Shi Yali


I'm an independent photographer in Taiwan. All images are my original work. For more please visit
A modern stove made from stainless steel with oven compartment Household Equipment Equipment Kitchen Appliance Stove Oven Kitchen Stove Stainless Steel  Modern Equipment Dials Thermostat Cooking Device Cooking Baking
Container and gantry cranes at a busy freight port Transportation Cargo Freight Transportation Logistics Port Harbor Container Crane Gantry Cranes Rails Steel Structure  Steel Cables Cabin Operator Equipment Loading Dock Unloading Trade Commerce
A hearty noodle soup with braised beef and an egg, a popular dish in Taiwan. Food Bowl Asian Food Soup Chinese Food Noodle Soup Soup Bowl Beef Noodles Braised Beef Noodle Soup Braised Beef Boiled Egg Chinese Food Taiwan Food Soup Spoon
Deep fried cookies sprinkled with seaweed, a local snack in Taiwan. Food Cookies Deep Fried  Chinese Food Taiwan Food Snack Seaweed Market Stall Laver Vendor Twisted Braided Crisp Crunchy
Small fishing boats tied up in port by night Nautical Vessel In A Row Transportation Mode Of Transportation Fishing Boats Fishing Harbor Port Night Photography Evening Water Reflection Outboard Motor
Closeup view of delicious beef noodles soup with a boiled egg Ready-to-eat Food Soup Bowl Asian Food Noodle Soup Chinese Food Beef Noodles Braised Beef Braised Beef Noodle Soup Taiwan Food Beef Broth Fresh Noodles Boiled Egg Cuisine Close-up
Mechanical arm of an industrial robot automation tool Technology Equipment Industry Engineering Industrial Robot Automation Manufacturing Equipment Industrial Tool Machinery Manufacturing Factory Electronics Industry Robot Arm
Large industrial air conditioning unit Air Conditioner Pipes Tubes Cooling System Industrial Air Conditioning Cooling  Exhaust Electric Fan Ladder Air Circulation Air Filter Climate Control
A row of security cameras keeps a watchful eye Security Camera Technology Security Surveillance Security System Monitoring Safety Observing Optics Video Camera Cctv Camera Cctv CCTV Security Monochrome
Large industrial wire brush attachment with steel bristles Wire Brush Circle Metal Wheel Technology Steel Work Tool Industrial Tool Bristles Disk Attachment Carbon Steel Crimped Deburr
Fresh croissants in a tray Baked Croissant Bread Freshness French Food Brown Basket Bun Snack Ready-to-eat Bakery Oven Fresh Delicious Food
A tray with freshly baked bread buns Baked Bread Freshness Bakery Croissant Ready-to-eat In A Row Tray Bread Bun Buns Crisp Golden Brown Freshly Baked Wooden Tray
Freshly baked French bread loaves Bread Bakery Fresh Food Crust Crusty Bread Crisp Artisan Bread French Bread Golden Brown White Bread Staple Food Nutrition Loaf Of Bread Baked Focus On Foreground Carbohydrate - Food Type Still Life Freshness
A team pot with red and yellow peppers Food Vegetable Healthy Eating Bell Pepper Vegetarian Food High Angle View Yellow Red Pepper Freshness Steam Pot Steamer Healthy Cooking Stainless Steel
Red and yellow hand wheels for industrial valves Plastic Blue Background Hand Wheel Handle Actuator Industrial Valve Valve TORQUE Industrial Tool Equipment Metal Iron Silver Colored Focus On Foreground
Large rusty industrial buoy anchor with barnacles Rusty Metal Sky Obsolete Iron - Metal Weathered Old Anchor Corrosion Barnacles Maritime Harbor Port Pier Docks
Large vintage mooring buoys Buoy Mooring Buoy Navigation Maritime Iron Metal Heavy Rusty Corrosion Blue Sky Hollow Flotation Device
A street vendor in Taiwan cooks deep fried churros Food Street Food Preparing Food Taiwan Street Food Taiwan Cuisine Churros Fritters Deep-fried Sweet Food Pastry Fried Dough Street Vendor Breaded Unhealthy Eating
Large yellow steel cable winch Yellow Industry Technology Steel Cable Winch Industrial Winch Crane - Construction Machinery Cable Drum Industrial Equipment Twisted Iron Metal Steel Lifting Equipment
Traditional black haired pig carcass is ready for barbecue Food Meat Animal Whole Pig BBQ Whole Pig Carcass Black Pig  Taiwan Indigenous Food Spit Roast Raw Food Raw Meat   Barbecue
Chinese red dates or dried jujube are a popular medicinal food in Taiwan. Food Dried Fruit Dried Food Sweet Food Chinese Date Dried Jujube Chinese Red Dates Medicinal Food Tonic Nutrition Healthy Eating Red Color Market Stall
Baking tray with dish that includes shrimp, crab meat, cheese and broccoli. Food Freshness Healthy Eating Broccoli Seafood Japanese Food Chinese Food Baking Tray Raw Food Shrimp Crab Meat Cheese Slices Ready To Cook Cuisine
A flower arrangement with chrysanthemums illuminated by sunlight Flowering Plant Flower Plant Yellow Petal Flower Head Focus On Foreground Flower Arrangement Bouquet Purple Chrysanthemum Backlight Sunlight Flower Vase Inflorescence Translucent _Petals Translucent
A bamboo steamer with Chinese steamed buns stuffed with meat Chinese Food Steamed Buns Baozi Bamboo Steamer Hot Food Ready To Eat Stuffing - Food Street Food Fresh Food Traditional Food Dough Shape Yeast Dough
Pressed tofu cooked in spicy sauce with basil Ready-to-eat Food Cooked Food Tofu Dried Tofu Taiwan Food Taiwan Street Food Street Food Spicy Sauce Soy Sauce Chili Pepper Basil Chinese Food
Steamed corn on the cob with husks at an outdoor market in Taiwan Food Vegetable Yellow Corn Corn On The Cob Steamed Corn Street Food Steamer Market Stall Taiwan Food Corn Husk Organic Food Vegetarian Food Healthy Eating
Freshly baked Taiwan style croissants Food Freshness Sweet Food Baked Snack Ready-to-eat Croissant Bakery Baking Taiwan Food Street Food Market Stall Crisp Golden Color Curved  Baked Goods
Fermented smelly tofu with pickled cabbage and spicy sauce. Food Ready-to-eat Focus On Foreground Stinky Tofu Fermented Tofu Smelly Tofu Beancurd Pickled Vegetables Pickled Cabbage Hot Sauce Spicy Sauce Taiwanese Food Street Food Skewers
Donuts frosted with sugar glaze are sold at a local market. Food Freshness Sweet Food Indulgence Baked Snack Donuts SUGAR GLAZED Frosted Market Stall Dessert
Baskets with fresh prawns at the local fishing port Basket Market Food Prawn Shrimps Seafood Fishery  Fish Market Fishing Port Taiwan Aquaculture Aquatic Fresh Seafood Fresh Prawns Raw Food
Fresh oven baked buns with stuffing, Taiwan street food. Food Bread Freshness Ready-to-eat Baked Bun Snack Brown Bakery Oven Baked Taiwan Street Food Street Food Crust Crisp Oven Fresh Closeup Focus On Foreground
A market stall sells fresh baby corn and red ripe tomatoes Food Green Color Vegetable Market Basket Market Stall Baby Corn Corn Husks Organic Agriculture Nutrition Healthy Eating Tomatoes Ripe Produce
Purple sweet potatoes in a bamboo steamer Food Healthy Eating Freshness Vegetable Sweet Potato Root Vegetable Purple Tuber Yams Steamed Food Bamboo Steamer Chinese Food Taiwan Food
Traditional Taiwan food, ox tongue biscuits. The name is given for the shape not the ingredient. Food Baked Snack Tray Biscuits Cookies Taiwan Food Traditional Food Dessert Freshness Crisp Sweet Food Oven Fresh
Big white Chinese radishes or daikon are popular ingredient in Taiwan cooking Vegetable Healthy Eating Raw Food Root Vegetable Market Organic White Radish Chinese Radish Daikon Radish Daikon Agriculture
A market vendor sells fresh Korean Kimchi with chili powder Food Freshness Spice Kimchi Korean Food Pickled Vegetables Spicy Food Chili Peppers Chili  Scoop Red Color Ingredient Cuisine
Fresh organic corn on the cob for sale at a local market Food Vegetable Freshness Sweetcorn Raw Food Corn On The Cob Market Yellow Organic Ripe Husks Maize Corn Green Color
Illuminated carousel or merry-go-round with motion blur at night Illuminated Amusement Park Amusement Park Ride Night Leisure Activity Blurred Motion Long Exposure Carousel Spinning Speed Light Merry-go-round People Silhouette
Fresh rosella or hibiscus flowers are sold at the market. They are used to make a refreshing drink. Red Food Freshness Market For Sale Fruit Roselle Fruit Hibiscus 🌺 Sour Taste Herbs Organic Food Natural Food Rosella Flower
A stall makes red bean cakes, a popular snack in Taiwan originally from Japan. Food Freshness In A Row Sweet Food Dessert Red Bean Paste Red Bean Cake Pastry Japanese Food Taiwanese Food Cake Batter Bean Paste
Delicious fresh hand-made burger with cheese, fried egg and lettuce Burger Ready-to-eat Food Bread Hamburger Bun Meat Take Out Food Melted Cheese Fried Egg Fast Food Freshly Made Lettuce Cuisine American Food
Red bean cakes, a sweet food from Japan, are popular snack in Taiwan Food In A Row Baked Snack Red Bean Cake Red Bean Paste Sweet Food Treat Azuki Beans Cake Batter Japanese Food Imagawayaki
Kaohsiung port after sunset at dusk Water Sky Sunset Waterfront Port Outdoors Transportation Harbor Logistics Blue Hour Dusk Reflection Cranes Harbor Cranes Pier Kaohsiung Harbor Taiwan
Braised beef with fresh cucumbers and spring onions and sweet bean sauce wrapped in pancake. Plate Food Ready-to-eat Asian Food Burrito Chinese Food Beef Braised In Soy Sauce Beef Slices Spring Onions Sweet Bean Paste Wrapped Food Beef Burrito Chives Scallion Pancake
Japanese miso ramen noodle soup. Japanese food is becoming more and more popular in Taiwan. Food And Drink Soup Bowl Japanese Food High Angle View Noodle Soup Tray Asian Food Miso Ramen Miso Soup Seaweed Ramen Noodles Fish Sausage
A small mobile butcher shop sells pork at a market Meat Raw Food Market Retail  Freshness Hanging Market Stall Pork Butcher Fresh Meat Pork Chops Taiwan Local Market Pork Trotter Pork Intestine
Rebar steel poles with yellow plastic safety caps Selective Focus Yellow Rebar Steel Girders Construction Steel Bar Twisted Steel Construction Site Safety Caps Plastic Cap Construction Industry
Conceptual image of time and busy lifestyle with large clocks Clock Time Glass - Material Minute Hand Circle Geometric Shape Instrument Of Time Transparent Hour Hand Clock Face Wall Clock Conceptual Image Busy Life Stress Time Pressure Hectic
Freshly chopped chives or scallions dry in the sun. Vegetable Basket Market Green Color Chives Scallion Shallot Spring Onion Chinese Onion Chopped Drying In The Sun Bamboo Tray Food Ingredient
Large scale industrial air conditioning unit Air Cooling Ladder Perspective Railing Air-conditioner Climate Control Cooling Tower Industrial Equipment Vent Ventilation
Large ceramic insulators for high voltage power lines High Voltage Porcelain  Ceramic Glaze Ceramic Insulator Electricity  Equipment Fragile Industry Insulators Machine Part Power Industry Power Supply Technology
View of Kaohsiung Container Port Container Crane Container Port Gantry Cranes Harbor Kaohsiung Harbor Logistics Silhouette Transportation Lens Flare Ocean Port Reflections In The Water Sun Waterfront
An old vintage sewing machine that is no longer functional Corrosion Obsolete Wheel Antique Equipment Green Color Iron - Metal Machinery Patina Rusty Sewing Machine Sewing Needle Technology Weathered
Fresh lobsters for sale at the Kaohsiung night market Aquatic Lobster On Ice SHELLFISH  Animal Crustacean Delicacy Freshness Gourmet Food Market Meat Orange Color Seafood Selective Focus
Rice wrapped and cooked in palm leaves is a local food by the indigenous people of Taiwan Cooked Rice Taiwan Chinese Food Food Fragrant Rice Healthy Eating Indigenous Culture Market Native Food Palm Leaves Stack Tribal Culture Wrapped Wrapped In Leaves
Fried Tilapia fish with chilies and scallions Chinese Food Taiwan Food Tilapia Fish Chili  Fish Food Freshness Fried Fish Healthy Eating High Angle View Ready-to-eat Red Chilies Scallion Seafood Tray
A bowl of beef noodles with chives and vegetables, a popular Chinese dish in Taiwan. Beef Noodles Braised Beef Noodle Soup Chinese Food Taiwan Food Broth Chives Chopsticks Food High Angle View Leeks Meat Plate Restaurant Soup Bowl
Traditional earthenware teapots are sold at an outdoor market Breakable  Tea Culture Art And Craft Brown Ceramics Chinese Culture Craft Earthenware Focus On Foreground For Sale Fragile In A Row Lid Pottery Teapot Traditional
Raw squid on skewers ready to be grilled Taiwan Food Barbecue Fresh Seafood Market Octopuss Raw Food Seafood Skewered Food Squid Street Food
Large floating dock at a local ship yard Dry Dock Crane - Construction Machinery Floating Dock Industry Machinery Nautical Vessel Sea Ship Yard Shipbuilding Sky Waterfront Wharf
Drilling rigs and cranes seen in silhouette at a construction site Construction Site Silhouette Steel Cable Water Reflections Construction Equipment Crane - Construction Machinery Drilling Rig Industry Machinery Steel Structure  Water
Thermal power plant with tall chimneys Chimney Power Plant Smoke Stack Blue Sky Built Structure Coal Fired Power Station Electricity Generation Energy Industry Factory Industry Ocean Power And Energy Ships Thermal Power Plant
Dramatic sky and the silhouette of Kaohsiung City and port Dramatic Sky Harbor Kaohsiung Silhouette Taiwan City Cityscape Cloud - Sky Landmark Ocean Port Urban Skyline Water Waterfront
Panoramic view of the Kaohsiung container port in Taiwan Container Crane Container Port Gantry Cranes Kaohsiung Logistics Panoramic View Taiwan Cargo Commercial Dock Freight Transportation Nautical Vessel Sea Shipping  Sky Wake - Water Water
Large crane and winch hooks used on ships Corrosion Steel Cable Crane Hook Equipment Iron Chain Machine Part Machinery Metal Rusty Ship Equipment Winch
Rows of red chairs and seats at a public event Event Meeting Perspective Red Auditorium Chair Conference Empty Large Group Of Objects Metal Frame No People Pattern Plastic Seat Stools Upholstered
Large ship valves with hand wheels to be used in shipbuilding Corrosion Maritime Bolts And Nuts Equipment Handwheel Industrial Tool Industrial Valve Machine Part Metal Rusty Shipbuilding Steel Valves
Three loading cranes on a large ocean-going freighter Cargo Ship Harbor Ship Crane Blue Sky Crane - Construction Machinery Dock Freight Transportation Freighter Industry Loading Crane Low Angle View Machinery Pier Transportation
Large spherical fuel storage tanks Fire Hazard Sphere Building Exterior Built Structure Flammable Fuel And Power Generation Fuel Pipe Fuel Storage Tank Industrial Installation Industry Ladders Sky Spherical Storage Tanks
Two large container cranes at the harbor Container Cranes Gantry Cranes Harbor Logistics Cargo Transport Clear Sky Freight Transportation Industrial Equipment Industry Machinery Port Shipping Terminal Transportation
A row of large container cranes at Kaohsiung Port Container Port Gantry Cranes Logistics Trolley Beams Cargo Container Container Terminal Equipment Freight Transportation Girders Machinery Metal Pulley Red Shipping
Vintage industrial boiler in an abandoned factory Corrosion Vintage Technology Abandoned Boiler Decaying Factory Industrial Equipment Industry Machine Part Machinery Metal Old Rusty Metal Technology
A street vendor sells Chinese dim-sum dishes cooked in metal steamers Cantonese Food Dim Sum Kaohsiung Asian Food Buns Chinese Food Dim-sum Dumplings Food Freshness Healthy Eating Hot Food Steamed Food Steamers Street Food Stuffing - Food Variety
Coffee shop roasts fresh coffee beans Coffee Shop Circular Coffee Beans Freshness Kitchen Equipment Metal Roasted Coffee Bean Roasting Coffee Rotating Stainless Steel  Steel Drum
A street vendor sells baked sweet potatoes in Taiwan Oven Taiwan Food Baked Baked Sweet Potato Crisp Fresh Healthy Eating Root Vegetable Street Food Sweet Potatoes Tubers Yams
Taiwan beef noodle soup with chives Taiwan Food Beef Beef Noodle Soup Broth Chives Close-up Food Food And Drink Healthy Eating Leeks Meat Noodle Soup Ready-to-eat Soup
Taiwan beef noodle soup with chives Taiwan Food Beef Beef Noodle Soup Broth Chives Close-up Food Food And Drink Healthy Eating Leeks Meat Noodle Soup Ready-to-eat Soup
Fresh buns with sesame seeds are ready for baking Tray Asian Food Bakery Buns Chinese Dumpling Chinese Food Dough Dumpling  Food Freshness Large Group Of Objects Raw Food Sesame Seeds
Chinese lunch with beef stew and stir-fried vegetables Stir-fried Asian Food Beef Stew Cauliflower Chinese Food Eggplants Food Meal Plate Ready-to-eat Table Vegetable
Baked sweet potatoes, a popular street food in Taiwan Oven Taiwan Food Tuber Baked Sweet Potato Food Fresh And Hot Freshness Healthy Eating Hot Food Ready-to-eat Root Vegetable Street Food Sweet Potatoes Vegetable
Chinese fried pancakes with leeks for sale at the market in Taiwan Chinese Food Fried Pancake Chives Food Leeks Market Stall Pancake Ready-to-eat Snack Food Stack Street Food Wrappers
Oven baked fresh buns with stuffing for sale at market in Taiwan Fresh Buns Oven OvenBaked Baked Baking Bread Bread Bun Crisp Food Fresh And Crisp Golden Brown Color Snack Street Food Stuffing - Food
Sugar glazed strawberries for sale at a market in Taiwan SUGAR GLAZED Berry Fruit Food Fresh Fruit Glazed Food Glazed Fruits Market Stall Red Skewer Strawberry Sweet Food
Fresh bell peppers for sale at the market Freshnesss Produce Market Abundance Bell Peppers Food Fresh Vegetables Green Color Green Peppers Healthy Eating Raw Food Vegetable Vegetables
A lush vegetable garden with cabbage, salad and leeks Agriculture Cabbage Field Fertile Soil Freshness Green Color Growth Leaf Leeks Nature Organic Farming Outdoors Plant Produce Salad Plants Vegetable Vegetable Garden
Steamed chestnuts for sale in Taiwan Chestnuts Chinese Food Nuts Tree Nuts Bamboo Steamer Healthy Eating Nutritious Food Organic Food Snack Food Steamed Food
A market vendor sells tea eggs cooked in tea and spices Brew Chinese Food Market Vendor Boiled Eggs Cracked Shell Egg Egg Shells Five Spices Sauce Snack Food Street Food Tea Egg
Warty or pimpled pumpkins for sale at a farmer's market Agriculture Autumn colors Farmer's Market Food Gourds Healthy Eating Nutritious Organic Vegetables Pimple  Produce Display Pumpkin Squash - Vegetable Stem Vegetable Warty
Radiant sunflowers in a field in Taiwan Agriculture Field Beauty In Nature Florets Flower Flower Head Lush Green Petal Plant Radiant Colors Rural Scene Springtime Sunflowers Yellow
Taiwan indigenous food, sausages, fried pork and onions Fried Pork Indigenous Food Taiwan Food Barbecue Food Food And Drink Freshness Fried Onions Grilled Sausage Leeks Meat Pork Chops
Organic cacao pods for making dark chocolate Agriculture Cacao Pods Chocolate Making Tropical Fruits Bean Pod Cacao Fruit Cocoa Beans Cocoa Fruits Food Organic Food Raw Food
Peeled onions are ready for cutting and cooking Cooking Sunlight Close-up Food Freshness Green Color Healthy Eating Leeks Onions Peeled Peeled Onion Vegetable
Corn cobs with husks are ready for cooking Agriculture Husks Corn Corn Cobs Corn Husk Corn On The Cob Food Healthy Eating Market Organic Vegetables Produce Raw Food Retail  Vegetable
Portable toilets under a blue sky Green Color Hygiene Perspective Toilet Urinal Bathroom Blue Sky Day Orange Color Outdoors Palm Tree Plastic Portable Toilets Portapotty Sanitation Sunlight
A food stand sells cold drinks in Taiwan Beverage Arrangement Cold Drink Drink Food And Drink Food Stall Fresh Juice Freshness In A Row Pattern Plastic Cup Stacked Tropical Drink
Dredging operation in Kaohsiung Port in Taiwan Dredging Crane Kaohsiung Blue Sky Commercial Dock Crane - Construction Machinery Dredging Equipment Drilling Rig Harbor Industry Ocean Bay Ocean Water Port Shipping  Steel Cables Transportation
Fresh pineapples for sale at a market in Taiwan Agriculture Spikes Taiwan Abundance Fresh Fruits Fruit Market Healthy Eating Juicy Fruit Large Group Of Objects Nature Nutritious Pile Pineapples Produce Tropical Fruit
Small tuna fish for sale at a fish market in Taiwan Fresh Fish Taiwan Black Background Fins Fish Fish Market Fishery  Fishing Industry Freshness Healthy Eating Nutritious Raw Food Tuna Fish
A market in Taiwan sells fresh papayas Agriculture Produce Market Tropical Fruits Abundance Food Food And Drink For Sale Freshness Fruit Green Color Healthy Eating Market Outdoors Papaya Retail