I try to do what photography originally means: writing with light
where a new
Rotterdam: the
the beach for
Baltic waves
around the
standing on the
the station
the glass
moved by the
looking to the
walking in the
the World
bringing in a
in the Port of
the gull
what do you
old & new on
having a
The Maritime
a moment of
just a little
the street to
soft sunlight
the boat and
sitting on the
having a rest
the beauty of
city behind the
waiting for
no wind at all
leaving the
just being
old visiting
sky over the
view at Old
it rains a
The Station
the Calypso
for the
the pilot boat
a street of
gentle clouds
sunrise over my
always on the
having a good
the watertaxi
a way through
high above and
stairway to the
walking under
a tranquil
the joy of
resting for a
where clouds
the rain just
the rounded
green and blue
still no rain
walking to the
along a little
all is quiet
the green way
are you looking
what the bridge
The Red Apple
hiding the sun
not changed in
no wind 2018
walking in the
the green lane
the power of
the casino
wooden waste
where land, sea
the movement of
just a street
the sky over
through the
it's behind the
old Dutch
far behind the
towards the
reading the
a view at the
a cliff in
you sometimes
a peaceful sea
all kinds of
a winter walk
no one else
looking over
a tranquil
just having a
a winter walk
just nature