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Drinking A Latte Green Tea Latte
Showcase: November | Streetphotography
Waiting for my Gelato | Ice Cream Ice-cream Parlour
Ray of Fuschia | Taking Photos On My Way Home Showcase: November
Desks From Above | What A Mess Christmas Decorations Baubles in the making. And don't ask why I have Mrs Potts pot & Chip Tea Cups on My Desk . 😝
EyeEm Nature Lover Pink Roses Flowers Lumia 1020 Praying For Paris Pray For Paris
Let Them Eat Cake | Strawberry & Watermelon Cake Nom Nom Nom
Hot Dogs | Relaxing Sleeping Dog
Summer Views | Heatwave 42 degrees day! Osanpo Camera Sydneylocal Summer
Happy Beaujolais Nouveau Day! Wine Tasting French Beaujolaisnouveau
Empty Streets Monday Morning | Documenting Space | Everybodystreet Showcase: November
Home Made Matcha Affogato | already met my coffee quota so swapped espresso for a shot of matcha. Loving the A2 milk Ice Cream too, so creamy. Green Tea Latte
Self Portrait Dog Lumia 1020 Selfies From Where I Stand Showcase: November
Blackandwhite Streets Of Sydney
Showcase: November | In My Mouf Korean Food Eating Mandoo Dumplings
Survived 42 degrees Summer Heatwave day. Landscape Hanging Out Hello World Relaxing Summer Views Enjoying The View
Documenting Space Streets Of Sydney
EyeEm Nature Lover | Purple Flowers In My Hand | Nature Neighbors Garden
Jacaranda Tree | Osanpo Camera | EyeEm Nature Lover Purple Nature
Comfort Foods | my energy level is so low. Partly it's been an extremely long working week; not to mention I had 5 [necessary] stitches and pain is excruciating. This is my family's comfort food, hoping it will help me lift my spirit a little. Congee Egg Pickles Chinese Food for Sore Head
Christmas Is Coming | Melbourne Cup Street Fashion Showcase: November