Dom J

Passionate for fireworks. Sony alpha57, oneplus 5T
Dom J
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Close-up portrait of a rabbit on field
Close-up of rooster on field
Goat standing in a zoo
Close-up of a bird
Illuminated bridge in city at night
Low angle view of cherry blossoms in spring
Close-up of purple crocus blooming outdoors
Low angle view of bird perching on tree
Firework display at night
Reflection of illuminated buildings in water
View of river with buildings in background
Fountain in park
Firework display at night
City lit up at night
Low angle view of built structure against clear blue sky
Low angle view of pink flowers
Close-up of yellow rose blooming in garden
View of illuminated built structure at night
View of illuminated city at waterfront
Full frame shot of leaves
Sunset over city
Low angle view of cherry blossoms
Scenic view of calm sea against cloudy sky