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Close-up of statue
Full frame shot of wicker basket
Close-up of hand holding lit candle
Low angle view of a temple
Full frame shot of logs
Low angle view of illuminated street light
Man working in restaurant
Interior of restaurant
Close-up of cactus plant
Close-up of pink succulent plant
Close-up of succulent plant
Close-up of wet plants
Close-up of dry twigs on land
Full frame shot of green leaves
Close-up of rose plant
Full length of man having food in mountains
People crossing road in city
Empty benches and table against mountains
View of building against sky
Statues of building against sky
People on illuminated building in city at night
Footpath amidst palm trees and houses against sky
Close-up of statue against temple
Silhouette trees on field against clear sky during sunset
Close-up of coffee cup on table
Cars on street in city against sky
Cars on road in city against sky
Footpath amidst trees in forest
Footpath amidst houses and building against sky
Woman standing by railing against sky
Low angle view of buildings against sky
Low section of woman holding hands
Group of people in restaurant at night
High angle view of dessert in plate on table
Silhouette trees by lake against sky during sunset
Buildings and houses seen through glass window
Stream flowing through rocks in forest
Stream flowing through rocks in forest
High angle view of food served on table
Close-up of text on glass
Traffic on road at sunset
People at illuminated market stall at night
High angle view of stacked for sale
Low angle view of tree trunk in forest
Cars on road against sky
Scenic view of field against sky
Reflection of building in lake
Street against sky during sunset
View of swimming pool by building against sky
View of flag in city against sky
People on street against buildings in city
Cars on road against sky at sunset
Close-up of person holding camera
Statue against temple against sky

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