Nature, street photo, architecture and macro flowers. Mostly in b/w.
Long way to go Water Sky Nature Wood - Material Tranquil Scene The Way Forward Outdoors Footpath Pier Scenics - Nature Boardwalk vanishing point
Cat tails by the lake Bw_ Collection Bw_lovers Reflection Beauty In Nature Tranquil Scene Cattail Outdoors
Stairway to heaven Staircase Low Angle View Architecture Stairway Blackandwhite Stairway To Heaven MADE IN SWEDEN
Prague Namesti Republiky Tram Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite Prague Prague 2017 Public Transportation Prague Old Town Prague Czech Republic
The open-air swimming-baths Architecture Building Exterior Calmwater Summertime Blackandwhite Open-Air Swimming Bath Architecturelovers Architecture_bw
An Olloclip Macro Plum Flower Close-up Bw_collection Macro_flower Macro_collection Bw_flower MADE IN SWEDEN
In the port of Helsingborg No People Waterfront Bw_collection Calmwater MADE IN SWEDEN Edge Of The World
We grow up together Macro_flower Macro_collection Bw_flower White Flower Bw_nature Bw_collection
Foggy days in November Calmwater Bw_nature Foggy Day Misty Morning Showcase: November
Destination unknown Minimalism MADE IN SWEDEN Calmwater Foggy Day Bw_nature
I like all those misty days when nature changes its shape Calmwater Foggy Day MADE IN SWEDEN Minimalism Misty Morning
Sky meets water Calmwater MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_nature Lost In The Landscape
Trees in Nyckelviken MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_nature Tree_collection  Bw_trees Water Reflection Reflection
Misty mornings MADE IN SWEDEN Calmwater Bw_nature Foggy Morning Misty Morning
Walking and wondering Streetphoto_bw Mobilephotography Gamla Stan Stockholm MADE IN SWEDEN
Summertime and the livin' is easy🎵 MADE IN SWEDEN Streetphoto_bw Stockholm Summertime
In the pine forest MADE IN SWEDEN Mobilephotography Bw_collection Bw_trees Tree_collection
Sunset bathers MADE IN SWEDEN Mobilephotography Varberg Bw_collection
Walking in the streets of Stockholm Streetphoto Streetphoto_bw MADE IN SWEDEN Stockholm
From my point of view Blackandwhite Calmwater Mobilephotography
In the streets of Prague Blackandwhite Streetphoto_bw Czech Republic Mobilephotography
In the streets of Prague Streetphoto_bw Streetphoto Blackandwhite
Close to the bridge Karluvmost Prague Czech Republic Blackandwhite Streetphoto Charles Bridge
Mustek station Prague Metro Vanishing Point Blackandwhite
Street photography in Prague Streetphoto_bw Mobilephotography Blackandwhite Prague
Street musician in Prague Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite
They are waiting for you Bikesaroundtheworld Bikes Blackandwhite Bw_collection
Network Blackandwhite Bw_trees Tree_collection  Bw_nature Tree And Sky
Visby Architecture_bw Bw_collection Blackandwhite SWEDEN_bw
Walking on cobbled roads MADE IN SWEDEN Architecture_bw Visby
Bw_flower Mobilephotography Bw_collection White Roses
To all dear followers, have a nice weekend!☀️ Bw_nature Blackandwhite Nature_collection Bw_flower
Gotland - a cloudy day with the Baltic Sea in the background Mobilephotography Bw_nature MADE IN SWEDEN
Between the trees Bw_nature MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_trees Tree_collection
Fårö, Gotland, Sweden Blackandwhite MADE IN SWEDEN Gotland Gone Fishing Bw_nature
Walking and wondering MADE IN SWEDEN Hoburgen Gotland Blackandwhite Bw_collection
Fårö, Gotland, Sweden Nature_collection Gotland MADE IN SWEDEN Gone Fishing
Northen Gotland, Sweden Nature_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Landscape_Collection Gotland Edge Of The World
Architecture_bw SWEDEN_bw Bw_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Visby
Walking and wondering Bw_collection SWEDEN_bw Architecture_bw Visby
Close to the coastline MADE IN SWEDEN Blackandwhite Bw_nature Bw_collection
Lines Blackandwhite MADE IN SWEDEN SWEDEN_bw Shootermag
Cloudy days by the lake SWEDEN_bw Blackandwhite MADE IN SWEDEN
Architecture Architecture_bw Architecture_collection Architecturelovers Modern Architecture SWEDEN_bw
Blackandwhite MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_collection Mobilephotography Lookingdown SWEDEN_bw
Lonely bench by the lake Calmwater Nature_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Lake View Blackandwhite Bw_nature
Foggy days by the lake Fog Over Water Foggy Morning Calmwater Stockholm Archipelago Just Around The Corner
Days by the lake MADE IN SWEDEN Calmwater Foggy Morning Fog Over Water Stockholm Archipelago My Best Photo 2015
Thinking Norwegian Forest Cat Mycat Cat Watching Cats Of EyeEm
The lonely tree Living On Borrowed Time Bw_trees Tree_collection  Winter Trees Tree And Sky
Line-up MADE IN SWEDEN Tree_collection  Winter Trees Landscape_Collection
Early morning Bw_collection Tree_collection  MADE IN SWEDEN Blackandwhite
Olloclip macro flower Bw_collection Macro_collection Macro_flower Bw_macro Olloclip_macro
Congrats to all winners and honorable mentions at the Mobile Photography Awards 2014! Mobile Photography Awards
Dreaming Bw_cats Cats Norwegian Forest Cat Closeup
The birds Mobilephotography Bw_collection Bw_trees Tree_collection  Winter Trees
Kattegatt MADE IN SWEDEN Mobilephotography Kattegatt Landscape_Collection Lost In The Landscape
Days by the lake MADE IN SWEDEN Mobilephotography Calmwater Shootermag
Here is my own favorites of 2014. Share yours too? My Favorites Of 2014 MADE IN SWEDEN Mobilephotography
Bw_trees Tree_collection  Foggy Morning MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_collection Blackandwhite
Bw_trees Foggy Morning Noedit Tree_collection  Winter Trees
Winter harbour Fog Over Water Calmwater MADE IN SWEDEN Foggy Morning Stockholm Archipelago
Foggy days Fog Over Water Tree_collection  Calmwater Bw_trees
The last leafs MADE IN SWEDEN Shootermag Autumn Colors Autumn
The portal MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_collection Mobilephotography Just Around The Corner
The buoy MADE IN SWEDEN Fog Over Water Buoy Foggy Morning
Trees Bw_trees Bw_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Foggy Morning Shootermag Tree_collection
The road to nowhere Blackandwhite Mobilephotography MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_collection Vanishing Point
Fog Over Water Calmwater Nature_collection Stockholm Archipelago The KIOMI Collection
Foggy days Foggy Morning Calmwater Fog Over Water Landscape_Collection
The lake Foggy Morning Calmwater Stockholm Archipelago Blackandwhite
Mobilephotography Blackandwhite MADE IN SWEDEN Bw_collection
Waiting MADE IN SWEDEN Autumn Fall Beauty Autumn Colors
Autumn morning by the lake Foggy Morning Autumn Calmwater MADE IN SWEDEN
Autumn road MADE IN SWEDEN Nature_collection Foggy Morning Autumn Just Around The Corner
In the Old Town of Stockholm Mobilephotography Gamlastan Streetphoto_bw Discover Your City
May I introduce Morris the Cat, 10 years old this week. 50% Norwegian Forest Cat and loves to be outdoor, even during cold winter nights. Norwegian Forest Cat Bw_cats
This is one of the alleys in the Old Town, Stockholm. Streetphoto_bw MADE IN SWEDEN Street Photography The Street Photographer - 2015 EyeEm Awards
In the alleys of the Old Town MADE IN SWEDEN Streetphoto_bw Urban Geometry Blackandwhite
Typha latifolia MADE IN SWEDEN Nature_collection Bw_collection The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
A swim in October Calmwater Fog Over Water Nature_collection MADE IN SWEDEN The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
September morning fog MADE IN SWEDEN Calmwater The Calmness Within The Great Outdoors - 2015 EyeEm Awards
Fog over calm waters Shootermag Nature_collection Fog Over Water MADE IN SWEDEN The Five Senses
Ready for a swim in the fog? Calmwater Fog Over Water Stockholm Archipelago MADE IN SWEDEN
September morning fog Noedit Fog Over Water Stockholm Archipelago Melancholic Landscapes
Sunset on the West Coast Mobilephotography Sky Collection Noedit
At last, here is my contribution to the Letterselfie album. The album is created by @instantvuka Typography Letters Architectural Detail Alphabetography
Mobilephotography Supernormal Macro_bugs Bw_flower
Re-edit of my own favorite picture, published on EyeEm in July 2012. MADE IN SWEDEN Silhouettes Streetphoto_bw Blackandwhite
Mission Mystery Silhouettes MADE IN SWEDEN Totally Worth It
Mission Mystery EyeEm Bnw Silhouettes Architectural Detail The Street Photographer - 2015 EyeEm Awards
In the harbour Architecture_bw Bw_collection MADE IN SWEDEN Shootermag
Shootermag MADE IN SWEDEN Architecture_bw Architectural Detail
VG40 Buying A Yacht EyeEm Bnw MADE IN SWEDEN Shootermag
Before the rain MADE IN SWEDEN Shootermag Sky_ Collection EyeEm Bnw The KIOMI Collection
MADE IN SWEDEN Architecture Bw_collection Architecture_bw
Early morning MADE IN SWEDEN Architectural Detail Shootermag EyeEm Bnw
Passing by Supernormal Shootermag Minimal Streetphotos MADE IN SWEDEN
Houses MADE IN SWEDEN Architecture Architectural Detail Urban Geometry
Summer evening MADE IN SWEDEN EyeEm Bnw Bw_collection