photography is my soul savior. I've seen so much darkness in my life. getting back into photography is giving me back my light.
Warming up a spoiled doggie in the back of a pickup truck at the beach. Dog Patch Brown White Bulldog Tourquise Blanket Cold Warming Loved Pet Woman Snuggle Hug Togetherness Bags Supplies Day Trip Loving Caring Pals Friends Buddies Textile Close-up Green Color Fabric Cloth
Fall autumn leaves against wet tree bark background. Gold Green Tree Bark Texture Pink Rust Right Justified Zen Solitude Maple Leaf Autumn Maple Leaf Change High Angle View Close-up Leaf Vein Leaves Fallen Natural Pattern Falling Season  Dried Fallen Leaf Fall Dried Plant Dew Wilted Bark Rotten
Autumn leaves and wooden fence posts with wire. Background redwood tree bark, sapling and ground dirt/soil. Forest. Sapling Redwood Fence Posts Wire Leaves Gold Green Yellow Pink Rust Soil Ground Angled Background Copy Space Solitude Zen Autumn Fall Season  Leaf Sunlight Close-up Plant Growing Tree Trunk Plant Bark Woods Branch Moss
Autumn leaves full of color. Moss and clover background. Pink Gold Yellow Rust Clover Moss Litchen Lavender Spots Maple Leaf Autumn Maple Leaf Change Cold Temperature Dry Close-up Fallen Leaves Leaf Vein Natural Pattern Dew Season  Colored Ground Fall Dried Fallen Leaf Plant Life Drop
Autumn leaves of green and gold. And lavender and pink. Moss Layered Pink Lavender Gold Green Staggered Background Copy Space Left Justified Autumn Seasonal Zen Yellow Simple High Angle View Close-up Leaf Vein Lichen Leaf Maple Leaf Natural Pattern Fallen Fallen Leaf Fall Change Stem Plant Life Leaves Fungus
Watchful pigeon. Meditation stones balanced on ocean boulders. Stormy foggy day. Pigeon Balanced Meditation Stones Solitude Solitary Zen Stormy Foggy Mysterious Romantic Dreamy Clouds Misty Meditation Atmospheric Dramatic Moody Watching Water Sea Beach Fog Rock - Object Sky Horizon Over Water Stack Rock Geology Eroded Rugged Rock Formation
My resting and thinking place. Red boulders & ocean shore far below. Aerial. Background. Red Rock Thinking Atmospheric Zen Solitude Solitary Moody Foggy Countryside Contemplating Life Water Wave Sea Crash Beach Motion Sand High Angle View Shore Horizon Over Water Force Crashing Rushing Rock Hitting Boulder Stone Headland Rugged
My sitting and thinking spot. Red Boulders Thinking Spot Thinking Contemplating Foot Sneaker Zen Atmospheric Moody Solitude Water Wave Sea Beach Sand High Angle View Low Section Shore Rock - Object Rushing Surf Coast Crashing Tide Rock Boulder Stone Rugged Seascape
Crashing waves roar to shore. Day trippers enjoy a foggy misty surreal atmosphere. Roar Moody Atmospheric Dramatic Zen Foggy Fog Misty Clouds Mysterious Romantic White Frothy Boulders Background Copy Space Angle Water Wave Sea Beach Tree Motion Crashing Rushing Force Surf Flowing Water Ocean Coast
Day trip family beach fun. Person Sitting on a boulder watching the waves. Pink Family Playing Together Sitting Boulder Waves Crashing White Roar Atmospheric Foggy Fog Countryside Misty Clouds Moody Water Wave Sea Beach Pebble Beach Sand Motion Shore Rushing Rocky Mountains Crashing Rocky Coastline Rugged Surf
Family beach day. Time together at the ocean Family Together Playing Beach Sand Pink Blue Atmospheric Moody Foggy Fog Solitude Mysterious Misty Dramatic Waves White Foam Frothy Pattern Nature's Art Beach Sea Water Rock - Object Sand Sky Rock Formation Eroded Rugged
Solitary figure perched on boulder at ocean edge. Silence. Man Solitary Solitude Solitude And Silence Moment Contemplating Thinking Absorbing Timelessness Sense Of Self Self Love Foggy Zen Misty Clouds Mysterious Water Sea Wave Beach Sand Groyne Rock - Object Sky Horizon Over Water Coastline Seascape Ocean Surf Shore
Just sitting on a boulder watching the world go by. Contemplating the wonders of the ocean. Man Hoody Blue Sitting Contemplating Watching Absorbing Restful Peaceful Calm Solitary Solitude Zen Foggy Clouds Atmospheric Moody Dramatic Mysterious Romantic Misty Water Sea Beach Wave Sand Fisherman Fishing Net Sky Horizon Over Water
Hanging out. Sitting on a boulder watching the sea. Zen. Man Sitting Boulder Hanging Out Sea Zen Meditation Moody Atmospheric Solitary Solitude Fog Countryside Dreamy Mysterious Misty Watching Contemplating Sea Water Beach Wave Sand Rock - Object Sky Horizon Over Water Cliff Geology Coast Foggy
Seaweed bouquet abstract. On Sandy shore background. Seaweed Red Green Tan Colors Bouquet Nature's Art Fine Art Photography Sand Pebbles Random Abstract Photography Background Romantic Scattered Moody Zen Golden Backgrounds Leaf Full Frame Autumn Sunlight High Angle View Multi Colored Close-up Fallen Shore
Stacked and balanced meditation stones. Background of ocean waves and Sandy beach. Meditation Stones Stones Balanced Stacked Peaceful Foggy Sentinel Solitude Solitary Countryside Zen Meditation Atmospheric Moody Misty Clouds Dreamy Romantic Mysterious Rust Pattern Water Sea Beach Fog Sand Landscape Rock Formation Eroded Sandstone
Mr. Happy! Cute as a button. Adorable black doggie. Red Leash Blue Black Doggie Pompom Tail Tail Happy Button Eyes Adorable Pet Buddy Friend Feel Good Attentive Looking At Camera Posing Unafraid Engaged Trusting Friendly Buddy Pets Beach Dog Sand High Angle View Paw Print
Natural Light. Fluff. Thistle. Tan Brown Foreground Copy Space Moody Dirt Soil Rock One Single Object Solitude Solitary Countryside Rural Flower Flower Head Close-up Plant Wilted Plant Thistle Needle - Plant Part Dried Plant Dried Wilted Plant Life Dead Plant Spiky Spiked Decline Dry
Close up. Seagull flapping wings. Webbed feet. Rocky ocean breakwater. Flapping Wings White Black Close Up Red Webbed Feet Feathers Zen Ocean Breakwater Rocks Unafraid Ticked Off Foggy Funny Behavior Action Motion Bird Spread Wings Water Close-up Flapping Seagull Fanned Out Animal Wing Sea Bird Shore Feather
Meditation stones balanced on boulders and seagull about to take flight. Seagull Flight Taking Off Moody Atmospheric Zen Meditation Solitary Sentinel Foggy Stones Balanced Stacked Water Sea Beach Fog Rock - Object Tree Sky Rocky Coastline Wave Rugged Shore Eroded Sandy Beach Pebble Beach Crashing Surf Tide
Seagull in flight and ocean day trippers. Water Art Waves Pattern Day Tripping Zen Atmospheric Moody Foggy Misty Clouds Countryside Mysterious Romantic Dreamy Dramatic White Staggered Water Sea Wave Beach Sand Sky Low Tide Surf Tide Shore Seascape Sandy Beach
Antique rusted power shovel washed ashore. Seagull hanging in air. Flapping Waves Rusted Power Shovel Old Moody Seagull In Flight Seagull Colorful Zen Left Justified Sandy Beach Pattern Bird Flying Sea Beach Rock - Object Sky Seagull Spread Wings Black-headed Gull Flight Flapping Avian Foggy Shore Sea Bird
Old rusted power shovel washed up on ocean beach. Colorful boulders and cliff. Background. Foggy Misty Clouds Countryside Moody Atmospheric Rusted Washed Ashore Ashore Power Shovel Old Equipment Water Sea Beach Wave Fog Sky Horizon Over Water Cloud - Sky Tide Surf Rocky Coastline Cliff Shore Sandy Beach Stack Rock Sand Rugged Storm Cloud
Solitary man sitting on boulder at ocean's edge. Taking photo of baby seagull eating a salmon head. Solitary Man Photographer Baby Pegion Eating Salmon Head Fog Zen Atmospheric Beach Photo Sitting EyeEm Selects Water Sea Wave Beach Sky Shore Surf Ocean Coast Countryside Sandy Beach Sand Seaside Pebble Beach Foggy Tide
Meditation balanced stones on boulders at ocean's edge. Shore & waves in background. Meditation Balanced Orange Litchen Boulders Rocks Moody Foggy Sentinel Solitary Zen Atmospheric Solitude Fog Misty Mysterious Romantic Dreamy Countryside Peaceful EyeEm Selects Salt - Mineral Water Beach Coastline Surf Ocean Rushing Coastal Feature Stack Rock
Wave art. Patterns and designs by nature! Ocean beach and Rocky shore. Flowing Art Sand Beach Ocean Zen Atmospheric Moody Foggy Misty Mysterious Romantic Dreamy Countryside Water Wave Sea Beach Sand Sky Horizon Over Water Landscape Cloud - Sky Tide Surf Rocky Coastline Flowing Water Flowing Crashing Coast
Aerial. From ocean cliffs so small below. Road winding and leading our day trip. Foggy mysterious mists. Roads Winding Mists Atmospheric Moody Dramatic Zen Countryside Water Wave Sea Beach Sand Tide Sand Dune Sky Horizon Over Water Landscape Low Tide Surf Coast Coastal Feature Shore Seashore Seaside Foggy Seascape Rocky Coastline Headland Sandy Beach
Balanced meditation stones in foreground offset a misty foogy ocean Zen Meditation Atmospheric Dramatic Moody Foggy Fog Sentinel Solitary Countryside Clouds Mysterious Misty Romantic Dreamy Water Sea Wave Beach Sand Pebble Sky Horizon Over Water Landscape Tide Surf Coast Stack Rock Seascape Coastline
Ocean beach art. Driftwood and colorful Seaweed on a background of pebbles. Seaweed Red Tan Green Pebbles Sand Beach Twisted Debris Moody Zen Random Countryside Hanging Artistic Nature Background Copy Space Backgrounds Full Frame High Angle View Close-up Wilted Plant Textured  Dead Plant Pattern Colorful Dried Plant Wilted Driftwood
Wet wooden cross angle fence with wire closures. Redwood forest trail. Wet Fence Barrier X Wire Crossed Forest Trail Hiking Walking Path Solitude Zen Countryside Moody Misty Rain Drenched Rain Curved  Tree Tree Trunk Sunlight Woods Pathway Greenery Growing Walkway Paved Plant Life Treelined
Wooden wet fence frames rain water puddle reflected Redwood trees. Wooden Wet Rain Rainwater Reflection Redwood Trees Rust Autumn Fall Season  Water Upside Down High Angle View Above Perspective Angle Fence Wire Asphalt Zen Countryside Forest Rural Misty Illusion Water Leaves
Wet. Rainy. Redwood tree reflected in puddle. Rust colors. Forest trail. Wooden Rail Fence Wood Trail Wet Redwood Forest Atmospheric Zen Leading Journey Tree Water Forest Tree Trunk Sunlight Shadow Sky Fallen Leaves Woods Pathway WoodLand Growing Walkway Autumn Leaf Maple Leaf Fallen Leaf Change
Autumn colors. Clover, rusty pine needles & mossy green. Layers. Clover Moss Lichen Rust Green Layered Copy Space Nature Lines Pattern Interwoven Wet Rural Forest Ground Cover Cover Ground Log Earth Design Natural Backgrounds Leaf Full Frame Close-up Plant Plant Life Plant Life
Redwood trees reflected in water puddle after a rain. Sunlight, rusty leaves & wooden fence posts anchor orientation. Redwoods Upside Down Light And Shadow Rusty Leaves Wowooden Fence Posts Wire Tall Wet Atmospheric Zen Mysterious Dramatic Meditation Moody Weathered Reflected Light Golden Trees Forest Rainy Seasonal Autumn Fall Colors Tree Water Puddle Standing Water Countryside Reflection
A Walnut hatching out if its skin. Pretty cool. My walnut baby. Ha! Brown Shell Many Nuts Food Healthy BP Healthy Eating Eat Wrinkled Texture Hatching Skin Covering Green Opening New Life Erupting Ripened Pattern Dish Drum Head Tan Close-up Food And Drink Nutshell Nut - Food Walnut Nut
Moody foggy surreal sky reflected in the ocean waters. Foggy Surreal Minimalism Simple Clouds Solitary Zen Solitude Meditation Dramatic Atmospheric Ocean Reflected Light Light And Shadow Backlighting Moody Mysterious Bird Water Sunset Lake Fog Reflection Silhouette Sky Animal Themes Cloud - Sky Low Tide Tide Surf
Wet clothes spread put on ocean beach rocks to dry. Day trip! Clothes Wet Drying On Rock Beach Sand Unexpected Swim Ocean Atmospheric Fog Clouds Countryside Day Trip Pants Jeans Hoodie Hoody Shirt Spread Out Fun Sand Dune Beach Mountain Sand Desert Sea Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Shore
Chillin' at the ocean. Warm on flat rock. Perfect for a nap. nap chillin' solitude Solitary moody atmospheric countryside fog dreamy vanishing point Boots Nap Chillin' Solitude Solitary Moody Atmospheric Countryside Fog Dreamy Cliffs Ocean Foreground Background Copy Space Woman Resting Laying On Rock Warm Sunbathing Beach Mountain Sea Sand Sky Landscape Cloud - Sky Coast Rock Formation Tide
Cloudscape. From horizon across ocean. Black cliff in foreground for depth. Light And Shadow Background Minimalism Cliff Foreground Solitude Zen Meditation Dramatic Moody Dreamy Mysterious Ocean Water Sunset Sea Reflection Sky Horizon Over Water Cloud - Sky Silhouette Shining Seascape Dramatic Sky Moody Sky Streaming Sunbeam Atmospheric Mood Storm Cloud Romantic Sky Calm
Atmospheric Dramatic Moody Fog Countryside People Tiny Distance Far Above Ocean Mysterious Romantic Dreamy Zen Golden Water Sea Beach Sky Horizon Over Water Rock Formation Coast Geology Natural Arch Cliff Tide Eroded Sandstone Rugged Shore
Crossed feet in water. Relaxation. Shadows & Lights Relaxing Simple Minimalism Zen Meditation Spa Ultimate Tub Free Peaceful Low Section Human Leg Water barefoot Shadow Human Foot Close-up Toe Foot Leg Taking A Bath Legs Crossed At Ankle Pedicure Feet Domestic Bathroom Bathtub
Croased Feet in water. Relaxation. Simple background. Crossed Relaxing Downtime Ultimate Best  Simple Minimalism Zen Shadow Toes Clean Spa Pedicure Meditation Ankle Low Section barefoot Shadow Human Foot Human Leg Close-up Toe Foot Leg Taking A Bath Human Toe Bathtub Domestic Bathroom Feet Skin
Three faucet knobs. All on a row. Minimalism. White tile background. Knobs Tile White Three Minimalism Right Justified Shiny Bathroom Fixtures Hot Cokd Shower Tub Tub Time Relaxation Zen Atmospheric Solitude
Close up. Tub time. Feet crossed & relaxed. Crossed Feet Legs Bath Bath Tub Green Water Rim Atmospheric Zen Solitude Meditation Moody Relaxation Peaceful Simple Minimalism Faucet Knobs Leg Water Low Section Domestic Room Bathroom Women Hygiene Washing Cleaning Toe Foot Leg
Abstract. Blue, purple & turquoise green. Leaves of autumn. Hand in surreal lighting. Fine Art Blue Purple Tourquise Green Abstract Surreal Hand Fingers Left Justified Unusual Dramatic Leaves Layered Edge Scattered Countryside Backlit Watercolor Effect Zen Romantic Mysterious Dreamy Modern Vogue Reflected Light Multi Colored Abstract Close-up Modern Art
Glorious in PINK! Wildflower profusion Dark Pink Fog Golden Grasses Countryside Wild Dramatic Foreground Mists Atmospheric Zen Romantic Rural Headlands Flower Head Flower Pink Color Purple Sky Close-up Plant Landscape In Bloom Plant Life Wildflower Pistil Day Lily Uncultivated Petal Lily Focus
Autumn leaves are colorful against weathered wood fence with bolt. Background. Maple Leaves Blue Weathered Wood Bolt Right Justified Background Copy Space Diagonal Ground Golden Yellow Rust Pink Zen Countryside Forest EyeEm Selects Leaf High Angle View Close-up Leaves Textured  Rotten Maple Leaf Fallen Fall Rugged Change Rough
Abstract by nature! Autumn's colorful art. Fallen leave with an unusual pattern of deterioration. Leave Maple Pink Golden Shadows & Lights Reflection Tourquise Circular Countryside Macro Solitary Zen Dramatic Artistic Delicate Pastel Background Romantic Mysterious Unusual Design Moody Deterioration Ground Magical Atmospheric Dreamy Veins Autumn Close-up
Fall leaves against Tree bark. Gorgeous contrast of colors. Gold, rust. yellow, green and orange. Nature hike treasures. Bark Gnarly Gnarled Light And Shadow Dramatic Green Autumn Seasons Fall Rust Yellow Gold Countryside Zen Black Background Background Hiking Nature Walk Pattern EyeEm Selects Black Background Close-up Green Color Leaf Vein Leaves Dew Leaf Plant Life Fallen Maple Leaf
Holding my nature walk treasures! Multicolored maple and redwood tree leaves. Yellow, green and gold. Gold Green Yellow Rust Zen Countryside Hiking Treasures Golden Blue Wood Forest Redwoods Season  EyeEm Selects Human Hand Leaf Autumn High Angle View Close-up Fall Maple Leaf Fallen Fallen Leaf Autumn Collection Canadian Culture Human Finger Leaves Maple Change