Guillermo Pérez

Photographer and designer based in Barcelona. Instagram: @breezerburn_Twitter: @breezerburn
Guillermo Pérez
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Scenic view of sea against sky
High angle view of piano on table
High angle view of coffee on table
Close-up of baby relaxing on bed
Low angle view of illuminated ceiling in building
Illuminated lamp on table at home
Trees seen through home window
High angle view of rainbow on footpath
Directly above shot of various food
Midsection of man holding fish at market
Buildings in city against sky
High angle view of multi colored fishing net
Fishing boats moored in sea by buildings against sky
High angle view of corn field
Close-up of red flowering plants by land against sky
Close-up of electric lights over black background
Close-up of hand on guitar
Close-up of hand playing guitar
Midsection of man using mobile phone at nightclub
Close-up view of illuminated lights
Staircase in building
Low section of man sitting
Rear view of people sitting in room
Crowd in city
Close up of leaves
Close-up of man hand
Empty chairs in room
Bird flying against clear sky
High angle view of grass
Close-up of bird perching on branch
Full frame shot of leaf
Close-up of wet floor
Dog sitting outdoors
Row of clothes hanging against brick wall
Low angle view of bird on tree against sky
Low angle view of tree against sky
Close-up of multi colored pattern
Close-up of electric lamp
Low angle view of bare tree against cloudy sky
Close-up of bird on water
Man against built structure
Man standing in wet winter
Close-up of graffiti on wall
High angle view of horse against sky
Close up of red light
Low angle view of road sign against sky
View of building
Low angle view of factory against blue sky
Man with umbrella
Defocused image of illuminated lights
Woman on red wall
Rear view of woman using mobile phone
Portrait of smiling girl
Full frame shot of sky at night
Close up of red curtain
Full frame shot of water surface
Portrait of smiling young woman outdoors
Close-up of flowers against blurred background
Close-up portrait of boy
Full frame shot of colorful plant
Close-up of white background
Low section of men standing outdoors
Illuminated lighting equipment at night
Low section of people walking on floor
Scenic view of mountains against blue sky on sunny day
Full frame shot of colorful blinds
Bridge in city against clear sky
High angle view of cityscape against sky
High angle view of buildings in city against sky
Railroad tracks in city
Graffiti on wall
Close-up of stones on stones
Close-up of cross
Close-up of signboard against trees
Low angle view of building against blue sky
View of stone wall
Bird in flight
Pebbles on field
High angle view of golf ball on field
Close-up high angle view of sunlight
Illuminated pedestrian walkway at night
Full frame shot of tiled floor
Detail shot of orange background
Low angle view of street light against blue sky
Scenic view of landscape against clear blue sky
Portrait of cat against clear sky
View of cat on built structure against trees
Full length of woman standing on tree trunk
Trees on hill against sky
Close-up of plants
Cranes at construction site
Close-up of wood
Trees in a lake
Full frame shot of weathered wall
Low angle view of pipes against sky
Close-up of girl
Low angle view of built structure
Text on tree against sky
Full frame shot of building