crystal | beginnings & endings
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Close-up of berries on tree
Full frame shot of garbage
Low section of person standing on floor
High angle view of eggs in nest
Close-up of two birds
Close-up of duck
Close-up of a bird on field
View of duck eating food
Close-up of a bird on a field
Close-up of a bird drinking water from bowl
Close-up of birds
Close-up high angle view of water
Low angle view of trees in forest against sky
Full frame shot of curtain
Close-up of leaves on plant
Trees in forest
Close-up of hardwood floor
Close-up of hand holding ice cream
Low angle view of skyscraper against clear sky
Close-up of flowers growing on tree
High angle view of railing
Rear view of woman outdoors
Illuminated text on wall
Close-up of curtain
Modern building in city
Trees seen through window
Low section of people on window
Close-up of wood
Illuminated lamp
Trees in forest
Low angle view of flower tree
Man on tree
Full frame shot of stacked stack
Full frame shot of textured wall
High angle view of crab
Full frame shot of brick wall
Illuminated street lights in city at night
View of sky seen through window
Low section of people with umbrella
Low section of man against white background
Cityscape against sky
Portrait of dog
Full frame shot of flower
Low angle view of illuminated light bulb hanging from ceiling
Rear view of friends standing against wall
Low section of woman standing on tiled floor
Reflection of woman on illuminated text
Close-up of camera against black background
Full frame shot of hardwood floor
Trees against sky
Rear view of man walking on illuminated corridor
Full frame shot of black background
Close-up of plants
Full frame shot of plants on field
Full frame shot of shadow
Close up of fabric
Low angle view of tiled floor
Close-up of abstract pattern
Chairs on floor
Cat on floor
Rear view of people at music concert
Close-up of illuminated lamp
View of people in front of built structure against sky
Rear view of man standing on railroad station platform
Close up of curtain
Close-up of text on wall
Close-up of woman's legs
Close-up of text on red wall
Portrait of black dog looking through window
Woman with umbrella on sidewalk in city
Full length of couple standing on footpath
Portrait of young woman sitting outdoors
View of man
High angle view of dog
Close-up of a man
View of corridor
Low section of person standing on shadow
View of brick wall
Information sign on wall
Woman standing in city
People at market stall
Close-up of carving on wall
Close-up of woman
Close-up of swan
Close up of electric lamp
Close-up of mannequin in store
Full length of woman standing in city
Close-up of flowers
Cropped image of hand holding cigarette
Close-up of woman standing in pond
Portrait of young woman
Exterior of house
Low angle view of woman standing against wall
View of building
Low angle view of building
Low section of woman standing on road
Dog sleeping on bed