Close-up of bare trees against sky during winter
Trees on snow covered landscape
Metallic structure in winter against sky
View of stage in music concert
Close-up of frozen tree against sky
Frozen river amidst bare trees during winter
Close-up of railing against river
Close-up portrait of sunglasses
Portrait of young man standing against white background
Full length of happy woman standing in park
Mid adult man wearing sunglasses against sky
Portrait of woman standing against plants