Boopathi Rajaa


Getting ready
The Bride Focus
The Bride Women
A sign of
The creation of
Celebration of
Celebration of
Under the
Twilight scape!
Zoom Vroom
Rain doesn't
Leading into a
Poison Ivy vs
Flat! Water
A Grey Heron in
A whiskered
Focus! Focus On
As the evening
Indian Gaur
Richness of
Scenics -
A thousand suns
Light show over
Steine - rock
Lights tell you
The serenity of
Cairn! No
The beauty of
The contrast of
Stairs to
Star Trails at
Fly High!
Riding the sun
Stay focussed
On top of the
Indian Gaur
A grey langur
Look me in the
Leave a Trail
A long exposure
Journey of a
Lookout! A lion
Sunset colours
An early riser
Naples and
The Mara Drama!
The iconic
A Grey Heron in
A speckled
A common
A wasp feeding
Happy Diwali -
Diwali aka
Sangu Chakkaram
Stuttgart fall.
The bigger
About to wake
Icebergs in
A 4 minute long
The crash
When the
One of the best
Sunset in East
Icebergs in
When the
Camping under
Star is known
apart from the
Road trip in
Road trip and
The western
In the Streets
By the side of
Passing through
The road to the
When you travel
A Black-headed
The ceiling of
Sunset at
A view from a
The western
A shot at 1 the
A drone shot of