I like to capture the essence of nature.
Enjoy The New Normal Night Life 🌛 City Mumbai
Scattered things No People Nature Day Outdoors
By the river Sunset Symmetry
I watched the setting Sun.
Durga pujoe
With a deadly croc beneath you
I see trees of green ;
As She walks
Not from the roots
B lo durga maye ki
Pujor gondho eshe che
As it rained.
A Silent boulevard . Nothing moved.
As the sun played peekaboo.
Boulevard Silence And Dusk Had Fallen Over The Scene.
43 Golden Moments A summer's day.
43 Golden Moments Passed the setting sun.
43 Golden Moments
The golden warmth
Evening River Boat Sky
What a lovely day it was
River . Boatmen. Sunset. My city
Rain cloud. Relief
Incessant rain
Summer clouds
The Essence Of Summer Sizzling
Dusk The Essence Of Summer
The Essence Of Summer First Eyeem Photo