Indra Gunawan


Amateur-Enthusiasts Photographer based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Visit to KL
The Spirit
Mask Dancer
Mini Percussion
Ice Cold Beer
Harley Davidson
Cashier Sign
Red Drink Drink
Mt. Kinabalu
Barrista at VCR
Kuala Lumpur
Olympus Camera
Olympus Camera
Geisha Bride
Gramophone @
Book Shelf
Atiqah Looking
Atiqah Portrait
Smoking Smoking
Failed Hard
Statue God
Angel Beautiful
Horse Trainer
Wei Qi
A Day With
Cat Fight Cat
Chin Swee
Thanka Painter
Rusty Old Gauge
The Chosen One
Yellow Flower
Peeking the
Wei Qi
The Shop Girl
Praying Couple
Stranger at
The Magnificent
Prayer Turtle
Sound Mixer
Masjid Selat
Sunset at KLCC
A Scene at
Red Flower
Kuala Lumpur
The Girl at
Good Morning KL
Balloon Girl
Couple at The
Sunway Putra