Mira Joshi

London city
Mira Joshi
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View of buildings in city against sky
Building against sky in city
Man lying down on building
Close-up of white rose
Close-up of rose plant
Close-up of rose plant
Low angle view of silhouette buildings against sky during sunset
Close-up portrait of woman
Silhouette man by sea against sky during sunset
Close-up of wilted flower
Close-up of purple flowering plant
High angle view of people riding bicycle on footpath
Blurred motion of people sitting at train
Interior of modern building
Train at railroad station platform
one person
Low angle view of tree and building against sky on sunny day
Close-up of red berries on plant
Rear view of man walking on street in city
Trees growing in forest against bright sun
View of buildings in city
Close-up of wilted flowers
High angle view of plants
Close-up of plants growing on field against sky
People on street in city
Close-up of flowers and plants
Silhouette of tree in city
Close-up of fresh green plant
High angle view of coffee and laptop on table
View of cityscape against cloudy sky
Close-up of plant
Bare trees on landscape against sky during winter
Light trails on road at night
Close-up of rose against sky
Birds flying against sky during sunset
Close-up of flowers growing on tree
City at waterfront
Low angle view of suspension bridge
Cars on wet street in city
Low angle view of cathedral against sky
Buildings in city against sky
Close-up portrait of woman
Close-up of roses
Directly above shot of flower bouquet on table
Close-up of flowers against black background
Woman standing with umbrella
Temple by trees against sky
Low angle view of temple against sky
Low angle view of clock tower against cloudy sky
High angle view of cityscape
Blurred motion of woman walking on street in city
Full length of man standing on road against sky
Group of people sitting in stadium
Man riding bicycle on road against sky
Close-up of insect on plant
Close-up of white flowers against black background
Close-up of rose against black background
Close-up of pink rose against black background
Trees and plants against sky
Close-up of flowers
Close-up of rose
Close-up of leaf
Close-up of white flowers on tree
View of steps in city against clear sky
People on wet road during rainy season
Close-up of insect on purple flower
Close-up of flower blooming outdoors
High angle view of cityscape against sky
Man standing by building against sky
Close-up of pink flowers blooming outdoors
Close-up of water lily blooming outdoors at night
Close-up of plant
People on field against sky
Close-up of insect on tree
High angle view of plant
Close-up high angle view of flower
People walking in city during winter
Text on tree
Close-up of dandelion against blurred background
Low angle view of trees in forest against sky
Close-up of yellow flower blooming on field
Close-up of mid adult woman
High angle view of sand on beach
Chairs and tables on table
People by lake against trees
People on snow covered city against sky
Red door of building
Low angle view of blooming tree
Close-up of red rose
Close-up of yellow flower
Full frame shot of sunflower blooming outdoors