Dean Blotto Gray


Burton Principal Photographer capturing snowboarding, skateboarding, environment, people, places.
Hiking and Camping in Vermont | Endless Outdoor opportunities for fun, fitness and sharing good times with Friends Family | Go Camping!
Snow Sports Why not snap a few Polaroids when out on the Mountain slopes, Dannydavis knows how to get it done in between Hiking and Snowboarding laps in Stowe Vermont | Winter Photography Fun
Snow Sports Carving on edge and grabbing rail, Snowboarder Zak Hale loving it on the slopes of Bearmountain California > GoodTimes Snow Mountains
TakeoverMusic Dancehall and Reggae 45's, part of Basementjamz collection of vinyl and cassettes to Entertain our guests and friends Vermont
My Year My View Visiting Japan
Playing pool at the TT Roadhouse in Phoenix Arizona > Good times with Friends from the past and present > Reunion  Weekend
The Drive Things you do in Newzealand 💥💥 Love the side road driving!
Winter Road Tripping Love Snow Winter Snowboarding Mountains Photography
Snow Sports Lodging overnight in the Vermont Mountains > What a good time! Wake up and go Snowboarding ❤❤ > Winter Fireplace StoneHut Stowe
Snow Sports Jussi Oksanen enjoying that fine Canadian powder Canada Snowboarding Mountains Snow GoodTimes
Capture Berlin Portrait of Santigold dancers Desiree and Monica near the Astra Kulturhaus Grafitti Art Respect Berlin
TakeoverMusic An impromptu DJ crew; friends Trevor and Greg joining DJ Will Shott (on left) at the Guccighost launch party in Mexicocity  , singing the song 'Hotline Bling'
Beautifully Organized Snowboards await the winter season > SOON!! > Burtonsnowboards Familytree BLOTTO X BURTON Collaboration
The Drive The 'ol water puddle fun along NZ mountain roads! Newzealand Mountainroads Fun Winter Snowboarding
Snow Sports Snowboarding in Britishcolumbia Canada > Rider Mikey Rencz popping his way thru the trees > Winter Snow
Snow Sports Snowboarding, Paragliding and Filming on the same slopes...Mikkel Bang with a flatland maneuver, Mads Jonsson airs the hip jump while Greg Martin is flown around capturing motion footage, GoodTimes ! Norway Snowboarding Mountains Fun Springtime Paragliding
Snow Sports Hitching a ride down the mountain ! Thank you good friend ! California Snowboarding Mammothmountain GoodTimes
My Year My View Bicycles Summer Fun 2016 Vermont ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Riding the chairlft in Keystone Colorado > Using shadows against the snow on a sunny Winter day > Snowboarding Photography
Dog's Life Brooklyn Guccighost Trap House Troubleandrew Craigwetherby chillin with Beau