Jason Feather

A few of my iPhone & DSLR photos
Jason Feather
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Low angle view of skylight
Reflection of buildings in water
Old ruins of building against sky
Low angle view of building seen through closed window
Panoramic shot of glass bottles on table at night
Reflection of building in lake
Low angle view of historical building
Close-up of white cherry blossom
Street amidst buildings in city against sky
Shadow of man on road
Reflection of buildings in lake against sky
Reflection of buildings in canal
Reflection of buildings in city
High angle view of people standing against wall
High angle view of text on white wall
Statue of angel in cemetery
Side view of woman standing against wall at home
Full frame shot of carpet
Directly above shot of cappuccino on table
High angle view of purple crocus flowers during winter
Purple flowers on snow covered tree
Close-up of red umbrella
View of building through window
Low angle view of statue
Seagull flying over water
Low angle view of ferris wheel against clear blue sky
Close-up of dog
Full frame shot of cookies
Low angle view of bare trees against clear sky
Close-up of red turtle in water
Road by city against sky
Empty corridor
Reflection of church in water
View of church in city
People in city
Low angle view of building
View of building in winter
Low angle view of silhouette bare tree against sky
Illuminated cityscape against sky at night
River stream amidst trees in forest
Low angle view of tree
Silhouette trees in forest against sky
Low angle view of maple tree
Close-up portrait of man
Low angle view of factory
Low angle view of bridge against clear blue sky
Low angle view of built structure against blue sky
Full frame shot of paving stone
Shadow on sand at beach
Shadow on ground
Close-up of giraffe
Close-up of elephant on field against sky
Close-up of elephant on field
Scenic view of storm clouds over landscape against sky
Sheep on field
Horse on tree trunk on field
Man riding bicycle on mountain
View of books in library
Close-up of books on shelf
View of built structure
Silhouette trees in forest during sunset
Reflection of buildings in water against clear sky
Archway of tunnel
Low angle view of road sign at night
Low angle view of bell tower against sky
Close-up portrait of woman in store
Close-up of shadow on ground
Close-up of swan perching on lake
Illuminated city at night
Close-up portrait of dog
Panoramic view of city against sky
Close-up of vegetables
Close-up of lizard on rock
Close-up portrait of sheep on field
Close-up portrait of sheep on field
Portrait of sheep on field
Trees in forest
Trees in forest
Tree on field against sky
Horse grazing on field against sky
Scenic view of grass by trees
Scenic view of lake in forest
Scenic view of lake against sky
High angle view of gray heron flying over water
High angle view of gray heron on lake
Statue of buddha
Trees in forest
Close-up of dog
Low angle view of man standing at night
Street lights in city against clear sky
High angle view of road in city
Man in city against sky
Low angle view of modern building against blue sky
Trees against clear blue sky
Shadow on water
Close-up of multi colored wall
Road amidst buildings
Close-up of text
Full frame shot of lizard
Low angle view of man against sky