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Yeah, die alljährliche Schaf- und Ziegenherde ist zurück. Habe sie schon erwartet! Schafe Ziegen Herdenleben München Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter DEfromAbove
Der Münchner Wanderschäfer mit seinen Schafen, "so weit das Auge reicht". Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München
Flowers in the field. Mohn Mohnblume München Munich HTC Htc10 Powerof10 HDR
It's definitely adviced to regularly check the screws of a drone. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter
Beautiful country life in Munich. Schafe 🐑 Ziegen 🐐 Sheeps Goats München Munich
Now singing and swinging: (@Lufthansa) fly me to the moon. ✈☽ Upintheair Flyingmuc LH1993
Schafe und Ziegen in München. Herdenleben from above! Postkarte Cc @schafzwitschern München
Hoch die Hände, Wochenende! 👐 Tgif Feierabend TschöMitÖ
Lovely... Even with the clouds, this looks so much like summer! 😍 Flyingmuc Nonstopme Inspiredby Bayern Bavaria Sunset Lufthansa LH1993
I admit I'm guilty. My first vinyl after maybe 25 years? Thanks to @AlexMofaGang, it also came with a CD! 🎶 AlexMofaGang 1und1hwl Vinyl
Beautiful flight afternoon... Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Germany in spring from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Lazy on a Sunday afternoon in the shadow. Schafe Ziegen Sheeps Goats 🐑🐐 Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter DEfromAbove Munich München
Packing test for next week's flight to PMI. Love my latest Rimowa suitcase. Flyingpmi Parrot Bebop2 Rimowa Lufthansa Nonstopme Inspiredby Endlesssummer 😎 🌴
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Ein Nachmittag auf der Allmende. Schafe 🐑 Ziegen 🐐 DEfromAbove Munich München Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Guess what I'm doing on such a sunny Sunday afternoon... Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Back to sender for firmware maintenance, but I'm already missing this little white beauty. Can hardly await its return.
Nach dem @FCBayern Heimsieg ist vor dem nächsten Heimspiel! 😀 ⚽ Danke! I gfrei mi scho! Fcbayern FCBVFB
Having a coffee and enjoying the @airberlin lounge area! Coffeetweet ☕ Upintheair Flyingpmi
Packing for Mallorca, packing for Endlesssummer 😎 🌴 Airberlin Flyingpmi Portdesóller Mallorca ✈
Ready for takeoff! ✈ Airberlin AB2882 Upintheair Flyingpmi
Just spotted in PMI, @Germanwings' Eurowings. Germanwings Eurowings Avgeeks
Hola 2nd home away from home! 😍 Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Gottesanbeterin aka Mantis Religiosa. Never saw one before!? Gottesanbeterin MantisReligiosa Nature Mediteranean Mallorca
This new Smart fortwo steering wheel looks like a F1 steering wheel with all the buttons. 🚗 Smart Fortwo Sixt Mallorca
Enjoying a complementary glas of Trispol, and enjoying Mallorca in my mind, on my skin and in my soul. 🍷☀ Trispol Redwine Mallorca Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Alright Port de Sóller, let's start into a casual Sunday evening! Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN EndlessSummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
And the front of our "race Smart fortwo". I like the daylight LEDs. Smart Fortwo Sixt Mallorca
Endless summer in the glas! 🍷☀ Sangria Mallorca Baleares SPAIN EndlessSummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Perfect time for a siesta! 😴😼 Cat CatTweet Catcontent Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴 LifeIsGood
Just a lazy Monday afternoon in Port de Sóller... Endlesssummer Vacationtweet 😎 🌴 Lifeisgood Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
Ah, summer in the glas! 😎 @Lemon_Pep con Cabraboc! 100% Mallorca, 100% taste! 🍋 PepLemon Cabraboc Lemonade GIN
Night time sharpens. 🌝 Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN
Fish trawler coming home, warmly welcomed by seagulls! Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN
Happy Hour! 🍷 Fernprost Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
Meanwhile has CGN airport changed the design from @Germanwings to Eurowings .
It's band shirt Friday for the guy w/o the band shirt! Thanks @1und1 & @motorola. 1und1 Motorola HiSpencer 1und1hwl BandShirtFriday
And ready for takeoff! AirEuropa UX1518 Flyingmad
Ready to try something new. Today: @AirEuropa. AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad Avgeek
2pm in Germany. Time for a break, a coffee and Twitter! 😉 Coffeetweet ☕ Kaffee Twitter
Ok, I can't complain! @AirEuropa is serving Mahou. That's all I need! 😉 Like! Flyingmad AirEuropa Fernprost 🍻
Seriously? @AirEuropa has Business Class? Sweet (whatever it means). AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad
And on top of the beer, @AirEuropa is serving full dinner on its business class! I'm sold! Like AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad
Somewhere in the "pampa" near Madrid. But they have food, parking lots and phone! 😆 TravelingMAD
So I flew to Madrid to find this on my room? Sure I'm not on Mallorca? 😉 Endlesssummer Madrid Mallorca
Alright! Ready for takeoff! ✈ Iberia Upintheair Flyingmuc
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