Gavin Bowyer

I am a creative artist living in the Staffordshire Moorlands, UK. I photograph, draw or paint I have a deep level of attachment to that work
Gavin Bowyer
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multiple image
People on street against buildings in city
Full frame shot of animal eye
Portrait of man with arms raised
High angle view of woman sleeping on bed at home
Portrait of woman relaxing on bed at home
Close-up portrait of woman
Trees growing on field in forest
High angle view of bicycles in market
Close-up of yellow crocus flowers on field
Silhouette trees on field against sky at sunset
Scenic view of agricultural field against sky
Digital composite image of light painting on ceiling
Close-up of frozen bare tree against sky
Low angle view of crane against clear blue sky
Close-up of purple flowering plants on land
High angle view of townscape against orange sky
Group of people sitting on table
Rear view of woman against buildings in city
Low angle view of modern building
Full frame shot of lizard
Full frame shot of shoes
Full frame shot of glass wall in winter
Full frame shot of wet window
Ship in water against sky during foggy weather
Scenic view of water against sky
Trees on field against sky during autumn
Man standing by tree against sky
Scenic view of waterfall in forest
Rear view of silhouette man standing by river in forest
Scenic view of field against sky during sunset
Close-up of vegetables
Close-up of sunflower blooming outdoors
Close-up of spider on web
Scenic view of sea against sky
Panoramic view of landscape against sky
Close-up of mushroom growing in forest
Close-up of jellyfish swimming underwater
Close-up of fish swimming in sea
Crops growing on field against sky
Close-up of hay bales on field against sky
Panoramic view of agricultural field against sky
Close-up portrait of cute girl
Close-up of illuminated lighting equipment
High angle view of crab on sand
Full length of boy with graffiti on wall
Portrait of young woman
Portrait of girl standing outdoors
Close-up of multi colored boy
Close-up of parrot perching in cage
Rear view of a man with umbrella against the background
Close-up of lichen growing on tree trunk
Close-up of rock
Graffiti on landscape against sky
View of building
Close-up of maple leaf during autumn
Close-up of butterfly pollinating on flower
Panoramic view of sky during sunset
Panoramic view of lake against sky
Scenic view of field against sky
Trees in forest
Close-up of crocodile in water
Full frame shot of blue pattern
Close-up of insect on leaf
Close-up of green leaves
Close-up of pink flowers blooming outdoors
Close-up of bee
High angle view of chain on table
Close-up of insect on tree trunk
Low section of woman on tiled floor
Close-up of insect on water
Low angle view of silhouette electricity pylon against sky during sunset
Side view of young woman standing at home
Midsection of man using mobile phone at home
Close-up of man using mobile phone
Close-up of insect on yellow flower
Scenic view of field during winter
Close-up of flower
High angle view of trees and mountains against sky
Young couple sitting on sofa at home
Close-up of lichen on tree trunk
Close up of sunlight
Low section of man holding shoes
Low angle view of modern office building
People in city against sky
Close-up of christmas decoration
Scenic view of mountains against sky
Close-up portrait of snake
Close-up of abandoned building
Low angle view of office building
Panoramic view of motorcycle
Close-up of flower tree
Scenic view of landscape against sky
Scenic view of lake in forest
Low section of woman legs
Full frame shot of red water
Close-up of boy
Close-up portrait of boy
Portrait of girl standing at home
Close-up of beautiful woman