Giuseppe Lombardo

Giuseppe Lombardo
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Cropped hand of man playing guitar
Midsection of man playing drum
adhesive note
Midsection of man working on table
Midsection of woman painting
Midsection of woman using mobile phone
Close-up of food in plate
Low angle view of flags
Cropped hand holding leaf against sky
food and drink
Cropped hands of person preparing food
Close-up of food on table
Directly above shot of food on table
Midsection of man working in office
Scenic view of sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of road sign
Close-up of breads in basket
Close-up of illuminated candle
Close-up of meat on barbecue grill
Low section of man standing on street
Close-up of sushi on table
food and drink
soft drink
Close-up of drink on table
Midsection of man holding clock on table
Midsection of man playing guitar
Close-up of dices on table
Low section of people working on table
Midsection of businessman working at office
Portrait of young man
Close-up of food on table
Midsection of man holding food
Cropped hand of man preparing food
High angle view of food in plate on table
food and drink
Young man working at office
Rear view of man playing piano
Close-up of food on table
Low angle view of statue against black background
urban area
Close-up of bananas on table
Full frame shot of vegetables for sale at market stall
Close-up of apples
Portrait of young man sitting on table
Portrait of young woman standing against trees
Midsection of man preparing food
one person
Boy using laptop at home
Portrait of young man standing against wall
Portrait of young woman
Midsection of people sitting on street
Rear view of young woman wearing hat
Portrait of young woman looking away
Portrait of young woman sitting on street
one person
Midsection of woman holding drink
Portrait of woman wearing hat
Full frame shot of red flowering plant
Close-up of wineglass on table against black background
High angle view of drink on table
Close-up of meal served on table
Close-up of plant on field
Low section of young woman standing against wall
Portrait of boy standing against sky
Portrait of woman standing against white background
Close-up portrait of boy
Midsection of woman lying down on sofa
Portrait of a young couple
Portrait of young woman with text
Portrait of boy sitting on sofa at home
Rear view of boy looking at camera
Woman sitting on wall
Portrait of teenage boy sitting on table