I am a photographer based in Germany. I love to do portraits of people and animals and also from time to time landscape/city photography.
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Portrait of woman standing by flowers
Rear view of man standing in city
Rear view of woman with arms raised
Midsection of woman using mobile phone
Midsection of man working at factory
Portrait of woman wearing mask
Scientist holding dentures
Rear view of man working at laboratory
Midsection of female doctor examining chemical in laboratory
Rear view of man working at laboratory
Deck chairs on beach against clear sky
Close-up of food
Close-up of fresh roses in vase on table
Close-up of shoes on wood
Dog on field against sky during sunset
Portrait of dog on grass
Portrait of dog sticking out tongue on grass
Cars on street in city against sky
Close-up portrait of elephant
Low section of person with bird on water
Scenic view of sea against dramatic sky
Reflection of trees in lake against sky
Full frame shot of dandelion
Yellow trees in autumn
Trees in park against sky during autumn
View of autumn trees against cloudy sky
Pine trees in forest
Full length of dog walking on footpath
Close-up portrait of dog
Dog standing outdoors
High angle portrait of dog lying on hardwood floor
Portrait of dog
Close-up of metal
Close-up of dog against gray background
Scenic view of golf course against sky
View of calm lake against mountain range
View of bench at lakeshore against sky
Scenic view of cloudscape against cloudy sky
Close-up portrait of cat
View of birds on field
Full frame shot of stack
View of building against cloudy sky
Close up of objects
Tree stump in front of lake
Rear view of people walking on country road
Rear view of horse standing on grassy field
Animal standing in forest
Horse on field
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up portrait of a dog
Close-up of a dog
Close-up of dog sitting on grass
Dog looking away
Close-up of cat lying on man
Dog on field
Close up of decoration
High angle view of cake on table
Scenic view of lake with mountains in background
Extreme close up of sunglasses
Close-up of horse
Interior of corridor
View of cathedral in city
Close-up of stones
Close-up of insect
Close-up of cat sleeping
Extreme close up of human eye
Panoramic view of city against sky
Close-up of horse outdoors
Close-up portrait of dog
Close-up of multi colored toys
Scenic view of beach against sky