Daniel Truta


There's a Spark of Beauty in everything! Light Catcher | Digital Dreamer | iPhone | Romania | IG: dantes1401

Selfie smile... Taking Photos VSCO Cam Outdoor Photography My Favorite Photo Enjoying Life Woman Woman Portrait Self Portrait Selfie ✌ Selfies Outdoors City Cityscapes City Life Beautiful Sunlight Vscocam EyeEm Best Shots Made In Romania Hello World Streetphotography Street Photography
In bloom... Tree Flowers Spring Vscocam Springtime Spring Flowers EyeEm Sunlight Taking Photos Eye4photography  Relaxing Enjoying Life Having Fun Made In Romania EyeEm Best Shots TreePorn Flower Flower Collection Flowerporn My Favorite Photo
Narrow space (this is the narrowest street from Romania, called The Rope Street/Strada Sforii)... Made In Romania Eye4photography  Vscocam Hello World EyeEm Having Fun Taking Photos EyeEm Best Shots Enjoying Life Hanging Out Relaxing Traveling Travel Travel Photography Travel Destinations Travelphotography Traveller My Favorite Photo
Childhood Tales: Drawing lessons... Having Fun ShotOnIphone Relaxing EyeEm Fun IPhone Shotoniphone6splus Taking Photos Playground IPhoneography Enjoying Life Hello World Children Eye4photography  EyeEm Best Shots Vscocam Made In Romania Colors Kindergarten Kinder Children Photography Childhood Hanging Out Kids Having Fun My Favorite Photo
Golden leaves... Taking Photos Vscocam Hello World Made In Romania Enjoying Life Relaxing Eye4photography  Nature Nature_collection Nature Photography Autumn Autumn Colors Autumn Leaves EyeEm EyeEm Best Shots Having Fun Travel Photography Outdoors Traveling Feet Feetselfie Travel Hanging Out My Favorite Photo
Traditional gifts market... Here Belongs To Me IPhoneography Eye4photography  Vscocam EyeEm Taking Photos Traditional Costume Traditional Clothing Traditional Culture Folklore Travel Photography Made In Romania Hello World Enjoying Life Traveling Outdoors Tourists Tourism Travel Shop Shopping ♡ My Favorite Photo
Where's my place? Taking Photos Travel Photography Vscocam Travel Enjoying Life Hello World Made In Romania EyeEm Tourists ShotOnIphone EyeEm Best Shots IPhoneography Hanging Out Tourism Traveling Transportation Train Relaxing Eye4photography  IPhone Shotoniphone6splus My Favorite Photo
Zigzag... The Great Outdoors With Adobe My Favorite Photo Outdoor Photography Hello World Traveling Travel Photography Travel ShotOnIphone IPhoneography VSCO Cam VSCO Made In Romania EyeEm Best Shots Enjoying Life Shotoniphone6splus Vscocam Transportation Train Tracks Trains Train IPhone Eye4photography  Taking Photos Hiking
Low gravity... Kids Having Fun Enjoying Life Having Fun Relaxing IPhoneography Fun ShotOnIphone VSCO Made In Romania Taking Photos Eye4photography  Vscocam Shotoniphone6splus VSCO Cam Sunlight Hanging Out IPhone Streetphotography City Life Cityscape My Favorite Photo The Great Outdoors With Adobe
Bookshelf... Books Taking Photos Vscocam Enjoying Life ShotOnIphone Hello World EyeEm Showing Imperfection Relaxing Made In Romania IPhone Having Fun Library Book Antique Antiquity Telling Stories Differently EyeEm Best Shots Macro Fun Eye4photography  IPhoneography Shotoniphone6splus Museum My Favorite Photo
Different POWs... Having Fun Enjoying Life Fun Eye4photography  Relaxing Outdoors Hanging Out Hello World Vscocam IPhone Taking Photos ShotOnIphone EyeEm Best Shots Shotoniphone6splus IPhoneography EyeEm Feetselfie Feet Autumn Leaves Nature Autumn Colors Children Playground Made In Romania My Favorite Photo
Childhood Tales: Directions... IPhoneography Fun Vscocam ShotOnIphone Eye4photography  Hello World Enjoying Life Relaxing Shotoniphone6splus Children Photography Childhood Children Playground Kinder Kindergarten Taking Photos Made In Romania EyeEm Best Shots EyeEm IPhone Up Close Street Photography My Favorite Photo
ABC... Taking Photos Vscocam Enjoying Life Relaxing EyeEm Hello World Children Childhood Children Photography Eye4photography  Shotoniphone6splus IPhone IPhoneography ShotOnIphone Fun EyeEm Best Shots My Favorite Photo
Nature's greatness... Landscape_Collection Landscape Travel Hiking Hikingadventures Travel Photography Mountain View Tourist Attraction  Eye4photography  Outdoors Taking Photos Vscocam Made In Romania Hello World EyeEm Enjoying Life Mountains Landscapes With WhiteWall Relaxing Nature Adventure EyeEm Best Shots IPhoneography My Favorite Photo The Great Outdoors With Adobe
Stationary... Train Train Station Train Tracks Trains Transportation Outdoor Photography Streetphotography Made In Romania Hello World Traveling Travel Travel Photography Enjoying Life Vscocam Clouds And Sky Taking Photos Eye4photography  Sunlight Relaxing EyeEm My Favorite Photo The Great Outdoors With Adobe
Coffee and panettone... Coffee Coffee Time Panettone Breakfast Morning Vscocam VSCO VSCO Cam Enjoying Life Taking Photos Having Fun Eye4photography  Relaxing Shotoniphone6splus EyeEm Hello World IPhoneography Telling Stories Differently Macro ShotOnIphone Delicious Foodphotography Foodporn My Favorite Breakfast Moment My Favorite Photo
Turkish delights... Food Foodporn Foodphotography Foodie IPhoneography EyeEm ShotOnIphone Eye4photography  Hello World Menu Enjoying Life Vscocam EyeEm Best Shots Relaxing Taking Photos Delicious My Favorite Photo VSCO Cam VSCO
Cigarette break... Travel Photography Travel Train Station Transportation Tourism EyeEm Train Shotoniphone6splus EyeEm Best Shots IPhoneography ShotOnIphone IPhone Fun Taking Photos Vscocam Hello World Made In Romania Enjoying Life Eye4photography  Relaxing Outdoors Traveling Hanging Out Commuting My Favorite Photo
Oddity... Taking Photos Enjoying Life Hello World Vscocam Eye4photography  ShotOnIphone IPhoneography Fun Shadow Relaxing Shadows & Lights Shadows My Favorite Photo
Singing loud... Music Musician Relaxing Eye4photography  Hanging Out Concert Concert Photography Made In Romania Traveling Hello World Enjoying Life Vscocam Travel Photography Taking Photos EyeEm Folklore Traditional Culture Traditional Clothing Traditional Costume Outdoors City Life Cityscape Here Belongs To Me My Favorite Photo
State of mind... Made In Romania Vscocam Enjoying Life Taking Photos Travel EyeEm Hanging Out Relaxing Outdoors Tourism Travel Photography Eye4photography  IPhoneography Hello World Landscapes With WhiteWall Tourist Attraction  Mountains Mountain View Landscape Landscape_Collection Hiking Hikingadventures The KIOMI Collection My Favorite Photo The Great Outdoors With Adobe