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- My Sister’s Keeper - "Ein Cho Khin’s personal aspirations take a backseat to helping her sister live a better life" Twin sisters Ein Cho Khin and Ein Cho Zin (22) are nearly inseparable, often sitting or standing together, hand in hand Their lives are linked by more than just their shared birthday; Ein Cho Zin was born deaf.  In the city of Mawlamyine, there were no services to support her, and the nearest is 8 hours away in Yangon.  Unable to attend a specialized school to help her learn to read, she relies on her sister for nearly all communication and never leaves the house without her.  While they haven't learned sign language, they have been able to create their own system of gestures and signs to communicate with one another The impact of this on Ein Cho Khin's life is hard to deny.  While she had entertained the idea of university in the past, an illness when she was in Grade 10 left her unable to continue her classes.  Although still young, when it comes to marriage, it's something she's no longer interested in. Holding her sister’s hand, she says, “We will stay together for life" When asked what she would say to Ein Cho Zin if she could hear, she replied that she would ask, "Are you happy?" ***** This image and story are part of the documentary photography project "This Myanmar Life" ***** Myanmar Burma ThisMyanmarLife
Zombie bride meets a little doggy @ Yxefringe
Catching fire with @undeadnewlyweds at Yxefringe
Spent the morning yesterday walking the High Line urban park in NYC. Brilliant idea and great way to reuse a structure instead of demolishing it. Art + nature in an otherwise concrete place Bonus tip: arrive before 8am for better light and to miss the tourist crowds.
Legends all over the world are embracing Doitinadress this month and doing badass stuff in a schoolgirl dress in support of @onegirlorg and their projects helping girls and women in West Africa We Do It in a Dress so a girl in Africa can go to school This photo was taken during our backpacking trek last year in the beautiful Canadian Rockies.
Short but sweet stay in Istanbul. I don't tend to shop much when abroad, but that doesn't stop me from checking things out Mannequins and reflections are a pair of favorites that often catch my eye. Red doesn't hurt either.
It was a massive public holiday when we arrived in Iran a couple of days ago. Black flags flying everywhere around the country The holiday is seen as a day of mourning for Husayn ibn Ali, grandson of Muhammad about 1000 years ago. It's seen as a sacrifice for the Muslim people (Shi'a), and caries on for several days. Down by Tabiat Bridge, there was a live reenactment in the amphitheater of the events, and behind an area where families, friends, and couples were lighting candles. This young man was taking a photo of the tattoo on his wrist with the help of his friend. Despite censorship that prevents access to Facebook, Twitter, and many other websites, many citizens actively circumvent these blocks and access social media to share just like many millions of others around the world.
Fishy market negotiations in Sittwe. Myanmar ThisMyanmarLife Up Close Street Photography
Lines of my life
Josh @joshuabarad repping Courage Wds2015 Pdxart
Heading back to Jordan for the first time in a couple of years in just a few weeks. Honestly, I've barely touched (or even had a chance to look at) my images from that trip. Piles of amazing stories and images though. Gotta get around to sharing...
Two days into an Iran journey, and all can say at the moment is that it's almost certainly nothing like you would expect Tehran is massive, numbering in the 14 million range. Traffic is wall to wall, and the street photography is off the hook More to come (as the crappy internet allows) Tehran
Early 6am rise in Isfahan yesterday to wander around the Nagish-e-Jahan Square. Built in the 17th century and flanked by 2 mosques, a palace, and a bazaar, it's no surprise that's it is a central meeting place for people here Shortly after sunrise, I had the place mostly to myself. A group of ~40 men were doing their daily workout at one end of the fountain, while pairs of women wandered and chatted. I shared tea with a few of the men, and had a lovely conversation with architectural student @_zahra_karimi before I had to run off. The square was one of my favorite places I've experienced so far in Iran . It's has a different feel at each time of the day. Quiet in the morning, while shopping and laughter take over in the afternoon, and wonderfully lit in the evenings. A great place for an evening stroll or for the local kids to ride their bikes In this photo is the Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque whose ceiling was one of my favorite to photograph from the inside Everydayisfahan
Wandering the Flatiron district as the sun starts to creep down in the sky.
Street performance from an obviously dryer day at Yxefringe
Last trip to the lake for the year, and one last dip in the lake As I usually spend my summers in Canada, I try to get out and camp at least a couple of times during the season. This year, I only had a pair of trips, and this last one was pushing it. Some beautiful sunny afternoons were had, but also some chilly nights. Brrr Exploresask Waskesiu
1st night in Cappadocia. Riding high in a balloon tomorrow morning :)
My hot air balloon flight @ Cappadocia lasted more than two hours today, dipping in and out of valleys and canyons along the way. We kissed balloons and picked apples off of trees, proving yet again that yet each and every balloon flight is a unique experience Cappadocia is one of the world's hot air balloon hotspots, and up to 150 balloons rise to the sky nearly every morning, even in winter when temperatures can dip to -25c. The numbers used to be higher even, but the government has recently limited the number to 100 at one time, and 150 max per day A ride in a hot air balloon is no budget affair, with flights typically running $200 for 45min, to $300 for 90min. Still, there are few better ways to see massive sites like Cappadocia, and the birds eye view can often be worth the splurge.
A staff of volunteers cook up food for the less fortunate at the Grand Bazaar in Tehran The occasion was the annual Ashura holiday. It's a day, or actually a series of days, of mourning. Iran Iran4real Everydayiran