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Surfers at the Grand Anse. #TravelingSeychelles 🇸🇨 #Beach #Waves #Surfer #GrandAnse #LaDigue #Seychelles #DJI #MavicPro #Drone #Quadcopter #Dronestagram #SCfromAbove TravelingSeychelles Grandanse Ladigue Seychelles Dji Mavicpro Drone  Quadcopter Dronestagram SCfromAbove Water Flying Sand Aerial View Shore Sandy Beach Beach Wave Surfer
Yeah, die alljährliche Schaf- und Ziegenherde ist zurück. Habe sie schon erwartet! Schafe Ziegen Herdenleben München Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter DEfromAbove
Der Münchner Wanderschäfer mit seinen Schafen, "so weit das Auge reicht". Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München
Flowers in the field. Mohn Mohnblume München Munich HTC Htc10 Powerof10 HDR
It's definitely adviced to regularly check the screws of a drone. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter
Beautiful country life in Munich. Schafe 🐑 Ziegen 🐐 Sheeps Goats München Munich
Now singing and swinging: (@Lufthansa) fly me to the moon. ✈☽ Upintheair Flyingmuc LH1993
Schafe und Ziegen in München. Herdenleben from above! Postkarte Cc @schafzwitschern München
Hoch die Hände, Wochenende! 👐 Tgif Feierabend TschöMitÖ
Lovely... Even with the clouds, this looks so much like summer! 😍 Flyingmuc Nonstopme Inspiredby Bayern Bavaria Sunset Lufthansa LH1993
I admit I'm guilty. My first vinyl after maybe 25 years? Thanks to @AlexMofaGang, it also came with a CD! 🎶 AlexMofaGang 1und1hwl Vinyl
Beautiful flight afternoon... Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Germany in spring from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Lazy on a Sunday afternoon in the shadow. Schafe Ziegen Sheeps Goats 🐑🐐 Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter DEfromAbove Munich München
Packing test for next week's flight to PMI. Love my latest Rimowa suitcase. Flyingpmi Parrot Bebop2 Rimowa Lufthansa Nonstopme Inspiredby Endlesssummer 😎 🌴
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Germany from above. Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮 DEfromAbove Munich München Nofilter
Ein Nachmittag auf der Allmende. Schafe 🐑 Ziegen 🐐 DEfromAbove Munich München Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Guess what I'm doing on such a sunny Sunday afternoon... Parrot Bebop2 Quadcopter 🚁 🎮
Back to sender for firmware maintenance, but I'm already missing this little white beauty. Can hardly await its return.
Nach dem @FCBayern Heimsieg ist vor dem nächsten Heimspiel! 😀 ⚽ Danke! I gfrei mi scho! Fcbayern FCBVFB
Having a coffee and enjoying the @airberlin lounge area! Coffeetweet ☕ Upintheair Flyingpmi
Packing for Mallorca, packing for Endlesssummer 😎 🌴 Airberlin Flyingpmi Portdesóller Mallorca ✈
Ready for takeoff! ✈ Airberlin AB2882 Upintheair Flyingpmi
Just spotted in PMI, @Germanwings' Eurowings. Germanwings Eurowings Avgeeks
Hola 2nd home away from home! 😍 Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Gottesanbeterin aka Mantis Religiosa. Never saw one before!? Gottesanbeterin MantisReligiosa Nature Mediteranean Mallorca
This new Smart fortwo steering wheel looks like a F1 steering wheel with all the buttons. 🚗 Smart Fortwo Sixt Mallorca
Enjoying a complementary glas of Trispol, and enjoying Mallorca in my mind, on my skin and in my soul. 🍷☀ Trispol Redwine Mallorca Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Alright Port de Sóller, let's start into a casual Sunday evening! Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN EndlessSummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
And the front of our "race Smart fortwo". I like the daylight LEDs. Smart Fortwo Sixt Mallorca
Endless summer in the glas! 🍷☀ Sangria Mallorca Baleares SPAIN EndlessSummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴
Perfect time for a siesta! 😴😼 Cat CatTweet Catcontent Endlesssummer VacationTweet 😎 🌴 LifeIsGood
Just a lazy Monday afternoon in Port de Sóller... Endlesssummer Vacationtweet 😎 🌴 Lifeisgood Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
Ah, summer in the glas! 😎 @Lemon_Pep con Cabraboc! 100% Mallorca, 100% taste! 🍋 PepLemon Cabraboc Lemonade GIN
Night time sharpens. 🌝 Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN
Fish trawler coming home, warmly welcomed by seagulls! Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN
Happy Hour! 🍷 Fernprost Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
Meanwhile has CGN airport changed the design from @Germanwings to Eurowings .
It's band shirt Friday for the guy w/o the band shirt! Thanks @1und1 & @motorola. 1und1 Motorola HiSpencer 1und1hwl BandShirtFriday
And ready for takeoff! AirEuropa UX1518 Flyingmad
Ready to try something new. Today: @AirEuropa. AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad Avgeek
2pm in Germany. Time for a break, a coffee and Twitter! 😉 Coffeetweet ☕ Kaffee Twitter
Ok, I can't complain! @AirEuropa is serving Mahou. That's all I need! 😉 Like! Flyingmad AirEuropa Fernprost 🍻
Seriously? @AirEuropa has Business Class? Sweet (whatever it means). AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad
And on top of the beer, @AirEuropa is serving full dinner on its business class! I'm sold! Like AirEuropa Upintheair Flyingmad
Somewhere in the "pampa" near Madrid. But they have food, parking lots and phone! 😆 TravelingMAD
So I flew to Madrid to find this on my room? Sure I'm not on Mallorca? 😉 Endlesssummer Madrid Mallorca
Alright! Ready for takeoff! ✈ Iberia Upintheair Flyingmuc
Nais! @Iberia_en was so kind to serve me a complementary beer. Customer service at its best! 👍 Fernprost Beertweet 🍻 Flyingmuc Nonstopme
I'm seriously in love but I can't talk about it at the moment. 😑 Best things come in white boxes, but sometimes also in brown boxes. 😉 Geek Gadget
Good morning world, let's start the day with a coffee before I'm doing what I do most: flying. ✈ Upintheair Flyingcgn Nonstopme Inspiredby Lufthansa CoffeeTweet ☕
Jode Morje Kölle. Cold and wet today. It smells like winter is coming. Köln Kolle Cologne Weather WeatherTweet
Freitags in der "Berater Bürogemeinschaft". Eher so keiner da... 😱
And sometimes, the brown boxes are carrying perfectly designed black boxes with an orange stripe. 😍 Gadget Geek
Yeah, my beloved meatballs and Kölsch! @Lufthansa, I love you too! Upintheair Flyingmuc Nonstopme Inspiredby
Cloud ocean above Germany, somewhere above Frankfurt! Flyingmuc Lufthansa LH1991 Inspiredby
Die Gröbenzellerin Barbara ist bei uns eingezogen! 😉 Barbará No1
Good morning Munich, bonjour tristesse. Maybe a coffee makes me happier. ☕ Or better straight a Glühwein? Counting down the days to Mallorca... T-7...
Flying into the blue sky and leaving the clouds behind. ✈ Flyingmuc Lufthansa LH1991 Inspiredby NonstopMe
TrueFruits Beerenzwinger ! \o/ Nomnom
Mallorca in the heart, the bottle and the glass! Endlesssummer Trispol Redwine Mallorca MesquidaMora 🍷
Flieger fully booked ausser neben mir. Thanks @Lufthansa, appreciated! ;-) Upintheair Flyingmuc Nonstopme Lufthansa LH1995
Beautiful day in the future! 😆
Watching the @HTC One A9 announcement on a One A9. And yes, it's as beautiful and powerful as described. HTC OneA9 BeBrilliant
Kölle ist da, wo der Hennes auch gerne mal im Fenster steht! 😉 Köln Kolle Müngersdorf Effzeh
It's time, as my Pebble tells me! Welcome back to the future! Backtothefuture Bttf Pebble
Jode Morje grey and foggy Kölle. Counting the days to Endlesssummer .
Jode Morje wet and rainy Cologne! ☔ Slept well too?
Jode Morje Kölle, good morning world. 😴
Morsche Frankfurt. Heute muss die @Lufthansa mal ohne mich auskommen. Dafür @DB_Bahn mit Kaffee! Coffeetweet ☕ Bahntweet
Wiesbaden backyard.
Time to play with something new, the @motorola Moto X Play by @1und1. 1und1 Motorola Motoxplay 1und1hwl
I'm tram'ng... Frankfurt S1 Obertshausen
How many Minions had to die for this Freitag bag!? 😉
Rock'n Roll... 🎸 1und1hwl
You come as a stranger, you leave as a friend. 1und1hwl 25hourshotel Frankfurt
Mein Frankfurt lob ich mir! 1und1hwl Frankfurt
Die @motorolaDE @1und1 1und1hwl on Tour! Beertweet Fernprost 🍻
Not the kind of sunset I had one week ago in Port de Sóller but well, it's just Cologne! 😉
An office afternoon could be worse! 😜 Nomnom
Jode Morje sunny but cold Kölle.
Bild hängt schief, aber ich bin mit Loriot aufgewachsen, ich rücke es nicht gerade. Bin doch nicht irre! ;-)
Jode Morje sunny Kölle. Wake me up, when September ends.
Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! Upintheair Flyingcgn Nonstopme Inspiredby
If the Tuesday feels like Monday. Stautweet
Dahoam is, where your (sweet) heart is. Flyingmuc Lufthansa LH1821 Nonstopme Inspiredby
Today's @Lufthansa Wiesn-Schmankerl on the way home to Munich. Nomnom Flyingmuc LH1821 Nonstopme Inspiredby
Goodbye Mallorca, see you very soon again! Endlesssummer Upintheair Flyingmuc
Bei der Größe kann man sich wenigstens nicht ausversehen betrinken! Beertweet 🍻 Fernprost
WTF? 😱 Definitely the right time to leave! 😖 Rain Thunderstorm Mallorca Baleares Spain
Time to leave, but we won't be away for too long. The endless summer will continue soon! 😉 Endlesssummer Vacationtweet 😎 🌴 Lifeisgood Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
Time for a siesta before leaving to the airport! 😴 Endlesssummer Vacationtweet 😎 🌴 CatTweet
Something is going on in the sky. ☁ Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares SPAIN
I'll miss this view, which is a good reason to return! 😉 Endlesssummer 😎 🌴 Vacationtweet Lifeisgood Portdesóller Mallorca Baleares Spain
There's always a chance for one more coffee in the sun! 😎 Coffeetweet ☕ Endlesssummer Vacationtweet
Enjoying a last morning coffee in the sun before returning to DE later today. Coffeetweet ☕ Endlesssummer Vacationtweet
A wonderful day comes to its end. Let's start with the nightlife! Endlesssummer Vacationtweet 😎 🌴 Lifeisgood