Guillermo Pérez


Photographer and designer based in Barcelona. Instagram: @breezerburn_Twitter: @breezerburn

Electronic Music Shots Capturing Freedom Color Open Edit Music Crowd People Live Music
Color Open Edit Sky Blue Volumes Architecture Architectural Detail Details Non-places Shopping Mall
Color Open Edit People Music Dance Capturing Freedom Streetphotography Streetphoto_color Sardana Sant Jaume The Sardana is the national dance of Catalonia; people gather in circles holding their hands while the music play.
Soundcheck Monochrome Monochrome_life Blackandwhite Open Edit Music
Just sold another photo 😁!
Coming soon... new project at Blackandwhite Monochrome_life Monochrome Open Edit Light And Shadow Textures And Surfaces Music Stage Contemporary
Open Edit Containers Harbour Sea Color Sky Cranes Meccano
Open Edit Barefoot Color That's Me Relaxing Enjoying Life Having A Beer Capturing Freedom
Throwing our first arrow Open Edit Color Enjoying Life That's Me and My Girl Archery Bow
Open Edit Color Relaxing Enjoying Life Window Sky Mountains
Trash Art Open Edit Blackandwhite Monochrome_life Monochrome Moma
White dog, blue wall Open Edit Streetphoto_color Color Streetphotography Blue
Open Edit Longboard Monochrome Monochrome_life Blackandwhite People Subway Synchronized
Open Edit Ships Containers Harbour Sea Color Seagulls Sky
Barceloneta time Open Edit Color Streetphoto_color Icedcoffee
Open Edit Color Mountains Sky Window On A Train
Accordion Accordionist Music Open Edit Color Lights Stage People Musicians
Capturing Freedom Open Edit Light And Shadow Monochrome Monochrome_life Blackandwhite My Girl Gestures
Open Edit Color Street Fair Streetphoto_color Fluorescent Lights
Open Edit Blackandwhite Monochrome_life Monochrome Light And Shadow Gestures My Girl
Little boxes Open Edit Textures And Surfaces Color Sea Harbour Containers Ships