Blanca Martín


Photographer, Community Manager. This is how I see the world through my iPhone. More:
Leave me leaves... a fall(en) life... Nature Outdoors No People Leaf Fragility Autumn Growth Day Backgrounds Beauty In Nature Close-up (null)Monochrome Photography Feelings Empty Places Sadness Leaves Background Solitude Autumn Fall Collection Fall Season Fall Tranquil Scene Silence
No more summer nights Illuminated Night Large Group Of Objects Summer Outdoors Travel Photography Alone Sadness Feelings Solitude Tranquil Scene Autumn Nightphotography Hamaca Leaves Flaneur Empty Places Empty Background Nobody Quiet Quiet Places Silence Silhouette Black
Emerald Spirituality Large Group Of People Arch Architecture Church Building Exterior Façade Cathedral Tourism Bellydance Arabic Medieval Person Dancer Music Streetphotography Woman Streetphoto_color Medievalfair Men Outdoors Documentaryphotography Travel Photography Summer
(Sometimes you just feel) On the edge... Clifs Of Moher , Ennis, Co. Clare (Ireland). September 2015. Feelings Nature Nature_collection Traveling Tranquil Scene Travel Photography Solitude Sadness Loneliness Landscape Seascape Cliffs Cliffside Standing Alone Horizon Over Water Monochrome Photography Sea Seaside Outdoors Documentaryphotography Tourism Ireland
Catch my dreams with your eyes... Dreamcatcher Dreams Night Eyes Conceptual Abstract Feather  Feelings Home Is Where The Art Is
Sepia Food Cuttlefish BBQ Night Nightphotography Dinner Mediterranean  Summer Fire Background Light Texture Glow Abstract Bright Shine Orange Lifestyle Home Is Where The Art Is Outdoors Monochrome Summertime Cooking Backlight And Shadows Backlight
Dolce far niente Dolcefarniente  Portrait Selfportrait Summer Summertime Garden Woman Face Pearcing Glasses Relaxing Relax Relaxation Calm Happy Blackandwhite Monochrome Blackandwhite Photography People Girl Outdoors Home Is Where The Art Is
Untitled Panoramic MedievalTown Medieval Walls Stone Girl Outdoors History Travel Photography Landscape Summer Traveling Heritage Architecture City People Flaneur Culture Cityscapes Panorama Monochrome Photography
Nice, Bagdad, Brussels, Istanbul, Paris, Syria... No matter where, no matter who... STOP violence, hate, fear & hold my hand. #stopterrorism
Volverán las oscuras golondrinas... Streetphotography People City Shadow Shadows And Backlighting Backlight Cityscapes Urban Landscape Urban Urbanphotography Streetphoto Streetphoto_color Street Lines Diagonal Background Ground Road Flaneur Poetry Literature Culture Walking Walk Feet
In&out. Up&Down. Dualities. Architecture Streetphotography People City Cityscapes City Life Elevators Glass Cristal Building Modern Urban Urban Landscape Urbanphotography Street Photography Street Abstract Background Blue Inside Duality Colour Of Life
Evasione Travel Travel Photography Traveling Ruins Forum Italy Vesuvius  Moments Outdoors Summer People Architecture Past History Art Roman Streetphotography Heritage Landscape Cityscapes City Stone Arch Monochrome Photography
Aisling Glas - Green Dreams Nature Green Summer Person Hand Woman Outdoors Forest Travel Photography Traveling Travel Irish Moments Feelings Freshness
Serenity Selfportrait Monochrome Expressions Blackandwhite Feelings Woman Portrait Serenity
Divinities. Litha/ San Juan/ Bonfire night rituals Cernunnos Dana  Bones Skull Horns Horned Litha Pagan Paganism Ritual Bonfire Rituals & Cultural Night Nightphotography Midsummer Shadows Summer Folklore
Litha/ San Juan/ Bonfire night rituals People Midsummer Summer Nightphotography Lights Fire Night Rituals & Cultural Smoke Bonfire Ritual Pagan Paganism Litha
Litha/ San Juan/ Bonfire night rituals Folklore Paganism Litha Pagan Bonfire Ritual Rituals & Cultural Night Fire Lights Nightphotography Summer Midsummer Silhouette People Smoke
Litha/ San Juan/ Bonfire night rituals Midsummer Summer Nightphotography Lights Torches Fire Night Rituals & Cultural Ritual Bonfire Pagan Litha Paganism Folklore
Litha/ San Juan/ Bonfire night rituals Catharsis Folklore Paganism Pagan Fire Litha Bonfire Rituals & Cultural Ritual Night Lights Nightphotography People Silhouette Summer Midsummer
Unveiled Conceptual Feelings Selfportrait Catharsis Stillife
Uncrosed lines Night Nightphotography Diagonals Lights City Urbanphotography Architecture Geometry Conceptual Colour Of Life
Bacanal Streetphotography Flaneur Sunset Night Blue Silhouette People Sublime City Life
Last call People Silhouette Sublime Night Feelings Sunset Sunlight Flaneur Streetphotography Blue Colour Of Life
Growing dark Streetphotography Flaneur Sunlight Sunset Feelings Night Sublime Silhouette People
Photosynthesis Relaxing Blackandwhite Monochrome Feelings Spring Flaneur Streetphotography Streetphoto_bw Park Botanical Gardens Park Life Sunlight Monochrome Photography
Rage Feelings Solitude Blackandwhite Monochrome Expressions Selfportrait Portraits Angry Scream Rage Catharsis Monochrome Photography
In between Natural Nature Trees Snow Winter Winter Wonderland Snowing Flaneur Wintertime Feelings Spring Almond Blossom Cold Flowers WhiteCollection
Magic circle Incense Magical Magic Goddess Natural Fire Match Witchcraft  Circle Stillife Night Paganism
Late winter... Desires Snowing Snow Nightphotography Night Solitude Flaneur Movement Feelings Trees Nature Sublime Winter Wintertime Winter Wonderland
Noches en las que necesitas irte lejos, muy lejos, y soñar... Recuerdos de un inicio del viaje que despertaría a mi "nuevo" yo... There are some nights in which you really need to fly so far away, dreaming... Memories from the beggining of the trip which awoke my "new" self... Journey Airport Travel Photography Feelings Architecture Flaneur Wanderer Solitude Movement
Duality Selfportrait Feelings Expressions Blackandwhite Monochrome Portraits
Espadaña (Bel gable) Art Architecture Flaneur Cityscapes Stones Clouds
Tales from the past Museum Life Church Flaneur Art Medieval Live To Learn Colour Of Life
Watching over Monochrome Blackandwhite Flaneur Summer Cityscapes Streetphoto
Dream on Blackandwhite Monochrome Selfportrait Insomnia Portraits
Family scene Summer BBQ Silhouette Flaneur Nightphotography Summer Views Colour Of Life
Half note Trees Monochrome Blackandwhite Silhouette Flaneur Cityscapes Shades Of Grey Monochrome Photography
Shades of green Trees Forest Nature Landscape Green
Wanderer. An empty path (but still a long way to go) Landscape Nature Woods Sublime Forest Trees Wanderer
Enchanted Forest Trees Woods Nature Landscape Summer Sublime
Ghost Nature Woods Trees Blackandwhite Monochrome
Knot Trees Woods Nature Knot
Into the woods Summer Landscape Nature Woods Wanderer Trees
Summer walk Bridge Woods Nature Landscape Summer
Old ways Prehistoric Celts Stones Nature Wanderer Flaneur Silhouette Blue Landscape
Parece mentira que, a pesar de todo, de vez en cuando aún me sorprenda echándote de menos... Blackandwhite Monochrome Wanderer Nature
New things Childhood Twins Streetphoto Summer Flaneur Blackandwhite Monochrome Live To Learn Monochrome Photography
Always together Flaneur Summer Streetphoto Twins Childhood
There's a fire starting in my heart Nightphotography Sunset Silhouette Flaneur Cityscapes
Double Rainbow Summer Clouds Rainy Days Storm
Coldness Blackandwhite Monochrome Flaneur Solitude Storm Approaching Parklife
Ahead Movement Monochrome Blackandwhite Selfportrait
"Dance Raketon Here" Flaneur Streetphoto Nightphotography Movement
Breathe Monochrome Flaneur Summer Silhouette
Arch Abandoned Flaneur Monochrome Blackandwhite
Untitled Flaneur Abandoned Streetphoto Solitude
Undeath Abandoned Flaneur Swimming Pool Streetphoto
Health service Flaneur Blackandwhite Monochrome Abandoned
A quiet night Nightphotography Flaneur Streetphoto Cityscapes
A summer night Streetphoto Flaneur Nightphotography Solitude
Blue Water Summer Abstract
Framed Monochrome Selfportrait Blackandwhite Eyes
Ausencias. Gritos en el vacío. Blackandwhite Selfportrait Monochrome Solitude
Ausencias. Peleando con las sábanas. --- Absences. Fighting with sheets. Blackandwhite Monochrome Insomnia Selfportrait
Ausencias. El principio del fin. ---- Absences. The beggining of the end. Blackandwhite Monochrome Selfpotrait Portraits
Path Wanderer Countryside Nature Wood
Being rooted Blackandwhite Monochrome Abstract Roots
Wanderer: "There is no easy way from the earth to the stars" Seneca. Sublime Blackandwhite Landscape Wanderer
Isolation Clouds Flaneur Sublime Storm Approaching
Yesterday... Streetphoto Flaneur Sunset Clouds
Y juntos alcanzar lo inalcanzable... Flaneur Streetphoto Parklife People Watching
Wanderer: King of the World Landscape Sublime Countryside Flaneur Colour Of Life
Untitled Blackandwhite Monochrome Architecture Stairs
Freedom Monochrome Flaneur Blackandwhite Window Monochrome Photography
Lost Landscape Solitude Road Monochrome Monochrome Photography
Connect Sunset Silhouette Landscape Melancholy
Wanderer: Farewell Sublime Landscape Solitude Sunset Colour Of Life
Wanderer: alive Clouds Landscape Sublime Silhouette
Wanderer: Memories Landscape Solitude Melancholy Introspection
Green fields Landscape Solitude Flaneur Clouds Colour Of Life
Long way back home Monochrome Solitude Road Landscape
Nowhere like home Melancholy Flaneur Monochrome Solitude
Tears Abstract Clouds Raindrops Melancholy
Inside out Traveling Melancholy Landscape Introspection
Untitled Flaneur Train Traveling Movement
Don't look back Monochrome Melancholy Selfportrait Introspection
Untitled Flaneur Architecture Lines Monochrome
Nowhere Lines Architecture Flaneur Streetphoto
Onirical Flaneur Architecture Abstract Lines
Storyteller Flaneur Streetphoto Cityscapes Riverside
Sublime: stormborn Flaneur Landscape Sublime People Watching
Silvered Architecture Curves Volumes Art
Golden Architecture Curves Volumes Art
Still Architecture Museumlife Curves Flaneur
Untitled Architecture Lines Monochrome Abstract Monochrome Photography
Silence Architecture Museumlife Emptiness Melancholy
Up Lines Architecture Art Volumes
Diagonal Museumlife Architecture Lines Art
Tiny Architecture Solitude Museumlife Curves
Curves Blackandwhite Monochrome Architecture Ceiling